Since Ginsburg passed, the political left has lost it. They are going ballistic and are on the war path. They are cursing the heavens and throwing a temper tantrum that Ginsgurg died before a Democrat could appoint the next Supreme Court Justice to take her place. They must guard their legalized atrocities at all costs.
In typical fashion, when a vacancy opens on SCOTUS, the pro-life establishment becomes giddy. The prospect of Trump appointing a strict constitutionalist and pro-life justice to “overturn” Roe vs. Wade is an exhilarating elixir. He chose Amy Coney Barrett. Do we have any indication of her judicial disposition? This is her statement as it pertains to the 7th circuit court, “I would be absolutely bound by Supreme Court precedent. I would also be bound by Seventh Circuit precedent, consistent with the circuit’s doctrine of stare decisis. Lawrence v. Texas (Legalizing sodomy) is binding precedent that I will faithfully follow if confirmed. I would not attach legal significance to my personal view on any question.”
Granted, as a 7th circuit judge, she gave the politically correct answer. The lower court is bound by the precedent of the higher court. In her acceptance speech, she continued with this line of judicial reasoning and did what every other potential “pro-life” judge has done. She distanced herself from her faith and from being a conservative. She feigned neutrality in the hopes the God haters, sodomites, and baby murderers might give her a pass and confirm her nomination.
Honestly, the whole process sickens me. To have to deny who we are and what we believe to serve our country reveals partially why we are in this pathetic state. Most likely, she will be forced by the powers that be to give similar responses as she goes through the grueling process to be confirmed. If approved, it will be interesting to find out how she will rule when it comes to the lies of the land, pretending to be “law.”
For the pro-life movement, this ongoing Supreme Court drama represents their one political strategy as it pertains to Roe vs. Wade. They believe the makeup of the court must change. The political scheme is to elect pro-life Republican presidents in the hopes he will appoint pro-life justices to overturn Roe vs. Wade.
This has been the failed political tactic for 47 years as the carnage persists. Every four years, this dog and pony show is trotted out and every four years nothing changes. Pro-life politicians get their votes. The pro-life groups raise money. They take pictures together, pat each other’s backs and everyone gets what they want, except the true victim of abortion, the preborn child made in the image of God.
We must remember it was a Republican stacked SCOTUS that unleashed the hellish Roe vs. Wade decision upon us in the first place. There were two Democrats sitting on that court and one of them dissented. For 47 years, Republican appointed justices held the majority. Did they overturn Roe? Did they even weaken it? No, they strengthened it, when they had chances to overturn it.
Someone noted, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” Tragically, we must face the facts, the pro-life movement has chosen this definition of insanity as our officially policy in dealing with the murder of the preborn. Proverbs 14:12 addresses this disastrous approach, “There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.”
Most do not realize it has been the pro-life incremental bills that have served to strengthen the stranglehold of Roe upon our bloodstained nation. The bills working under the confines of Roe gave its lawlessness legal credence. Therefore, the abolitionist movement for years has cried out, “Any legislative bill that attempts to comply with Roe v. Wade is wrong. Roe is evil, unjust, tyrannical, and unconstitutional. It must not be appeased or legitimized. It must be ignored and defied by the states.”
Another reality check the church must face is what happens if Roe, by a miracle of God, is eventually overturned? The pro-life bills that gave credibility to Roe have written abortion into their state statues. This means abortion will continue in the states that chose to regulate baby murder, instead of ending it. Only a bill of abolition will remove those exceptions from the homicide code and in so doing will reflect the justice of God by treating abortion as a crime that must be penalized by law.
As the drama of the Supreme Court plays out in these tumultuous times, I would encourage you to get off the pro-life hamster wheel that has been bottlenecked by the Supreme Court and join the abolitionist movement to abolish abortion now in Jesus’ name! If you need more information, contact me at