This is the press release concerning the rescue that took place yesterday in TN. Please read through it and make sure you follow up with the directions at the end. Our brothers and sisters need our help.
What Really Happened in Mount Juliet?
Police Arrest Peaceful, Obedient Christians!
“Today’s Prolife rescue included Christians from many denominations and various locations who joined together to save unborn children for three reasons; 1) To immediately save innocent unborn babies from the blade of the abortionist’s knife who were scheduled to die today. 2) To be obedient to the Christian Principals and commands of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 3) To keep the public discourse alive regarding the unjust laws in America that condemn innocent babies and cover the sin and lawlessness of those who kill children.
While many children are saved from abortion each day by faithful sidewalk counselors and ministers across the land. Today, there were babies who’s termination was imminent. There was no other defense for those children other than faithful Christian’s who were willing to sacrifice their own freedoms, risk arrest, peacefully, and non-violently interpose their bodies between those seeking the destruction of a little baby and those who are hired to perform the life destroying act of abortion.
One of the foundational principles of the Christian religion, is the principle of “the least of these”, and the defense of the widow and the orphan. Jesus said that Christian’s are obligated to do good to those in need and not just stand back and watch them suffer. How should one “do good” to an unborn baby scheduled to die?
The 9 adults and 4 children arrested today chose to obey the commands in Scripture. The rescuers place themselves between innocent, helpless, voiceless, preborn babies and those prepared to kill them through ‘legalized’ murder by abortion! They obeyed God’s mandate to “rescue those being led away to slaughter,” found in Proverbs 24:10-12 (and many examples elsewhere). God’s laws command everyone to rescue helpless others from harm!
In America, rescuing the innocent is lawful to do in every situation, except where it is needed most. Man’s decrees, opinions and unjust laws demand that these non-violent rescuers, who interposed today to save innocents from harm, must, by man’s laws, suffer harm themselves by facing civil and criminal penalties up to and including imprisonment.
Today, the only way to rescue those sentenced to death without cause was by interposition. That is the act played out by Jesus Christ on the cross when he interposed himself between the one who seeks to destroy men’s souls and rescued them from eternal death.
America, has many challenges facing her near future. The last presidential election shows the lack of moral character our leaders on both sides of the political aisle possess. Now more than ever it is critical that we as a nation wrestle with hard topics like abortion. It is important to understand the conflict our unjust laws place on good men of character, like many on the Mount Juliet police force today.
When a law requires our civil servants to arrest those who are keeping the law by protecting the innocent and to protect those who would murder innocent children, we need to question the path that brought us to this pathetic place as a nation. It is time to rethink Roe v. Wade and end the American holocaust. It is time for America to consider our ways before the God who presides over the destiny of nations.”
Brethren, your assistance is needed to help rescue the rescuers who are in jail in TN. They enjoyed favor with the local police and was used powerfully to exemplify the “no greater love” Christian ethic at the gates of hell. Their act of interposition also served to inspire and energize the local Christians fighting to end abortion in their community. However, a judicial commissioner is playing hardball when it comes to the amount set for their bail.
Normally, a misdemeanor trespass charge brings with it either a release on your own recognizance or $50 to $100 bail. Four minors were cited and released. Nine adults remain behind bars. They are refusing to pay the exorbitant amount of bail set against them.
For Cal Zastrow and Denny Green bail is set for $2500.00. For Jim Zastrow, Eva Zastrow, Oma Eva, Chet Gallagher, Caroline Davis, and Heather Iodina the bail is set for $1500.00. For a local young man, Paul Place, the bail is set for $1000.00.
At a time this jail and others are releasing known criminals due to the plandemic, this is ludicrous.
Please contact the Wilson County Jail at 615-444-1412 (option 1) and ask them who you need to contact to see the swift release of our brethren.
Here is the website page of the Wilson County government to search and help them.
Write or call these contacts to put godly pressure upon them to release these rescuers with an appropriate bail. Thank you and “Remember the prisoners as if chained with them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also” (Hebrews 13:3).