On Monday, March 15th, in the year of our Lord 2021, Texas Christian abolitionists will converge in Austin, Texas with the Gospel of the Kingdom. Our purpose will be to expose the evil of appeasing evil by promoting pro-life incremental bills and demand our magistrates do their duty by outlawing abortion and penalizing it by law.
There is a bill of abolition, HB 3326 filed in the House by Rep. Bryan Slaton. We will beseech them to hate evil, love good, and do justice for the fatherless by backing this bill. No more treating symptoms and ignoring the disease.
Texas, through Gov. Abbott, made a promised to our deceased son, Jeremiah Thomas, to abolish abortion in the Lone Star state.. It is passed time our state keep its integrity and promise in Jesus’ name!
If you care to come and testify, press on this link to sign up. Also, on Tuesday, March 30th, at 2PM, we will be gathering on the southside of the Texas State Capitol to rally for HB 3326, to abolish abortion in Texas.
Please join us at this important rally and lobby day to urge our elected representatives to pass this bill! Hope to see you there!