This is the written submission sent to every Senator on the Texas State Affairs Committee overseeing all the “pro-life bills” heard two days ago.
My name is Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas, national director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America. I represent our Lord Jesus Christ and the little ones made in His image. I am a resident in Waco, TX. I signed up to testify orally but had some scheduling conflicts and had to go. This is my written submission.
I have committed over half of my life (I’m 64) to end the American holocaust. I’ve been beaten, bloodied, permanently injured, fined, jailed, shunned, lost pulpits, and a great amount of resources seeking to save babies from horrifying deaths. This is not to complain nor boast before you, but to boast in the Lord who opened my eyes and broke my heart concerning the plight of the little ones made in His image.
If I were in your position, I would take the sword of justice that you hold and would wield it in righteousness to end the suffering and injustice committed against the preborn. I would do it in a heartbeat. But as a Christian and a churchman, however, that is not my jurisdiction, it is yours.
I’ve done what I could do interposing on the behalf of the preborn as a churchman, and I beseech you to use your lawful authority to interpose as a statesman.
Concerning the role of civil government, Thomas Jefferson declared, “The care of human life and its happiness and not their destruction is the one and only object of good government.” He believed this so deeply, he enshrined the “right to life” in our Declaration of Independence.
Along comes Roe vs. Wade and SCOTUS, with a straight face, declares it is now legal for one group of human beings, (Parents) to murder another set of human beings (Their own sons, and daughters).
How did Texas and every other state respond to this evil insanity, and lawlessness? We gave it credence and allowed that evil to come through our state to corrupt our people and defile our land. It is grievous to behold.
One must ask, what has happened to us since then? The bitter fruit of blood guiltiness is drowning our state and nation in a sea of innocent blood and perversion. Tyranny in our government and anarchy in our culture is destroying our union.
How is it possible then that Texas still tolerates the intolerable and defends the indefensible?
A couple of years ago, Gov. Abbott made a precious promise to my dying son, Jeremiah Thomas. My son’s dying wish is for Texas to no longer regulate baby murder, but to end it once and for all. To his credit, Gov. Abbott said, “Your wish has been granted.” It has been a couple of years since he made that promise and my family still waits for it to be fulfilled. You have an opportunity with HB HB3326 to make his dying wish a reality.
I would adjure you by all you hold sacred to no longer treat the symptoms of abortion, heal the disease. No longer prune the branches of abortion (Pro-life incremental bills) but take God’s ax of truth to the root of this bloody idolatry that is savaging our state and nation.
In conclusion, Texas can make redemptive history and lead the way, or we can continue to play religious and political games at the expense of these children’s lives. We can do what is right, just, and good in the sight of God or be derelict in our duty before Him by refusing to end the suffering and injustice committed against the preborn.
I pray you set your faces like flint to Ignore Roe, Establish Justice, and Abolish Abortion in the state of Texas. God bless you as you do your duty to protect life and stop this shedding of innocent blood that has defiled our polluted land.
Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas