As a new leadership team takes over Operation Save America, what will be our focus and mission?

First and foremost, we want to get back to the foundations

We need to be grounded theologically in the gospel of the Kingdom. Christ is Lord of all, and His Word and Law touch on every aspect of life. We must bring the teaching and the wisdom of Scripture to bear upon all areas of life. 

Strong Family

The most important aspect of this is the family. Central to a healthy society is healthy families.  

Abortion was born out of the soil of broken family life in America. Never has there been more abused, abandoned, and aborted children in America than today. 

Healthy family life necessitates godly men leading and serving in their homes. The virtues of manhood are at an all-time low in American society today, and the family unit is breaking apart as a result. Abortion, homosexuality, gender confusion, drugs, suicide, and depression that plague our youth, are all the fruit of the breakdown of healthy masculinity.

Radical feminism would have never gained a hold in our public institutions if manhood had not first begun to wane, opening a door of vulnerability in our family structures.

Strong Men

Men were created to be protectors, not predators. Godly men honor, respect, and protect women and children, the weak and the helpless. 

A godly man understands how to love and cherish his wife and to patiently guide and instruct his children, being an example of Christ to his home. 

Godly men embrace challenge, hardship, difficulty, and danger. Godly men are prepared to protect their families and if necessary lay down their lives for them.

Godly manhood is characterized first and foremost by the simple word, responsibility. Men take responsibility; for their own actions, for their own failures, for the well-being of their families, their communities, and their congregations. 

Men serve. Men stand. And when necessary men fight. 

Godly men, following the wisdom of Scripture, prepare, discipline, and train themselves for the physical and spiritual battles God has called them to in this life as soldiers in Christs’ Kingdom. 

As the ancient codes of chivalry affirm, fitness of body, keeness of mind, and strength of heart should characterize a godly man.  

When a godly man, seeking Christ, led by the Holy Spirit, is leading his home, there is love, order, and harmony. That family will be a blessing strength and bulwark in their church and a beacon of light in their community. 

Conversely, a man cannot endeavor to reform his society, if his own home is in disorder. And a man cannot properly order and govern his home if he cannot first govern himself. 

Building godly character and virtue in our young men is where the reformation of our society must begin. 

And so we will be making this a primary focus of our ministry. By creating resources, gearing our teaching and training toward this end, we hope to disciple the next generation of young men into godly manhood.