Dear Friend, 

God is doing amazing things in Indiana! 

The week before last Operation Save America held our annual Spring Regional Event in Indiana, where over a hundred Christians mobilized to bring the Gospel to college campuses and on the sidewalks in front of abortion clinics.

Additionally, many of these brothers and sisters also had the opportunity to volunteer for several political campaigns while they were in town, in an effort to distribute thousands of pieces of literature in districts where there are candidates who are committed to criminalizing abortion! 

As of right now, 22 candidates for state representative have given their written commitment to support the Protection at Conception Act, which is a bill that would criminalize all abortion without exception or compromise in Indiana! 

In addition to the 22 newcomers, who are running hard races to unseat RINO Republicans, there are also two godly state legislators who are fighting to keep their seats. 

Representative Curt Nisly, with the help of Amy Schlichter and her grassroots no compromise pro-life group Hoosiers for Life, first drafted his bill to completely criminalize abortion in Indiana back in 2017.  The RINO establishment has had him in their crosshairs ever since then. He has repeatedly bucked the political establishment and exposed weaknesses and cowardice that exist in the ranks of the Republican Party in Indiana. 

In 2020 Nisly was joined by John Jacob, a street preacher who faithfully ministers the Gospel at abortion clinics, and who has no political aspirations whatsoever. In 2017 Jacob began going to the State Capital on a regular basis pleading with the Representatives to give Protection at Conception a fair hearing. 

For three long years, they ignored his admonition on behalf of the pre-born, so he decided it was time for him to take his message to the voters. Jacob ran a gritty, hard-fought grassroots campaign, unseated a Republican incumbent, and became the Representative for Indiana House District 93. 

For the last two legislative sessions, Nisly and Jacob have created an incredible stir in Indiana politics. They’ve forced the passage of constitutional carry, forced the passage of legislation that requires hospitals to provide life-saving care to premature babies regardless of gestation, and they’ve exposed the do nothing RINO establishment by forcing them to vote on things like protection of life from conception, medical liberty, and lawless vaccine mandates. 

As a direct result of the bold actions of Nisly and Jacob to force these legislators to go on record with bad votes, hundreds of people have now joined the grassroots efforts to oppose tyranny and fight for liberty in Indiana!

Why do I tell you all of this?

Because I believe that the grassroots mobilization tactics that are being used in Indiana can serve as a model to win the battle to abolish abortion in states all over the country. 

The liberty movement in Indiana, which includes as a top priority the effort to criminalize abortion, is actually bearing tangible fruit toward the end of abolishing abortion. The political establishment is running scared of the no-compromise Christians who are fighting to end abortion in Indiana. 

Operation Save America has adopted this model of grassroots mobilization as our strategy for the political aspect of ending abortion. 

We plan to deploy these tactics in legislative districts all over the country, including places like Alabama, Tennessee, and Arkansas. 

I would like to invite you to join me in Tenessee for our National Event on July 23rd through the 30th, where I will be teaching breakout sessions on this model of grassroots mobilization. 

During that event, you will also have the opportunity to learn more about the tactics we use to bring the gospel to the sidewalks in front of the abortion mill, as well as the tactics we use to expose the evil of abortion in college campuses and various other street ministry venues.  

You can learn more about our national event here!

The best thing about the National Event is that it is absolutely free! Operation Save America does not want cost to be a hindrance to our efforts to equip Christians to faithfully serve the Lord in the battle to end the slaughter of the pre-born. 

However, while we do not charge for these events,  they do cost a substantial amount of money for our ministry to put on. 

If you have the financial means to chip in $15, $10, or even $5 to help us have the financial resources for this event we would tremendously appreciate your support!

You can contribute here.

Thank you so much for your prayer, and for your support of Operation Save America!


Derin Stidd
Assistant National Director

Operation Save America


Join me in Nashville, Tennessee on July 23rd-30th for our National Event to learn more about the grassroots political tactics we are using to win the battle to abolish abortion! 

You can find out about our National Event here, and you can chip in a few dollars to help us fund the event here!

Thanks again!