There is a T-shirt that many folks in OSA have worn, “Visualize Abortionists on Trial.”  Well, during our incredible foray to bring the Gospel of Christ to life in the streets of Orlando, Florida, during our National Event, we didn’t have to visualize it any longer.  We were witnesses to it.  Michelle Herzog, one of Central Florida’s gentle warriors for King Jesus and His precious preborn children, wrote this article as a witness to the trial of James Scott Pendergraft.   ~ Flip

by Michele Herzog

Final Judgment in Civil Lawsuit against Abortionist James Scott Pendergraft: $36,737,660.16!


In 2001 while Mr. Pendergraft was in the Federal Penitentiary, his five abortion mills were open for business as usual.  He had made sure everything would be taken care of before leaving for his time in the Pen.  He handed the second trimester abortions over to abortionist Randall Whitney and the running of the business to medical assistant Ms. Severance, this according to sworn statement from Mr. Pendergraft.

His eloquent advertising sites continued to operate at a steep price of over $700,000 a year.  His site is what drew a young woman named Carol Howard to eventually decide Mr. Pendergraft’s abortion mill was the safest center to go to.  His site was the only one that had a board certified Ob/Gyn doctor’s name on it.  It also seemed to show much concern for the women.  This was her final decision, she would have her abortion at the Orlando Women’s Center. What she didn’t know is that this board certified doctor was in the Federal Pen.

When she arrived she was given RU486, a drug given in earlier pregnancies, not by the doctor, but by a medical assistant, not only that, it should never have been given to her!  Her baby was 22.3 weeks along! After that, every two hours she was given exceedingly high doses of cytotec. According to Carol Howard’s attorney, Mrs. Fernandez, the Cytotec exceeded the standard dosage 50 times, (there is much controversy over the safety of this drug, many legitimate doctors are refusing to use it because of the dangers.)  This caused massive labor to happen right away and when Ms. Howard asked for pain medication she was told by medical assistants to go walk her labor off outside in the parking lot, and if she didn’t like it she could leave.  All the while, there was never a doctor present!  Abortionist Randall Whitney was conveniently resting at the Travel Lodge waiting for a phone call from one of the medical assistants.  This violated Florida State Law which states that a doctor must be present for the abortion. Not even nurses were present, only medical assistants!   

Carol Howard did leave and went home.  She laid on the floor doubling over in labor.  She called 911 and they took her to Arnold Palmer, where she delivered the baby.  This baby survived the horrendous abortion, otherwise known as a botched abortion.  She suffered severe lifetime disabilities from this horrific abortion.  Her name is Jordan, and Jordan is what this whole lawsuit is over, for her life time care.  This truly was a crime against humanity!

The jurors were able to see pictures of Jordan and they were also able to listen to the lies that kept spewing  forth out of Mr. Pendergraft’s mouth while he was on the stand.  He could not answer a simple yes or no.  One of his favorite cliches during the proceedings was, “There is no protocol, there was no protocol.”  This being said so he wouldn’t be held accountable for the tragedy which occurred to little Jordan.  Attorney Fernandez even pulled out Mr. Pendergraft’s deposition and asked him to read it concerning the “no protocol.”  Mr. Pendergraft looked the paper over and would never read it, the attorney eventually told Mr. Pendergraft, “Let me read it for you!”  Where in the deposition Mr. Pendergraft plainly stated that such and such was his protocol. Lies, one after another!

The jury did not buy the lies, and when the first judgment was handed out on July 21st of $18,737,660.16, the final juror to okay the decision emphatically stated, Absolutely!”

The jurors were also able to listen to abortionist Randall Whitney’s deposition where he cavalierly stated that yes, babies are delivered in the toilet all the time and many times are still alive, wiggling around in the toilet.  What he didn’t say is that he would pick them up out of the toilet and do what the law tells him to do; do everything you can to help save the life of the viable child.

During closing arguments to the jury, Carol Howard’s attorney was sharp and right to the point when she stated, “He (Pendergraft) has an abortion dynasty around the state of Florida.  He only cares about money, and I say hit him where it hurts!” And hit him where it hurts is what happened,  $36,737,660,16!

I thank God I was able to sit in on the court proceedings and witness this final judgment!  I would say it was eye-opening, but we all know what really goes on in these abortion mills.  But to hear the abortionist so coldly explain how they kill the children is so hard to hear and so unbelievable to think that it is allowed in our great nation.

Please pray that justice would completely prevail, that there would be no appeals, and Mr. Pendergraft’s 5 abortion mills would be shut down for good!

God Bless,

Michele Herzog

Luke 17:10

Pro-Life Action Ministries