As can be seen by this report in the Charlotte Observer, our city is totally collapsing the First Amendment rights of its citizens with manufactured city ordinances and statutes.  These ordinances and statutes are conjured up, well beneath the radar of Christians in Charlotte, in the clandestine confines of Charlotte City Hall.

We never know what is legal from one day to the next because the law; well, “…it just keeps a changin.”  Preachers who bring the Gospel of Christ into the streets of Charlotte find their civil rights tossed to the ground as police keep informing us of new changes in city and county policy.  It is a way to keep us corralled and shut us up.  It is a way to silence the Gospel proclamation. 

One of the most egregious ordinances conjured up by the Charlotte City Council is the city’s “sound ordinance.”  I was arrested for being in violation of this last Saturday afternoon.  Note: we always apply for sound permits as required by the city.  The “sound ordinance” reads that we are not to exceed 75 decibels recorded on a decibel meter when it is held ten feet in front our speakers.

This is so utterly ridiculous.  The ambient sound (street noise common in the general area) at Trade and Tryon streets registers between 65 – 90 decibels on the decibel meter.  The ambient sound in the city of Charlotte is in violation of this absurd noise ordinance.  But it sure does provide the city a circuitous way to control what can and cannot be spoken.  If one can control the volume of free speech, he can control the content of what can and cannot be heard.  How clever. 

“We can do away with free speech without anyone knowing that is what we are doing.”       

I have had to appear in court on several occasions for violating this city ordinance and never once have been found guilty.  Please understand what this means.  Even though I am acquitted, the city accomplished what it really desired.  It got me off the streets of Charlotte for the day.  Hmmmmmmm.

Why is it that the homosexual community in Charlotte can get sound permits for sound as loud as it wants while Christians are shackled with permits that allow them to speak no louder than 75 decibels?  Just so you know; many times a passing city bus registers over 100 decibels on a decibel meter when one stands ten feet away from it.

“The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.”  Psalm 12:8.

Click here to read the report by Cleve R. Wootson Jr. in the Charlotte Observer.

 Keep shining for our King,