Many of you know Sandy Sayre, a faithful sidewalk counselor in Dallas, Texas, and a great friend of Jesus and His preborn children.  She has been attending one of the largest mega-churches in the Dallas area (seats over 8,000).  It was once Larry Lee’s, Church on the Rock, but has since been bought by Lakepointe Baptist Church and is known simply as “Lakepointe.”  Sandy does her best to explain “bloodguilt” to Pastor Steve Stroope.  In so doing, she expresses incredible insight from the Word of God as to what God is saying to His church in America today.

Well worth the read.          



Flip, Here is an exchange I have been having with Pastor Steve Stroope concerning blood guilt and The Church of Jesus Christ and her pastor’s responsibility before God. The first email I addressed to Steve, my Sunday school teacher who is on staff and most of the pastoral leaders. My reply to Steve’s email I sent only to Steve, waiting for his reply and praying God will crush him with The Truth of God’s Word. It is so exciting to deliver God’s mail and know He goes before me and behind.

At the end of my first message I attached a link to your teaching sermon on Birthright along with a link to the PDF file on To End All Abortion.

Sandy Sayre
The time is now to Press on in the Strong Name of Jesus

Pastor Steve,

Thank you for your timely reply.
The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob weeps to know His Church believes compassionate damage control is all He desires. What about the murdered babies and their innocent blood that cries up from the ground for justice, without God’s justice there can be no mercy. Micah 6:8.
It is The Church of Jesus Christ who has been given the power, by God, to end this abomination of legalized child killing. Our government continues to pass unjust laws which gives the appearance of justice, God will not be mocked. We as a people sooth our consciences by funding crisis pregnancy centers and allow the killing to continue, while believing we are doing our part. The lesser of two evils is still evil. Satan is well pleased with our lukewarm desire to not fight this battle to end abortion; it is a gospel issue not a political issue. God’s judgment begins in the house of the Lord, I Peter 4:17. We must repent of indifference and meet Jesus at the Gates of Hell.

Yes, crisis pregnancy centers play a part in compassionate ministry to those who seek services there. However, most women who desire abortions will not seek service in crisis pregnancy centers, so the killing of God’s image bearers continues, and the Church sings a little louder to drown out the cries coming from saturated ground, not to mention God’s Call.

While sidewalk counseling women at Dallas clinics I have offered a list of crisis pregnancy centers, of which Lakepointe Church is listed, mostly they decline. Through the years I have been asked how many babies were saved. My reply is always, “We don’t go to The Gates of Hell to save babies.” Always the one who asked is shocked to hear my answer. I reply, “We go to bring the Glory of the Lord.  He saves the babies, the moms and dads from a life time of terror, guilt, regret and a murder sentence.”  We go to warn those who are staggering toward death and tell them the truth, even if it offends. Lest they become a fugitive until death, should they spill innocent blood. We tell them of a different way, which leads to life and the one and only Jesus; who wants to receive them as His own, if they will repent and turn from their wicked choice. It is His blood which is the better way.  

How far The Church has come from knowing we are not just sick, but dead, and in need of resurrection through repentance. The Church does not understand “Blood Guilt” and who is the one most responsible for the shedding of innocent blood. God holds the Church of Jesus Christ responsible for not pleading the case of the fatherless to win it. He gives the Church of Jesus Christ the power, responsibility and the call to storm the Gates of Hell, the High Places of Satan’s alters of child sacrifice. Just as God calls His Church to go into all the world and preach the good news of the Gospel which sets men’s souls free for all of eternity; He holds pastors directly responsible for not leading their flocks out to the battle for the least of us, the pre-born.

Ish 1:15-16
When you spread out your hands in prayer,
   I hide my eyes from you; even when you offer many prayers,
   I am not listening. Your hands are full of blood! 16 Wash and make yourselves clean.    Take your evil deeds out of my sight;    stop doing wrong.

When did The Church of Jesus Christ start caring more about receiving the blessings of God while refusing to receive our birthright, obedience determines our destiny, as it has from Genesis to Revelation? Prayer is our blessed vehicle to receive His nourishment yet at some point we must leave our Garden of Gethsemane take up our crosses to secure the victory. John 19:3   I have heard it is said, “Everyone wants to follow Jesus until they find out where He is going and He is going to the Cross and He wants you and me to come and die there.” 

Some of what I have written is what was on my heart a year ago October when I requested a meeting with you. When you called me you said you were too busy for a meeting until after January, so we talked on the phone for a short while. But; the Lord has been continuing to prompt me to speak with you again. Rather than possibly receive the same delayed date for a meeting I thought to send an email.

I am praying for you and Marsha and that Jesus would visit you both more than ever during this rough spot in your road.
Sandy Sayre
Press on in the Strong Name of Jesus!


From: Steve Stroope
To: Sandra Sayre 
Sent: Wednesday, January 4, 2012 2:27 PM
Subject: RE: God saved me so I could serve Him, Birthright


Thanks for your email.

Lakepointe has taught clearly about the fact that abortion is wrong for the past 32 years and will continue to do so. In addition we will continue to support the young ladies who are making the right decisions to not terminate their pregnancies by giving ongoing finances to the two crisis pregnancy centers we helped start in Rockwall and Mesquite as well as provide volunteers for those centers.



From: Sandra Sayre
Sent: Monday, January 02, 2012 1:37 PM
To: Steve Stroope
Cc: Todd Phillips; Jerry Minx; Carter Shotwell; Danny Davis; Wes Stecker; Bubba Thurman; Rod Vestal; Keith West; Kurt Bruner; Greg Bradford; Mason Randall
Subject: God saved me so I could serve Him, Birthright

Dear Pastorial leaders of Lakepointe,

Hello, my name is Sandy Sayre and I have been a member of Lakepoint, Rockwall, for several years. While attending church here with my family I also work with a group of volunteers of two other ministries. One ministry is local, Victories in Christ Juvenile Prison Minister AKA, Medlock Juvenile Prison Ministery, of which there are several Lakepoint members who serve along side of me there for the last four years.
The other ministry is Operation Save America, a national ministry, I have served with for eleven years. This ministry serves all who are caught in the lie and deception that God will wink at the sin of abortion and that it is a personal right and choice to end a life which God has created.
The Call of God to this ministry is not only to take  His message of mercy and grace through repentance to the mother of the pre-born, the staff and doctors who enter into the sin of spilling innocent blood but, also, to the Church of Jesus Christ and her pastors who sell their Birthright, as Esau, did for a bowl of soup. 
Please, take the time to listen to my good friend and sold out man of God Rev. Flip Benham as he teaches a powerful lesson on Birthright. Please contact me with your feedback. I am interested to know if the leadership at Lakepointe would also be obedient to  answer the call to stand and lead God’s people of Lakepointe for righteousness and justice in this matter. God’s heart grieves for the innocent blood which continues to cry up from the ground, He will not be mocked by the indifferent lukewarm actions of His Church, since child killing was legalized in the year of our Lord Jesus 1973. Remember The Gates of Hell will not prevail against The Church of Jesus Christ!  


Sandy Sayre
The time is now to Press on in the Strong Name of Jesus

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