Typical of God’s church in Jackson Hole is a compromised Gospel.  Here you can see for yourself that the “evangelical” Pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole has no problem with the killing of babies in their mother’s womb.  You can either be pro-life or pro-choice in his pathetic world and still be a “Christian.”  What matters is, are you being “civil, compassionate, and loving!”  He joins hands with the apostate St. John’s Episcopal Church in Jackson Hole that believes abortion, homosexuality, Islam, and sex with anything that moves, is the fruit of the spirit

If you have ever wondered why the people in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, are so angry when one dares to shine the light of truth in the streets – it is because it has never been done.  This Pastor is no more a Christian than he is a poached egg!

God help us!     ~ Flip