Here’s Brenda Spurlock’s report on what’s been happening in the little town of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.   Enjoy!

Wednesday-Friday, May 16-18, 2012

During three days of street preaching, public Bible reading & prayer, display of signs that depict both the humanity of the child in the womb and the barbarity of abortion, our folks in Jackson, WY began to see residents awakening to the fact that standing against child murder is not only their civil duty, it is “Loving and Compassionate!”

Dorothy Boyett (TX), Mark Gabriel (WI)

A number of our people reported receiving handshakes and thanks from Christians who were happy we had come. One woman said she had been praying that the hypocrisy of the churches regarding abortion would be exposed.

Brenda Spurlock (TX), Jeremy Aughenbaugh (WY)

At our evening services, OSA saints recounted divine appointments they had on the streets. One night eight of them spoke. Among them, Deanna Waller, who ministered to a grandmother who was still grieving a grandchild that she hadn’t known was being aborted.

Dorothy Boyett told about Collin (20), who came to Jackson for work. He said he had no religious background. After Dorothy described how holy our God is, and took Collin through the Law, he admitted if he died today he would go to hell. Then she had the privilege of telling him the blessed news of what Jesus did on the cross for us. “Now isn’t that good news?” she asked. That’s the best news I’ve had all day!” he replied

Ante Pavkovic said he and a man he met on the streets discussed abortion and every other controversial subject under the sun. There was a different spirit, a friendly rapport, after spending more than an hour working their way through these subjects.

Saturday, May 19, Elk Fest

On the same corner where a Kansas Pastor  and Chet Gallagher were arrested last year, we finished up Word in Warfare by reading Revelations.

Ante Pavkovic (NC), Ron Nederhoed , Eva Zastrow (MI)

Sunday, May 20, 2012, Church

Most of the ladies still in town went to Church at River Crossing, a non-denominational church pastored by Mike Atkins.  Gary Jelich and Michael Sugar stood on the highway and held the Malachi sign that asks, “Where is your church?” . The rest of the men went into the residential area with signs after being removed from church property.

The Pharisee who prayed about himself thanking God he wasn’t like other men was the sermon topic. Pastor Atkins said he didn’t believe in our methodology.  He said that he had talked with Brent Blue and hadn’t been able to get him to quit doing abortions.  (This was at our leader’s request after Pastor Atkins was missing in action on vacation last year while we were here.)  He told the congregation he has saved a baby.  He said our people shouldn’t have come , that local pastors have spiritual authority for Jackson.

Following services, Heather Mechanic explains in Spanish to a Hispanic gentleman why we’ve come.

A gray-haired woman identified as being a witch who burned incense and did incantations last year while we were in town, was on church property with a sign, though OSA wasn’t allowed on the property with signs.  She complained to a young assistant pastor about us.  He told her she had the authority to call the police.  She wasn’t a church member but said she visits once a month.

A man leaving after the service, thanked our people for being there and handed us a $100 bill saying he wanted to buy lunch for everyone.

One of our saints went to Presbyterian Church of Jackson Hole whose pastor also said he didn’t agree with our methods.  “We have fervently pro-life people and also have fervently pro-choice people,” he said, “but we all come together for the sake of the gospel of Christ.”

Here’s the link to see this video via YouTube.  (We can’t help but agree with Flip that the pastors are what’s wrong with Jackson, Wyoming )