No wonder abortionist Ron Vermani hates “ugly black babies” and does not want to support them on the tax rolls – he is a Democrat That’s Right!  He doesn’t want the government to force him to pay taxes to bring “ugly black babies” into the world, but he sure does demand that we all are forced to pay taxes to take babies (of all colors) out of this world.  Universal Health Care anyone?  The Democrats are indeed the culture of death.  Murder for the Democrats has become the answer for everything:

 Overpopulated? – Kill (abortion) babies!

Getting too old? – Kill (euthanasia) the old!

Down Syndrome? – Find them (amniocentesis) then Kill them in the womb!

 You get the idea.  God put it this way: “… all who hate me love death.”  Proverbs 8:36.