God is doing more than we could have ever imagined in exposing the diabolical and hideous nature of the abortion industry in America.  This little 38 second video of our visit with abortionist Ron Virmani will dispel the myth of the kind, brave, and selfless abortionist just seeking to help women.  Mr. Virmani could care less about anybody but himself.  He is an angry, hate driven man.      ~ Flip


A Prayer lifted up to the Lord

On the long ride home from North Carolina to Waco, TX, I kept praying that the Lord would set in motion something of significance by our participation at our national event. Well, God did exceedingly, abundantly, above all we could ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).

At one of our outreaches at an abortionist’s home, a video was recorded that captured the heart and worldview of a notorious child-killer, who operates his grisly trade at A Preferred Women’s Health Center, 3220 Latrobe Dr. Charlotte, NC 28211.

Jesus stated, “for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh” (Luke 6:45b). This truth has come to pass in abortionist Ron Virmani’s life. What was in this man’s heart flowed from his lips revealing the dark, demonic mentality that runs rampant throughout the abortion industry.

 A team of brave, Christian pro-lifers lead by Mark Gabriel and Pastor Dale Sochia showed up at Virmani’s neighborhood and home to plead with him to repent of his sins and crimes and turn to Jesus for the salvation of his soul. What transpired has gone viral. Pro-life, Christian, and secular news outlets and blogs have reported on this incidence and are showing the video. The following is just a sample of the many articles that have been written. May the Lord continue to use this video to expose the hidden works of darkness and set the captive free in Jesus’ name!

 Shocking: Abortionist Tells Pro-Life Group ‘Let Me See You Adopt One of Those Ugly Black Babies’

 A horrifying video released by Operation Save America (OSA) sheds light on one abortionist’s views of his profession, and contrary to what many pro-choice activists would have you believe, the man does not seem to be in it to help “family planning.”

Confronted by a group of pro-life activists, North Carolina abortionist Ron Virmani launched into a rant about not burdening the taxpayers.

At first, one would think he is referring to burdening the taxpayers with the cost of the abortion, but it soon becomes clear he sees the children themselves as the burden.

“I as a taxpayer do not wish for those babies to be born, and brought up, and kill those people in Colorado,” he says.

When the activists wearing “Jesus” shirts insist they still want the babies to be born, the man responds: “Let me see you adopt one of those ugly black babies.”

Watch the horrifying video.

 OSA’s website notes that the doctor seemingly felt he was solving several of society’s “problems” in his line of work. They write:

“His solution to crime in America, is to kill babies. His solution to welfare in America, is to kill babies. His solution to rising taxes in America, is to kill babies. His solution to stanch the flow of bitterness that fills his heart, is to kill babies. Murder is his answer to everything.”

Furthermore, they note, Virmani repeatedly refers to the unborn as “babies,” not “blobs of tissue” or “fetuses,” invalidating the left’s argument that abortion is not murder.

 LifeNews adds that Virmani is hardly the first “pro-choice” activist with a perverse infatuation for eugenics. Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, publicly stated in 1920: “birth control is nothing more or less than the facilitation of the process of weeding out the unfit [and] of preventing the birth of defectives.”

 Day Gardner, president of the National Black Pro-Life Union, responded: “Excuse me? It’s all too obvious that he has a particular disgust for black babies and therefore has no problems killing them.”

 Gardner continued: “The black community should be outraged because Ashutosh Virmani is a brazen racist and his statement supports what we already know of the billion dollar abortion industry-black babies are targeted because they are seen as poor, worthless and maybe even ‘ugly.'”

 Blessings to you all,

 Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas

Well the devil is reeling from the truth exposing him. As of yesterday this video had about 1,600 hits on youtube in regards to abortionist Ron Virmani. But as of this morning that number has jumped to over 80,000!  Not only this, it has been picked up by countless news and blogs such as, www.Lifenews.com www.TheBlaze.com www.LifeSiteNews.com, anyway it is catching fire.

The devil overplayed his hand, he thought he could win with a “Flush” (poker hand), but little did he know there is a hand called “The Royal Flush” and His name is Jesus! This man has spoken what most abortionist really think going all the way back to Margret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. Upon googling his name there are several pages of different sites that have picked this story up and have embedded the video.  May the Lord expose the true ugliness of abortion, America’s Holocaust.

Pastor Dale Sochia