Abortionist Ron Virmani gave me a handful of flyers a couple of months ago and wanted me to distribute them to all of the folks that help moms and dads choose life at the abortion mill (A Preferred Women’s Health Clinic) in Charlotte.  He wanted us all to know why he does what he does.  He even gave us his phone number.  The website that he wants everyone to visit is www.phcracism.com.  He is attempting to justify the unjustifiable.

He is crying out for Christ.  Brothers and sisters, Ron Virmani is lost, enraged, and desperately needing the forgiveness that only Jesus can give.  Please begin a concerted effort to pray for this poor lost soul.  We were, all of us, here at one time.  Look what the Lord has done!  Let’s pray that He will do it again for Ron.

In Christian love,