The Truth is way too much for the abortion industry to handle. It reveals way too much about the motives of almost every abortionist’s heart. It reveals way too much about the spiders and snakes inhabiting the heart of this vile industry to do the horrible things it does. YouTube is looking to pull this video. For the words of this abortionist provide us God’s X-ray into the heart of this industry and the Party (Democratic) that demands it.

Keep storming the gates in Jesus’ magnificent Name! ~ Flip

Dears Brothers and Sisters of the Lord,

Last night I received a e-mail stating Youtube may bepulling the video posted of Ron Virmani admitting to killing babies, and his own racist remarks of calling some of them, “Ugly black babies“. This astounding statement has now been seen by several hundred thousands around the world, and has triggered new reports from Charlotte, The Blaze (Glen Beck), Fox News, The Drudge Report, LifeNews, Life site news and many others.

Because of what is transpiring the window of this being video being left on Youtube could be closing. Please continue to share the link on Twitter and Facebook and everywhere else.  Also, you can download it with a Youtube down loader which is fee on the Internet. I want to thank you all for help  getting this video viral throughout the world!

I also ask that you join with me in praying for Ron Virmani’s salvation, I am sure this is heavily weighing on his soul. Imagine; Ron Virmani, bends his knee to the Lord Jesus, what an impact that might be on this dark abominable deed of abortion. With God, “NOTHING is impossible!


Pastor Dale Sochia