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Election 2012 – Some Answers to Difficult Questions

Rev. Flip Benham   October 30, 2012

This is not a new teaching – It is a truth found throughout Scripture.  God will use His enemies to discipline us and bring us to repentance.  He, Himself, will become our enemy to bring us to repentance (Isa 63:10).  LOVE!

To vote for the lesser of two evils is to vote for evil still.  This is absolutely true.  Nothing has changed.  The fact that we are presently under the judgment of God for the shedding of innocent blood, and that we have two people running for president who do not acknowledge the true God of Scripture is plain evidence of this.  We have been found guilty!  The salt has lost its saltiness!  We are being trampled under the feet of men.  So what do we do?  Who do we vote for?

First, we must recall that God is looking for the repentance of His church – not the repentance of the Republican Party.  After all, “…judgment begins in the house of God.” 1 Peter 4:17.

Those who are running in third parties that acknowledge the true God of Scripture; Tom Hoeffling, Virgil Goode, et al., have not done their “due diligence” to plead the case of the fatherless to win it.  They are simply pleading it to plead it.  Every four years the Constitution Party or America’s Party, do the easy thing to just run someone for president without doing the hard work of running and working for those down ballot candidates.  There is no way that they will ever have my vote again.

The Church of Jesus Christ is nowhere near repentance for the shedding of innocent blood in America.  We do not see it as our responsibility.  We have, by and large, left it up to the Republican Party to fight this battle for us.  We just give our vote and expect Republicans to fix it.  In the same way,Israel(the southernkingdomofJudah) was in no way ready to repent of sacrificing her children in the valley of Ben Hinnom, even though she was overcome by Nebuchadnezzar and taken into captivity in Babylon.  God made it very clear through His prophet Jeremiah that the people in captivity were to work for the peace of that pagan nation while they were in it for seventy years.  He was looking for their repentance.  It was going to take awhile.

We need to be working for the peace of our nation.  Our nation is worth saving.  We were once the most powerful, free, and prosperous nation on this planet.  We were, in John Winthrop’s words, “…A shining city set on a hill,” that the whole world might see the glory of Almighty God.  This was and is our mission.  But we have become the world’s sewer – pumping out drugs, porn, sexual slavery, violence, and every imaginable evil.  We are dragging God’s name through the mud, the blood, and the beer, of our own sin, and slaughtering His children along the way.

Spiritually, we find ourselves in a strange land (Babylon).  God’s judgment is upon us.  Our enemies are ruling over us.  But, just as Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were true to their God, they were also called to work for the peace of that pagan nation –Babylon.

Queen Esther and her uncle Mordecai worshipped the One True God, but they also worked for the peace of the pagan nation Babylon.  How could they reconcile working for the “lesser of two evils?”  Why didn’t they rebel and declare the God of the Torah the only true God?  Because God told them to work for the peace of that nation, for if that nation had peace they too would have peace and multiply.  God knew the plans He had for them (Jer 29:11-12), and He, Himself, would bring them back to Jerusalem.  Please read Jeremiah 29-31 again and then put it in context of the entire book (note that the book itself is not in chronological order).

Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Mordecai, Esther, and Ezra were all true to Almighty God, yet they worked for the peace of a pagan nation and rose (God lifts up one and brings down another) to power in that nation.  How about Joseph in Egypt?  All were a true light into the lives of pagan kings and rulers.  They were not rebels.  They were in the truest sense submitted to Almighty God first, and to pagan kings second.  They were lights in dark nations.  As that nation was blessed, God’s people were blessed and became a nation once again, that the whole world might know that there is another King – One called Jesus!

America’s history can be traced to this.  We are one link in the chain of the westward movement of the Gospel of Christ.  We must have eyes to see (John 5:19-20) what God is doing in our nation.  Remember, we will serve the kingdom we see, and we will become like the god we worship, Jeremiah 2:5.

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