Chet, Johnny, Ron Brock, and I, stopped on our way back from Jackson, Mississippi, at a little place named Birmingham, Alabama.  We were there to see our great friend in Jesus – David Lackey.  Dave, for whatever reason (he has a lot of them if anyone cared to listen), believes Alabama is heaven on earth.  We arrived a day after he got out of the car (his) in front of his house and watched it roll down the hill and smash into his neighbor’s garage door.  Awesome.  He actually ran after it, but what would he have done if he caught up with it.

I wonder if his neighbors believe it is heaven on earth to live next to Dave Lackey?  As you all know by now, Dave has been really struggling with this tumor in his brain.  There are no more operations left for him.  He has had four successful operations over the past 12 or 13 years, but the doctors will not do another one.  Too dangerous.

Chet took some pictures of all of us with Dave and then put together his very first “vimeo.” (HERE’s the video)  As you will see, he has done remarkably well presenting our brother Dave for who he really is.  Dave Lackey is a friend of Jesus before he is anything else.  Perhaps this is what makes him such a great friend to each one of us.     ~ Flip


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  1. Rick Blinn says:

    Of course, Dave knows and you know, Jesus is still in the business of healing tumors of all kinds. A year and a half ago, our friend, Lois, was diagnosed with mesotheiloma. She was given 3 months to live. The Lord has healed her and she is healthy and happy today. About a month ago, another friend, Erin, found a lump in her breast. After prayer, she could not find the lump. A mammogram could not find any lump. So we pray that same healing power of Jesus to be released on Dave. Be healed and be whole by the power of the Holy Spirit. Let the Kingdom come in Dave’s body. Amen.

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