Rusty and I knew the results of Jeremiah‘s CAT scan were bad when the doctor’s office called us so soon afterwards. We kept a brave face for the kids, left our dinner behind, and rushed back.

“I have news no doctor ever wants to give.” My heart sank. I thought our sweet Jeremiah was dealing with a fractured rib and pneumonia…but then the pain never went away. It only intensified. It got so bad I’d wake up to find him on the floor on his stomach with tears down his face. He’d punch the floor when he suppressed a cry. Rusty was determined to find an answer.

Nothing from the x-ray. Nothing from the ultra sound. Then the CAT scan…

The doctor explained our strong state football champ wasn’t so strong on the inside. What we thought was a sports injury was a large malignant growth in his chest. The doctor said it was “in a fragile place.” That Jeremiah had to be careful. No sports. No working out. When I was able to concentrate again, I heard the doctor say there are two types of malignant tumors. Before we learn the course of action, we need to determine the type of tumor. The doctor said he already scheduled Jeremiah to see a pulmonary specialist and other experts on Monday.

We love the Lord with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength. With Christ’s help, we will continue to love and serve Him no matter the cost or trial. Last night it was important that we confessed this truth.
Our pastor and his wife came over. Rusty anointed Jeremiah with oil and we pressed in in prayer. Afterwards, we began a worship service that went late into the night.
Jeremiah’s friend,  Jotham, came over. Jotham and Jeremiah have known each other for years. Now they minister together outside of the local abortion mill. They stand on top of our van and “tag team” preach. They’ve been joined by other “mighty men,” good friends who all want to abolish abortion NOW.
At one point, Jeremiah noticed Jotham’s grief. Jotham was brokenhearted for him and it showed. Jeremiah stopped his worship and began praying over Jotham. The spirit of the Lord fell. It was powerful.
As Jeremiah was thinking of what his new “normal” would be, he asked me to drive him to the abortion clinic and to ministry places during his treatment because “no matter what, I’m gonna serve God.”
He’s been on fire for the Lord since the OSA event in Louisville, KY. He was part of the youth revival and the amazing baptism that lasted hours. When Jeremiah came up from the baptismal waters, his face was shining and he was beating his chest. Each time he beat his chest, it was as is if he was saying, “God, I want more. I want more. I want more.”
Jeremiah was beating on his chest, the same chest we found the cancer, because he couldn’t accept anything less than more of God. Nothing else would do.
Jeremiah is facing the worst trial of his life. But God is in Him.
“God, we want more, we want more, we want more. More for our son. More for our family. More for the world. Nothing else will do.”