Update on Jeremiah:

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble” (Matthew 6:33, 34).

We have today. Our family won a victory. The surgery was a success. Our son sat up and stood on his feet after this major surgery on his spine.

The doctors are telling us the current status, but no one was telling us what the future possibilities might be. Kendra and I were hoping to talk with our Oncologist doctor. We just happened to run into him at the coffee shop. He said the staff has grown quite fond of Jeremiah and they have all been super BTW.

Kendra and I had done some research on what Jeremiah is facing and our findings on a human level were discouraging. So we asked the doctor point blank, “What are his chances?” His response, “About a 10 percent chance to survive.”

After we got our composure from our hearts bursting asunder, we went to Jeremiah’s room. What did we run into, but Jeremiah saying, “Look Dad” as he lifted his legs high in the air with incredible force. Optimistic, and filled with grace and faith my son just smiled. I took his face in my hands and just rejoiced and just let him know we have won a major victory today.

Someone asked if he has experienced anything from the Lord through this ordeal. He answered in the affirmative. He said when they rolled him into surgery this word kept going over and over in his mind, “Now you will see the Son of God has the power to save.” The saying continued while he was knocked out for the surgery. He believes this is God’s Word to him.

Again, I grabbed his face and said that is where we will stand son. The odds are clearly against our son’s survival. We, however, have lived by two words always, BUT GOD!

In my limited understanding of the fullness of the mind of Christ, it seems it has come down to this. Either God loves our son so much, he is taking him to be with him soon. Or God is desiring to be so glorified that he is creating the worst possible scenario to heal my son and use him powerfully on this earth.

Obviously, our prayers, faith, and hope is in the latter option. Thanks to all of you for going on this incredible journey. Mere words cannot express our deep appreciation. We have God’s victory today and we will look for it tomorrow in Jesus’ name! To God be the glory!