A beautiful message of encouragement from my mentor, dear friend, and fellow son, soldier, and servant our our King Flip Benham.

Dear Rusty,

We are praying and fasting for Jeremiah and all the Thomas nation.

Thank you for the powerful, encouraging, and theologically true, snippets you are sending to all of us. They are anointed and are providing rivers of “living water” to all who thirst.

I am so thankful to our Lord that He gives us only one day to live at a time. Yesterday does not belong to us any longer, It is in God’s hands. There is nothing we can do about what we did or what happened, yesterday. Tomorrow doesn’t belong to us either. Neither you nor I know if we will even be here tomorrow. Tomorrow belongs to God also. The only day he has given to us is, Today!

We are rejoicing with you for the victories won in Jeremiah’s life, today. He can walk. Thank you Jesus! We have no fear of tomorrow, nor do we live in the remorse and regret of, yesterday. We live for Him, today. Give us this day our daily bread. He gives us more than enough grace for each new day. This is the true liberty found only in Christ.

God’s mercies are new every morning. They are new, not recurring, but brand new. You have found this to be true in this deep trial, and you have written about it splendidly and spoken it magnificently. You have helped us all to move further up and further into the kingdom of God during these days of Jeremiah’s affliction.

Each new day brings God’s new mercies. Great is His faithfulness, Lamentations 3:19-27. Put this in its Biblical context and you will find the true heart of your son.

He is living up to his real namesake (Jeremiah) by revealing and extending God’s kingdom, mysteries, and grace into the hearts of us all. You, Miss Kendra, and the entire Thomas nation have become “living parables” for all the world to see that God’s Word is true. His mercies are new – brand new – every morning! His grace is, indeed, more than sufficient.

Our Jeremiah, your son, is busy completing the work God has given him to do. And, in so doing, he is bringing great glory to the God Who created Him for “…a time such as this.” John 17:4.

You, Kendra, and the family, are also busy completing the work He has given you to do by helping us all to navigate through these turbulent waters with our eyes fixed on Jesus. Our eyes are fixed on Him because your eyes are fixed on Him. We are witnessing this in every letter you write and every video you send.

Indeed, His mercies are new every morning.

Thank you for this.

We are praying for God’s perfect and complete healing of Jeremiah – a mighty young man of God!

In Christian love,