“The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps” (Proverbs 16:9).

God’s directing our steps.

It’s not where we planned.

38 days ago Jeremiah was told his sports injury was really a malignant tumor in his chest. A surgery, two countries, three hospitals, and countless doctors later, it feels like forever.

When we brought Jeremiah to Tijuana for alternative care, our heart was to increase Jeremiah’s chance of survival.

Osteoblastic Osteosarcoma is an aggressive bone cancer. It is resistant to radiation and has already spread (metastasized). Jeremiah has spots on his lung, a large tumor in his chest, and another in his back.

Jeremiah has a 10% chance of survival.

He received excellent care at McLane’s Children’s Hospital, where he had emergency spinal surgery to prevent permanent paralysis and loss of bathroom control. Unfortunately the neurosurgeon was unable to remove the entire tumor.

Traditional methods couldn’t cure him but it could possibly extend his life. With such bad odds, we began to look beyond traditional methods. Angeles Hospital Functional Oncology Center in Tijuana seemed to provide the best combination of hospital care and alternative treatments.

The alternative methods were working. Jeremiah was improving. His physical therapy was helping too. Rusty was encouraged.

And then the cancer struck back.

The tumor in Jeremiah’s chest caused his left lung to fill with blood. The surgeons from Angeles Hospital felt that to attempt to remove it would risk Jeremiah’s life.

We needed a hospital with the expertise and willingness to remove the tumor.

This brings us to where we are now. With sirens wailing, Jeremiah was transported in an ambulance to the border. He was met on the San Diego side by an ambulance from Rady Children’s Hospital. He is in PICU. They are administering oxygen while his lung is slowly drained of blood. They are unsure of the cause of the blood, though they suspect it is in some way related to the tumor.

We appreciate the hospital’s willingness to assist Jeremiah and stabilize him. We are also grateful for the diligent staff in the PICU who, even now, is attending to him.

Sadly, Rady Children’s Hospital for a number of reasons will not treat Jeremiah. The situation is that dire. Their suggested course of action is chemo therapy to shrink the tumor and then surgery. A smaller tumor would lessen the risks of surgery and give Jeremiah a better chance at life.

We are currently working on a medevac flight back to Texas for Jeremiah and Rusty.

Chemo and surgery have risks for Jeremiah. But doing nothing means the battle is over and the race has been run for Jeremiah. Based upon this new development, Rusty had a heart to heart talk with his son.

He stated, “Son, we have been told three times that humanly speaking holistic and other means have gone as far as they can. We have one option left with two choices. We are going home. We are either going home so you can go home to be with the Lord or we are going home to continue to fight.” When asked by Rusty what he wanted to do, Jeremiah replied, “I want to fight.” Rusty’s response, Then fight we shall!”

Matthew Henry once said, “We need to fight until we win or we need to fight until we die.” Whether he lives to serve God or dies to meet God, Jeremiah’s hope and healing is secure. Either way, Jeremiah wins and Christ is glorified.

The journey of faith continues. We do not know what the future holds for Jeremiah, but we fully love and trust the Holy One who holds all our futures in His mighty and capable hands. The Lord richly bless all of you in Jesus’ name!