While the battle rages from within concerning the life of our son, there is another battle raging from without. There are 10 gentle Christians who interposed at a death camp in Louisville, KY last year to rescue their preborn neighbor. We are now facing the full weight of the federal government.

The Feds have been pursuing depositions to get ready for a possible trial in July. As they have interrogated our brothers and sisters, it is now clear they do not want this to go to trial.

Our government is scrambling to negotiate a deal to avoid a trial. I think it is beginning to dawn on them, we are not the ones on trial, but this corrupt wicked system that has unleashed a covenant of death savaging our nation.

At the appointed time, I’m going to release my written deposition that lays out the Biblical, historical, and governmental justification for the doctrines of Interposition and the Lesser Magistrate to end the American holocaust.

To all my new found friends who have followed our faith journey concerning our son, Jeremiah, one of the ways to support him is to join the battle for the souls of men, the lives of babies, and the future of our blood stained, perverted nation.

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Mark your calendars, rally your family, friends ad churches to help Lead Justice to Victory!