Somehow Jeremiah’s plight and story continues to reach into the professional sport’s world. A former NBA coach and player overseas, Greg Hendricks, who pastors a church in San Diego called Jeremiah today. He also had on the line a former NFL wide receiver with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Antwaan Randall El, and a Houston Rocket’s basketball player, Tarik Bernard Black. Mr. Black is currently in the playoffs against the Golden State Warriors. They all took plenty of time to minister God’s Word and pray fervently for Jeremiah. They were truly inspired by Jeremiah’s unfolding story.

My son was blown away that these busy, accomplished men took time out of their schedules to reach out to him and encourage him in the Lord at his hour of need.

Tomorrow will determine our future course in Jeremiah’s care and treatment. Half the hospital wants him to stay and get transferred to the Physical Therapy department to become more independent at home, while half the hospital wants him discharged due to being financially flagged.

MD Anderson will not accept our Christian Healthcare Ministries insurance, just like Rady Hospital in San Diego. They forced me to go to Medicaid against my wishes. Medicaid refused. They then forced me to go to Blue Cross, Blue Shield. They refused to cover MD Anderson and establish an individual plan for Jeremiah. I must also be an employee of a major corporation with an employee package to qualify for coverage.

I’ve jumped through all their hoops with no success. Tomorrow will determine whether or not, they will continue to treat him as an inpatient or as an out patient. We do not know what impact this will have on future chemo treatments and the necessary surgeries to give Jeremiah a chance to beat this dreaded disease.

We were hoping that MD Anderson would be our last hospital to care for Jeremiah. Depending on what happens tomorrow that may have to change. There may be a long shot to get to St. Jude in Memphis. We covet your prayers as we look to the Lord for guidance. He has brought us this far and we trust Him for Jeremiah’s future and hope. God bless you all in Jesus’ name!