Another sleepless night in Houston. My weary mind wrestling with God. I just talked with my bride and my ailing son, Jeremiah. I’ve made a painful, but I believe right decision before God.

I’ve been placed between a rock and a hard place here in Houston. I’m typically not a man that does not know what to do or lack direction in my life or the life of our family. Lately, my fierce desire to see my son healed has collided with genuine principles of God that have served me so well in times past.

One of them is to not go to the government to meet any of our needs. MD Anderson has pretty much forced me to jump through incredible hoops to maintain the care and treatment of my son. To the point that now my conscience has been violated. I cannot and will not do it no longer.

I’m done changing our lives to fit in the government’s box to pay the astronomical dollars it will cost for Jeremiah’s treatment. I told my son this dilemma and he told me as long as I’ve known you Dad, you have been an honorable man and I trust your decision to honor God.

if something does not happen before Monday, I will let MD Anderson know that I refuse government assistance. If they kick us out, I will still owe them about 150,000, along with the 119.000 we owe Temple Texas, and the 112,000 we owe Rady Hospital in San Diego.

If we move to the Memphis area, there is a possibility St. Jude would take in Jeremiah and these murky, convoluted dilemmas would lessen in our lives. God save my son’s life and may our family always honor Him with truth in our innermost being. We trust him to make a way in Jesus’ name!

My daughter, Shekinah, beautifully nails our dilemma:

My Mom and Dad will probably go into more detail later, but just to clarify: My Dad was not refusing government help. He never wanted to go that route, but was willing to set that aside to do whatever it took to be able to keep Jeremiah at M.D Anderson.

As he was learning more and more from the hospital what it would take to be eligible for Medicaid, he was being asked to be dishonest about their current financial situation and as desperate as we are to keep him there, that would be a violation of conscience and it would not bring glory to God.

We are wanting to be transparent and above reproach in all things, because so many of you are donating to support my brother and family and even though we have a humongous mountain of debt to conquer, we know this is not the way to remove it.

We are trusting God to show us the next step and we will make sure Jeremiah is receiving quality care no matter what. It’s just looking like it won’t be in Houston. Blessings to you all!