“I sent you to reap that for which you have not labored; others have labored, and you have entered into their labors” (John 4:38)


Both abolitionists and the pro-life movement have been stunned on how God is using the suffering of our son,  Jeremiah Thomas to defeat the altars of Moloch and Baal that promote child sacrifice and the subsequent blood guiltiness savaging our nation. And rightly so.


Jeremiah, like his ulcerated tumor protruding out of his chest is just the tip of t he iceberg. Underneath the stormy waters of this battle for the souls of men, the lives of babies, and the future of our blood stained, perverted land (again like the tumor inward in his chest) is the larger mass of the iceberg.
This larger mass of the iceberg are those who have gone before Jeremiah and laid down their lives to love the preborn as themselves. Those who sought to establish justice in the gates to end the American holocaust. Many were beaten, jailed, and suffered the loss of all things to break the Covenant of Death defiling America.
It appears that the phenomenon of Jeremiah’s plight is being used by God to trigger the much needed repentance and change that is needed to liberate America from blood guiltiness one state at a time. At God’s appointed time in redemptive history, God is allowing our son at 16 to enter the labor of others to perhaps be used to bring in a great harvest of righteousness and establish justice in the land once again. Who is sufficient for these things?