Brothers and Sisters,
We are excited to partner with various groups across the Nation and even the world to host our 2020 National Event aimed at equipping the Church to protect and defend the fatherless among us. Here are the details on what’s coming up!
JULY 13th -15th: This virtual event will begin with 3 days of prayer and fasting to prepare spiritually for the Lord’s work in our personal lives, in our communities, in our State, and in our Nation. If you would like to join us please consider giving up one meal or maybe one day if you cannot do all three days.
JULY 18th. We will be holding a 24 hour prayer and worship, beginning at 8 AM on Saturday and conclude on 8 AM Sunday the 19th. you can access these live stream videos by clicking this link
JULY 20th-25th: The week of seminars will be streamed live from Bethel Baptist Church in Owasso Oklahoma. For those near the area please join us if you are able, or you can watch live from where ever you across the nation. The week will begin with a time of solemn assembly and time of repentance lead by local Oklahoma pastors….(
RESOURCES: To access the 3 packets 1. The Magistrates Packet 2. The Pastoral Packet 3. The General Packet for ministry & outreach, visit this website:
*All Seminars, Rallies, & Prayers rooms can be access by those who have registered simply by clicking on the zoom links above.
For information on Speakers & Schedule click here:
To those who are registered…You have the autonomy to have local events when and where you want. We encourage a minimum of three venues… example of venues: a local death camp, college campuses, magistrates or pastors.
With the conference being less than a week away, we are working hard to by pass all the social media algorithms and censorship. Therefore, we are relying on you to help us get the word out about this conference. Please take a couple of minutes and copy and paste this link to your Facebook page and tag or forward to everyone you know.
Thank you,
OSA 2020 National Event Team
Daniel Navejas
Founder of the Ekklesia of Oklahoma