Ken and Jo Scott have been faithful to lift up the gospel of Christ at the gates of hell in Denver for decades.  Hundreds of children have been saved from brutal deaths and mothers and fathers cared for as a result of their powerful ministry.  Now the Department of Justice would like to rid the earth of them.  The attorney general’s office has assigned five federal prosecutors to remove these “Domestic Terrorists” from the streets of Denver.  The Thomas More Society is coming along side Ken and Jo’s legal team to lift up the name of Christ in the court room and “…plead the cause of the fatherless to win it.”  Jeremiah 5:28.   ~Flip

Pro-lifer’s FACE violation questioned

Charlie Butts – OneNewsNow – 12/26/2011 3:35:00 AM

being handcuffedA Denver pro-lifer has gained the support of a legal group that believes he’s being targeted by the U.S. attorney general simply because of where he stands on the issue.

Kenneth Scott is being prosecuted based on the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which is designed to keep pro-lifers from blocking access to abortion clinics. But Peter Breen of the Thomas More Society tells OneNewsNow Scott is accused of obstruction, which appears to be an obscure interpretation of federal law.

“It appears to be based on the fact that when he waves someone to come over and talk to him and to pull over to take literature about offering alternatives to abortion, that the car that is stopped [so people can talk] to Ken might have obstructed some other car that would be waiting to get into the parking lot to have an abortion,” he explains.

Breen 2But he points out that when the lead car leaves, the people in the vehicles supposedly behind it still have full access. So he suggests that if someone were selling flowers on a right of way, for example, not one eyebrow would be raised.

“These are rights that we have had and [that] have been held sacred in this country from time immemorial — and yet today, the attorney general wants to restrict those rights merely because this sort of interchange of information and ideas is occurring outside of an abortion clinic,” the attorney laments.
The U.S. attorney general’s office has assigned five federal prosecutors to handle the case against Scott, while the Thomas More Society enters the fray with the pro-lifer’s legal team.

The saints in Denver are having a huge impact for Jesus on everything that goes on in that city.  As a result, the devil is pushing back with all his might.  Too bad for him that his tiny little gates cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ.  The city of Denver is now bringing out its great big “howitzers” to destroy Ken and Jo in legal shenanigans, both federal and state.  Little does Denver know that what the devil intends for evil, God will work for the good to bring about the salvation of many (Genesis 50:20). Enjoy!   ~ Flip

Hello All,

Here is an update on our Appeal from the Injunction to stay away from St. John’s Episcopal Church the largest Cathedral in Denver, which ordained a woman Priest on the Board of Planned Parenthood.  The Church supports abortion and the late term Abortionist Warren Hern and has a choir that is filed with homosexuals.  We have preached to men carrying purses to church and tell them to carry a Bible instead and read the Bible about Roman’s chapter

1.  During the Operation Save America event here in 2005 the Denver Police enforce this Injunction on all protester to stay away from the church.  We will have an Answer Brief by our Attorney Rebecca Messall in responds in 30 days, before going again to the Appeals Court then up to Colorado Supreme Court and then to the Supreme Court of the U.S. Please pray for her and Attorney Thomas Brejcha of the Thomas More Society that is helping with the costs, See our Opening Brief first.  We couldn’t go to the U.S. Supreme before, because it was Remanded back to the District Court to reduce the Injunction size, which it didn’t do much, so we have to fight it another time around. 

 ***See the last Attached Exhibit, “The Dark Side of Music at St. John’s Cathedral“, we were denied the right to picket near the church when the Homosexuals had the All Denver Gay Men’s Choir event at the church, because it was considered still a church event on the night of Friday, April the 13th, 2007.  They openly mocked God.     

We will have an update on our FACE Case with the U.S. Government on the sidewalk driveway area entrance of Planned Parenthood abortion mill, in the near future.

We are praying for the Pro-lifers in Miss. to get the Personhood Amendment passed on Nov. 8th, to shack this nation and Planned Parenthood.

God Bless!!!  Ken and Jo
Here are the documents from the case:

Jo Scott accurately describes the cold-hearted attitude of those who help the abortion industry to discard the evidence of its murderous ways.  Medical waste companies are complicit in the murder of preborn children.  It does indeed “take a village to kill a child.”  We are all complicit in the American Abortion Holocaust in one way or another.  Our first order of business to set America back on its Godly foundation is not “jobs, jobs, jobs” but “repent, Repent, REPENT! 

~ Flip