Abortionist Reid Goodman exposed at Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Denver.  Leslie Hanks reports.


David Benham in this short 4 minute video expresses the very heart of God, as he brings Biblical truth to a horrible tragedy. Jesus, and Jesus alone, is our answer. ~ Flip

Ken and Jo Scott have been given a platform few of us will ever have.  Their case is a Civil Lawsuit brought against them by St. John’s Episcopal Church to force gentle Christians to stop proclaiming the Gospel of Christ on a public sidewalk outside of the Church.  150+ law students and their professors will attend.  The hearing will take place at the Denver University Law School.

Pray for Ken and Jo and pray that the Name of Jesus will be lifted high. ~ Flip

 Hello All,

A panel of three Appeal’s Court Judges at the D.U. Law School will hear Oral Arguments in favor of free speech on the public sidewalk in front of St. John’s Episcopal church on Wednesday April 4th at 3:30 PM. Attorney Rebecca Messal will argue for Clif and I.  She just won the FACE Case for us.  150 + afternoon Law students and their professors will also attend .  D. U. provides their law students an opportunity like this twice a year. Our case is their class project.  St. John’s is suing us under the Nuisance and Conspiracy to Commit Nuisance laws. They challenge the right to protest on a public sidewalk.  St. John’s ordained a woman priest that is on the Board of Planned Parenthood and they support abortion and homosexuality.  We were consistently able to get  visitors to leave and members to quit the church. There are several Judges that are members there. They were not happy with us, so the Episcopal Church initiated a Civil Lawsuit and got an Injunction against us that has kept us away for several years.

If you attend the Oral Arguments, there will be reserved seating for the guests of Ken Scott and Clifton Powell, please arrive before 3:30 p.m. for seating. Our lawyers ask that all attending dress in their Sunday best.  No tee shirts.  I’m doing what they are asking.  The Thomas More Society out of Chicago is footing the bill and their number one Attorney Thomas Brejcha will be attending, to Assist Rebecca Messall and Monica Flanigan of Hackstaff Law Group in Denver.

If you can’t attended, please pray for them to be anointed to speak to the Colorado Appeal Court Judges to see the truth.

Thanks again and God Bless!!! 

Ken and Jo, and Clifton Powell

The Department of Justice has dropped all of its charges against Ken Scott.  That’s right!  Every civil charge brought against our great brother in the Lord Ken, has been dismissed.  \


U.S. Department of Justice Drops ‘FACE’ Lawsuit Against Denver Pro-Lifer

DENVER, March 22, 2012 /Christian Newswire/ — Today, Thomas More Society attorneys secured agreement from the U.S. Attorney General’s office to dismiss all of the civil charges pending against Denver pro-life advocate Kenneth Scott, who had been accused of physically obstructing clients and employees of the Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains abortion facility. The Attorney General’s office filed suit last year in Denver’s federal district court, charging Scott with ten separate violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, asking the court to assess a $10,000 civil fine and an injunction keeping him 25 feet away from the abortion facility.

The agreement to dismiss the charges followed in the wake of a ruling last January by United States District Judge Philip Brimmer, denying the federal government’s bid for a preliminary injunction against Scott. Judge Brimmer ruled that the Attorney General had failed to prove that the government was reasonably likely to prevail at trial.

“This is a monumental vindication of the free speech rights of those who offer assistance at the nation’s abortion clinics,” said Peter Breen, executive director & legal counsel of the Thomas More Society, which represented Scott. “The charges against Scott, like a flurry of other charges the Justice Department recently has brought against pro-lifers all over the country, were fundamentally flawed and repugnant to the United States Constitution. The Government here sought to criminalize leafleting on a public sidewalk, which is clearly protected by the First Amendment, even when that leafleting occurs outside an abortion clinic.”

The Thomas More Society retained Denver attorney Rebecca Messall to assist with the defense of Scott. The agreement resulted after a settlement conference held this afternoon at the Alfred A. Arraj United States Courthouse in Denver.

A copy of the signed settlement agreement may be viewed here.

More information about the case can be found here.

About the Thomas More Society
Founded in 1997, the Chicago-based Thomas More Society is a national public interest law firm that seeks to restore respect in law for life, marriage, and religious liberty. The Society is a nonprofit organization wholly supported by private donations. For more information or to support the work of Thomas More Society, please visit www.thomasmoresociety.org.

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Jo Scott just wrote this riveting article concerning the Susan G. Komen cover-up of the abortion/breast cancer link.  The real reason Komen stopped funding Planned Parenthood has far more to do with its own sin than concern over Planned Parenthood’s being investigated by state and federal authorities. 

Susan G. Komen is afraid of being found out that it has been hiding a truth it has known for almost twenty years.  Abortion is the leading cause of breast cancer in this country.  40,000 women die every year as a result of breast cancer.  The very organization that raises billions of dollars to find a cure for breast cancer is actually the greatest purveyor of it.

Like the cigarette companies before it, Susan G. Komen is making billions, knowing all the while that it is hiding the real truth about the deadly relationship that exists between abortion and breast cancer. ~ Flip

This article just in from Ken and Jo Scott who had a run in with hundreds of Ron Paul supporters yesterday afternoon while they were manning their post at the “Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains” abortion mill.  Evidently Ron Paul was hosting a great rally at the large hotel across the street from this abortion mill, in Denver, Colorado.  The meeting between the gentle Christians living out their faith at the very gates of hell and the Ron Paul supporters may surprise you.

You can lead people to “living water” but you can’t make them think. ~ Flip

Ron Paul Followers Lack Moral Compass

Jo Scott, January 31, 2012

At noon today Ron Paul made a campaign stop at the Renaissance Hotel at 3801 Quebec Street in Denver.  Hundreds of enthusiastic supporters filled the hotel parking lot and spilled into the surrounding neighborhood.

Directly across from the Poplar Street entrance to the hotel is Planned Parenthood’s abortion facility which encompasses the entire block.  Paul’s supporters parked bumper to bumper around the block and filled two abandoned parking lots across from Planned Parenthood’s Pontiac Street entrance.  As they parked their cars they were met with our daily pro life vigil outside the abortuary.

We expected to meet people who would be at least sympathetic to the pro life message but nothing could be further from the truth.  We encountered hundreds of Paul supporters who were not in the least interested in plight of the unborn.  Some were vulgar and mocked us, calling us idiots.  Others insisted that abortion is a “states rights issue.”  I came up with a slogan for them.  “She is a child, not a state’s rights issue.”  Others proudly shouted “Pro Choice” while displaying various obscene gestures.  And the handful of Christians that stopped to talk to us about Paul’s pro life stand stomped off as we presented proof that he is not pro life.

It was shocking and extremely discouraging to see the mind set of Ron Paul’s supporters.   It quickly became apparent that they are willing to unravel what’s left of the moral fabric of our nation for their own selfish purposes.  Rep. Paul’s hands off approach to social issues like abortion, homosexuality,  drugs, and prostitution has united the fringe, single issue voters, and given them a platform.  The Christians were satisfied that he is a constitutionalist.  They didn’t consider for a moment that Rep. Paul is endorsing, even promising to legalize immorality.

It was evident to us that a country run by Ron Paul would be no better off than a country run by Obama.  Oh bummer…

Here is more great information on Ken and Jo Scott and God’s intervention on their behalf against the tyranny of our own federal government.

Here’s the story via the thomasmooresociety.org website.


Ken Scott, with the help of Almighty God and some tremendous lawyering, won the day in a federal court hearing in Denver, Colorado, this past Friday, January 27, 2012,  as District Judge Philip Brimmer rejected an attempt by the federal government to grant Planned Parenthood preliminary injunctive relief from Ken Scott.  This Preliminary Injunctive Hearing was meant to keep Ken outside a 25’ imaginary bubble from the entrance of the Planned Parenthood of the Rock Mountains abortion mill.

God showed up and showed off at this blatantly unconstitutional attempt by our own federal government to remove the gospel of Christ from the gates of hell – local abortion mills across this country. 
Enjoy! ~ Flip

Judge Declares Ken Scott a “Sensible Man”

Ken and Jo on ladder
Ken and Jo Scott

Thursday January 26th, U.S. District Judge Philip Brimmer denied the Justice Department’s allegation that Kenneth Scott’s sidewalk counseling efforts at Planned Parenthood in Denver make it “unreasonably difficult” for patients and employees to get to the clinic.  If the Justice Department had proven that Mr. Scott was guilty of their charges, he would have been saddled with a preliminary injunction that would keep him 25 feet from the driveway.  Instead, Judge Brimmer, stated that Mr. Scott is a “sensible man” as he ruled against the preliminary injunction in the U.S. vs. Kenneth Scott FACE civil lawsuit.

Mike Wagner, head security guard for Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains appears in a video that the government produced as evidence against Scott.  The video shows Kenneth handing a client an information packet and Wagner driving up behind the vehicle stopped in the driveway.  Mr. Wagner testified that he felt “frightened and concerned” while he waited ten seconds to get into the driveway.  No police report was filed.  Wagner carries a gun, he has extensive military training and he’s a former police officer.  He is now the head of security for the entire Rocky Mountain region Planned Parenthoods.  Unless Mr. Wagner is deathly afraid of paper cuts, it makes one wonder why an abortion client receiving an information packet would cause him to panic.  Even Judge Brimmer, while explaining his ruling expressed his doubt in the former police officer’s credibility.  For these reasons, Mike Wagner is the reluctant recipient of “Best Hostile Witness of Day” award. 

When questioned by Scott’s lawyer, Mike Wagner said he wasn’t aware of any fender-benders caused by Scott.  Ironically, there was quite a wipe out two years ago during a snow storm as Mr. Wagner raced around the corner at Planned Parenthood and plowed into two cars.  Both of the cars belonged to pro-lifers who were praying across the street from the abortion facility. 

Ken Scott’s witnesses were exemplary.  Binette Bah, in particular, captured the attention of the court when she and her four year old daughter entered the room to testify.  Adorable little Binette was heading to the witness stand with her mom and had to be directed to sit in the gallery. The entire courtroom watched as she stood in her seat to see mommy. 

On the witness stand Binette was asked how she knew Ken Scott.  “I met Ken Scott at Planned Parenthood the day I went for an abortion.”  Before Binette finished her testimony she instructed the people in the courtroom to look at her daughter and said, “If it weren’t for Ken Scott my daughter would not be here today.”  When Binette left the witness stand little Binette ran to her mom and hugged her.  It was a sweet sight to behold.

The process of preparing for the injunction hearing and the subsequent $10,000 Federal FACE law suit coming later this year has been grueling for both Kenneth and his attorneys.  The Federal Government has a battery of lawyers working to protect the abortion industry in Colorado from the truth.  If not for the diligent, self-sacrificing work of Rebecca Messall, along with Peter Breen and Tom Brejcha of the Thomas More Society out of Chicago, the outcome would have been very different. 

The left slanted media in Colorado invariably portrays the pro-life movement in the worst possible light. But that is not always the case.

For the past decade, KPOF, a local Denver Christian radio station, has consistently invited Ken and Jo Scott to their program.  Today, Roy Henchke and Denise Washington Blomberg told Ken that since they have been broadcasting the events at the abortion mill their listeners view the pro-life ministry differently than they did in the past.  The audience has invested their prayers in the ministry and they are genuinely concerned about the welfare of the sidewalk counselors.  No longer does the Christian community view the pro-lifers at the abortion mills as judgmental, aggressive or hateful.  KPOF is changing the world for Jesus and helping to save the lives of innocent baby boys and girls while providing an important outlet for the truth to be shared. 

The U.S. Justice Department under Barack Obama is targeting free speech outside of abortion mills in at least seven states.  In doing so they are jeopardizing the lives of thousands of children and their moms. Do not be deceived, free speech everywhere is at risk when the government decides who is allowed to speak and where that government approved speech takes place.  Please pray for our leaders, especially President Barack Obama and the head of the Justice Department, Eric Holder, to come to know our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Below are pdf files of the court documents:

2012-01-25 U.S. vs. Ken Scott (and Terry Sullivan denied)

2012-01-26 FACE PI Hearing U.S. vs. Kenneth Scott0001


Another article about Tim and those he reaches out to. 

Thank you, Jesus!  Seems like I’m saying this more and more every time I think about Tim. ~ Flip


You all remember Kristin McCora.  Her last name was Wilson when you knew her and she was helping us to bring the theology of heaven to become biography at the gates of hell in Charlotte.  She married Edwin McCora this past September.  She and Edwin were both banned for life from Central Church of God in Charlotte because they  had the gall to bring the horrible truth about abortion to the door of their own mega-church.  She has written a powerful article about why the lukewarm church hates Tim Tebow.  Enjoy!  ~ Flip


There are three types of people in this world who hate Tim Tebow.

1.)    Genuine Florida Gator haters, i.e. Florida State or Miami Hurricane fans

2.)    Genuine Denver Bronco loathers, i.e. Raiders, Chargers or Chief fans

3.)    People who cannot stand to see a Christian living out his faith, living wholesomely, morally, doing well and giving the glory to God. 

We typically call people within the number three group liberals; however, it is shocking, and yet not shocking at all, that many people who uncontrollably despise Tim Tebow label themselves as Christians.  Since the first two groups are completely legitimate reasons for hating in the world of football, I will focus on the third, and largest, group of Tim Tebow haters.

What is it about Tim Tebow that arouses such opinion?  Most people either love him or despise him.  There doesn’t seem to be any indifference in feeling, like there is with other professional athletes.  So, why all the fuss?  Why all the hate-mongering and mockery and nay-saying about this young man – his talent, his faith and his life?  Why does this man incite some to cheers and many, many others to jeers?  Why all the hate, instead of simple indifference?  The answer lies in one simple verse relating to Jesus’ words to the disciples – “And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake.”  Matthew 10:22  You see, the world first hated Jesus (John 15:18), a man completely blameless and without sin.  A man, sent by God himself, our Creator, to die for the world to save us all from our sins and to give us life abundantly and yet the world still hated Him.  The world despised a baby born poor in a lowly manger (Luke 2:7), a child who obeyed his parents (Luke 2:51), a man who healed the sick, forgave the sinners, drove out the demons, loved the unlovable, helped the helpless, brought harm to no one, and was still hated by this world.  A man who willingly gave over his life to be betrayed, slandered, spat on, hit, abandoned,  beaten and abused, mocked and ultimately killed so that those inflicting the pain, and all those after, might be saved and have eternal life, was still hated by the world. 

So, if they hated Him, they will of course hate His followers, His real followers.

Why Tim Tebow?  There are plenty of professional football players who identify as Christian, say prayers before the game and even throw up a finger towards the heavens after scoring a touchdown or make a great play, so why the smear campaign of Tebow?  Because he represents so much more!  He is a true witness, reaching millions, influencing and inspiring and spreading the gospel any chance he gets, whether through his eyes as a college player, his interviews as a professional, or simply his life song.  He speaks of Jesus constantly.  Jesus, the name that makes some rejoice and others tremble.  His love for the Lord is unwavering, and the world can’t stand that. 

He has stated he’s a virgin, so the world reacts by either painting him as a liar, or demeaning him to the likings of a prude, possible homosexual, or Ned Flanders.  Forget that it’s virtuous, respectable, and by all accounts commanded by the Lord.  The world complains about rising STD numbers in college aged America and rant and rave about teenage pregnancies and unwed single mothers, but then chastises the man who keeps himself void of these dangers and pure for his future wife.  And let’s be honest, it’s not like he’s not had the opportunity.  A man of his stature, talent, and I must say, incredible good looks, most certainly will not have a hard time finding a date, if he so chooses.  Even my husband has a man-crush on the guy, and my husband has impeccable taste.

Tim Tebow also “Tebows”, which outrages the world.  They’ll paint him as any type of selfish, self-serving, arrogant, insensitive, demonic villain possible to stop this from happening.  The world can’t stand to see God be glorified, which is exactly what “Tebowing” is.  Every time Tim drops to his knee, he is humbling himself to our Almighty God.  He is saying, “not me Lord, but you.”  Haters want to demonize this act stating he is asking God for touchdowns and wins and is therefore despicable.  Well, if he is asking the Lord for touchdowns and wins, he isn’t the first athlete and I’m sure won’t be the last.  Even non-believing athletes will send up a shout out to “god” under the right pressure and circumstance.  And what working American hasn’t prayed for a raise, a bonus, or a better job?  What about the countless prayers that goes up for new cars, better pensions, or finances to stop the foreclosure process?  And guess what?  All these prayers are fine for the Bible teaches us in countless verses that God is concerned with every area of our life.

But the presumption to assume he’s asking for a touchdown is ridiculous anyways.  Based on Tebow’s life example, he is most likely thanking God.  But regardless of what he is telling the Lord, it is an act of submission to God Almighty.

“Never stop praying.  Be thankful in all circumstances.” 1 Thessalonians 5:17-18 

I do believe football games fall under the realm of all.  For it is God that gave Tim his talent, and it is God that directed his steps (Proverbs 16:9) and Tebow should forever hit his knee to give the glory to God, who has the power to easily take it all away.

The haters in group number three come out with every spew and lie possible to stop Tim from praying.  The most ridiculous argument I’ve heard so far is that God is allowing other people to suffer to help Tim Tebow.  Absolutely absurd!!  By making such claims that God ignores other prayers and other situations diminish God’s power.  God is omnipotent.  He is everywhere.  He hears every prayer.  He doesn’t forsake anyone during the Bronco game and it’s just another pathetic tactic to try to bring shame to Tim’s worship.

In addition, Tebow lives his life helping others.  He spends much of his time off the field volunteering and helping others in their life.  He raises money for causes dear to his heart, and dear to the Lord’s.  He spends time at Uncle Dick’s Orphanage in the Philippines and supports them financially as well.  His foundation supports The W15H program which fulfills the dreams of children with life-threatening illnesses whose wish is to meet Tim Tebow.  The foundation has partnered with CURE on an International Children’s Hospital Construction Project.  CURE exists to provide both physical and spiritual healing.  Why would this trouble the world?  Because what do we do all day?  What do you do all day?  The average American watches more than 4 hours of television a day.  Put that on top of a typical 8 hour work day, that doesn’t leave much time for helping others.  The world hates others who do what they should be doing but aren’t.  We should all be helping others in one form or another, but most people are too involved with their own lives.  For more information on Tim’s foundation, visit http://www.timtebowfoundation.org/

Tim Tebow just seems to have it all together and for that the world hates him.  Jealousy invokes a bitter emotion of hate, and from all standpoints, he has many reasons to be envied, but the Lord commands “Do not covet” Exodus 20:17.

The pro-aborts really hate him for he represents something very dangerous to their agenda – Life.  His mother was pressured by her doctors to abort Tim because they stated he would possibly be a stillborn or have life threatening, debilitating issues, due to a severe placental abruption, yet she still chose life.  This fact alone creates more rage to them than the picture of the aborted baby Malachi, because he exposes their evil lies and he isn’t going away.  They hate him because he is life.  They prefer him dead, even calling on other pro-aborts to donate money to abortion clinics every time he makes a touchdown. See the hypocrisy of the lie “pro-choice”?  They do not celebrate his mom’s choice to give life.  They hate her and they hate him.  They try to shut his message up, causing uproar over his 30 second Super Bowl Commercial for Focus on the Family, and they want to use his talent and his successes to provide money to kill others, lest there be more Tim’s.

They hate him because he’s not backing down.  With countless criticism from every angle, Tim’s faith and message is unwavering.

The bottom line, however, is Tim is hated because he is a real Christian.  He doesn’t just list it as his religion on Facebook because it seems to be the one that fits.  He doesn’t just go to church on Easter and Christmas.  He doesn’t just claim to be a Christian on Sunday and go about worldly living during the week.  He talks the talk and walks the walk.  If the world hated a man who did no wrong and came to love and spread good news, then it makes perfect sense that they will hate the man trying to follow in His footsteps.  It stands to reason that the world would hate him.

So keep on hating groups 1 and 2, and world, we were told of your kind many years ago, but if you call yourself a Christian and Tim conjures a rage, discomfort, anger or fury inside of you, you need to examine yourself as to why.  You need to examine your true relationship with Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior, because it is not Tim that you have the issue, but the One he follows instead.