This short word from brother Butch will bring us back to the fundamentals.

Enjoy! ~ Flip


Dear fellow Champions for Truth,

It is my personal opinion, and conviction, that the controversy swirling around the “gay” issue may prove to be yet another distraction to a vastly more urgent crisis…..that being the continuing genocide of our unborn babies. (Over 50 million).

While I do rejoice that necessary conflict & controversy is creating a renewed platform for open, public, discourse, I fear this is yet another tactic by the deceiver to draw our attention from a much higher, Divine priority: Abortion.

Perhaps we are about to see a reawakening of the Sleeping Giant, the Church of Jesus? And, the “gay” issue could be the catalyst that draws the Soldiers of God back into the Righteous fray. Not a fight of choice, but of necessity.

Of course, I say we must stand against sin and raise God’s standard on all fronts of battle. But, in all that we are doing, let us simply remember not to leave weightier matters undone.  These battles are coming to every true Church of Jesus. The enemy will see to it. But, moreso, I think God Himself, for our sakes, will see to it as well!  God forbid that we expend more precious energy and resources on matters about those determined to revel in their choice of their alternate lifestyle, and yet ignore the silent cries of helpless babies who desperately want to live!

While it may be a tired illustration, I still think it is valid as an appeal:

If you find yourself rushing into a burning home, filled with adults, teenagers, children, and a sleeping baby, you are going to tell the adults to “get the kids outside to safety” and ask: “WHERE IS THE BABY!?”  That’s right, you are going to try to save the baby,because you know the baby is helpless to save itself!

And this is precisely the “undone” matter we have withdrawn from for 40 years.

Like they said…..we should not be picking fights. But neither can we run from the fights the enemy is picking. Whatever lies ahead, I count it an honor to stand with you, as we stand together! I’ll share a foxhole with you any day!

Maybe not my COFFEE! LOL!

yours for the least and most vulnerable,

Richard “Butch” Berget