Great News!  With the help of Almighty God and a little help from “His” friends Rachael’s Park Memorial has been restored and is ministering the freedom and forgiveness that only Jesus can give even during the renovation.

Praise the Lord! ~ Flip


Restoration of Rachael’s Park Memorial

Rachel's Park 1

We are almost done with the complete restoration of Rachel’s Park Memorial. A special thanks to Pastor Dale Sochia, who traveled all the way from New Orleans to do the lion’s share of the work. He had the tools and the know how to help beautify and restore the park. I want to thank Carolyn Knowles, Jeff and Daniel Matthews and Brother Thomas from our church, Grace Church, who helped with the labor. I also want to thank John Pisciotta, Pro-life Waco, Donna Garner, King Jesus Ministries, and Bob Eoff for their financial support to help purchase the materials. 

There was another precious couple who came out to help and the Lord did a miraculous work. I did not know they were post-abortive till they came to one of the features of the park, The Wall of Remembrance. As they looked upon the plaques, the woman began to weep. The husband reached out to comfort his wife as they both broke. I literally felt the Spirit of God fall upon them and backed off till His work was done. As a result, they are contemplating on receiving further ministry from the park.

This special event took place while working on the park. It was another sign from God on how special Rachel’s Park Memorial is and how the Lord uses it for His glory and the benefit of those devastated by the sin and crime of abortion.

Rachel's Park 2

Pastor Dale Sochia and I


Most of the crosses are repaired and back in the ground. All the poles surrounding the park are secure. Prayerfully, no more cars will be able to run roughshod over this sacred ground again. To those interested, we raised $675.00 of the $2000.00 needed to purchase the materials to restore the park. We still need $1,325.00 to pay it off.

You can donate online or send your checks to:

Elijah Ministries

P.O. Box 3126

Waco, Texas 76707

Thank you!