Our brother Chet Gallagher gives us all a great exhortation in this letter written the day before he was falsely arrested for preaching the Gospel of Christ on the corner of a public sidewalk outside the last remaining abortion mill in the state of Mississippi.  After Chet was released he went right back to the spot where he was arrested and preached again.  Reminiscent of Acts 5:25-29.  ~ Flip



The plea for “the church to be the church,” be it in Mississippi or elsewhere, has been our consistent and passionate cry to heaven.  Yet still, she turns a deaf ear to the cry of the helpless and the innocent being led away to slaughter and willfully determines to sing a little louder.  In these critical days of the 40th year she seems to be singing even louder still. 

Here in Jackson recently, after a seemingly positive response to my “transition-from-law-enforcement-to-ministry” testimony at the annual Prolife Mississippi Banquet last week, attended by 400 or so, pastor Doug Lane invited all to the streets to Jericho march with us.  Sadly in the end, our numbers increased by only a handful the next morning.  But the marching orders were the same every day until our 7th day of victory tomorrow, April 16, in the year of our Lord 2013.

The deafening silence of the church is one thing but when the wicked are justified then the just, by default, must be condemned.  It brings a “double abomination” according to Prov 17:15: “He that justifieth the wicked, and he that condemneth the just, even they both [are] abomination to the LORD.”  

We are fast tracking to the full judgment of our God, which I believe can be seen in this recent act of federal judicial tyranny.  However, friends, consider the judgment of God. God’s judgment is manifested in many ways.

Could it be that, a passage from Job 9:24 is evidence that the church of Jesus Christ continues to be judged for her idolatry, apathy, for justifying the wicked and for giving consent to the condemnation of the just?

“Silence”…after all is unsaid and not done..,”gives consent!” 

In this context then, consider Job 9:24 (NIV) “When a land falls into the hands of the wicked, he blindfolds its judges. If it is not he, then who is it?”  Could it be that under this curse and judgment of God, even righteous judges are blinded by Him and rendered incapable of ruling righteously so that evil may reach its full fruition and warrant the wrath of a just God?

We are still here in Jackson, MS, crying aloud for the church to end the killing, but frankly our tireless pleas are met only with blank, dazed stares or heads shaking with denial and disbelief.  If the church of Jesus Christ remains silent much longer her vocal chords will atrophy and she won’t have a voice to raise, even if she tries to speak out.  It will be too late for her as it has been too late for the least of His.

There is hope…Rusty made a promise last week to the prolife Mississippi folks right after completing the third day of a seven day Jericho march.  “We will not only continue to support and encourage you but count on us to be your ‘Minute Men.”  How that translates into action, we pray the Holy Spirit will direct.  BUT if He is speaking to you to be ready, please obey and get ready should such a “Macedonian Minute Man” call go out to you.

ABC’s Nightline News producers are in town and have been for days and will be until week’s end.  One of them asked me today how I felt about the (proaborts) celebration this morning over yesterday’s victory in court.  I told him that every day they are here they celebrate the murder of those they slaughter.  Today is only slightly different in that Judge Daniels, a professing Christian, has justified the wicked.

By further delaying the closure of the last murder mill in Mississippi, this “Christian” magistrate has condemned more and more innocent children to their gruesome death.  He could have stopped the flow of their innocent blood into the city streets and thus a further curse would have been abated.

Friend, the bloodlust here is real.  The reality, too, of Hosea 4:2 continues to be manifest “…bloodshed touches bloodshed.”  Was it a mere coincidence that blood was shed in Boston’s streets yesterday at about the same time this federal tyrant’s order justifying the wicked took place?  The world would never make such a connection because the church refuses to “connect the dots” and preach the whole counsel of God’s Word.

Cal, Corrie and David Zastrow, myself and many local Mississippi friends will be completing the “Jericho March” tomorrow marching 7 times around this well protected place of child sacrifice to demons.  Though you can’t be here tomorrow at 7:30 AM to stand with these gentle Jackson believers, as other OSA friends like Rusty last week (and today Leslie Hanks who comes from Denver), will you pray with us that a miracle will happen?

Maybe such a small and seemingly hopeless act of living out our faith walk through a seven day Jericho March could be used of God, quite creatively, for His divine purpose.  Those who are able to “Just Show Up!” may witness a great miracle if we expect one and join together in expectant intercession!

Remember, there is only One Judge Who is never blinded in His Justice.  His Name is Jesus, and His judgments are always true and frequently…swift.

For our only God and King, King Jesus!