…the same thing that He would say to the students at Virginia Tech. The only problem is, Jesus wasn’t allowed at Virginia Tech nor was He allowed at the “Inter-faith” service in Newtown, CT.  These “Inter-faith services” must come to an end, they are an abomination to Almighty God.

In 2007 this booklet was written after the Virginia Tech massacre in 2007.  The message from God is the same today for our nation and Newtown, CT as it was to Virginia Tech in 2007, and Columbine in 1999. 



Twins born yesterday, December 10, 2012, to a mom and dad who laid their lives down at a Bridgeport abortion mill that their twins might live.  Here they are in beautiful “living color!”  God puts His exclamation point to Ebony and Travis’ choice.  They now need a place to stay.

Please pray for the saints in Connecticut to find just the right place.

Enjoy! ~ Flip


Dear Pro-life Friends,

Twin boys were born yesterday to Ebony and Travis. Ebony is a mom we met at the Summit  abortuary on Main Street in April. We pleaded with her not to kill her baby. She did come back out of the mill and said she was pregnant with twins. We promised to help her. Her main reason for going there was they had no place of her own to live. She already had three children ( two girl’s age 10 and 2 and a boy 1 year old). So she changed her mind and went home.
They are presently living with her sisters family in a small apartment in the projects. Since April we have been trying to find her a home. We have looked into many leads but the apartments are too expensive and there has been no low income homes available. We even had a man that works for the Housing Authority look for her and he was shocked he could not find anything. The most they can afford is $600. a month. The dad, Travis, has a temporary job but needs a permanent job. They are in Bridgeport CT right now and she works at Stop & Shop in Norwalk. If she gets a place in another city she can transfer her job. 
To us this is a big problem. But to God it is not. I am asking you all to please pray for this family to find a home they can afford and for Travis to get a permanent job. Pray that God would open doors for them and bless them because they chose life for their babies. If you have an apartment for rent or know of anyone that does or maybe someone can rent them part of their house. They would be happy just to have a two bedroom place of their own. Thank you!
For the Least of These

Marilyn Carroll

Enjoy this report from the saints in Connecticut.  ~ Flip

Enjoy this report! ~ Flip

Shaylah McQueen is her name and the son who changed their “Destiny” is named Alander Jr.; she calls him A.J. and has written one of the finest, most God glorifying letters, I have ever read; praising those who were there for her at the abortion mill as she was planning to kill her, “Destiny.” 

To the Saints in Connecticut –  Hooo-Rah!  And  Hallelujah!

Enjoy!   ~ Flip

Giving Birth to My Destiny

by Shaylah McQueen

Shaylah McQueen with her "Destiny" son named AJ

Shaylah McQueen with her “Destiny” son named AJ

It was a miserable morning in New Haven, CT as my boyfriend and I managed our way through the frozen January air across the street to the abortion clinic, Planned Parent Hood. The building resembled that of an old cathedral which I found ironic because this place was not at all a place of worship; especially not for the reason I came here. The clinic used to be a part of Yale University, one of the most prestigious schools in the country. But now it just stood alone and abandoned, just as I felt that day.

When I found out I was two months pregnant, I immediately knew what I had to do. As a young, intelligent, humble, motivated, wise, athletic, diligent and a hardworking African American female, I had a role to play and image to portray in my society. If I had a baby during my junior year of high school, my image as well as the image of all African American females would have been distorted. I would be labeled as another black girl who will drop out of school, sell my body for money and/or raise a child who would suffer from the generational curse of poverty, fornication, incompetency, and illiteracy. So as you see, I couldn’t be a mother, at least not at this time period.

 As we approached the side of the abortion clinic where the entrance waited, I began to tell myself that I was making a big mistake. What if people find out that I had an abortion? I would never be able to live that down. There, there I told myself.  Everyone would be proud and I will not have to hear anyone’s harsh comments about me getting pregnant. I mean besides, being a mother is a disadvantage and a curse. I am going to abort and that is that  I said, convinced.

Now we were face to face with the clinic and my heart beat turned to thunder.  We were now literally five steps away from entering when suddenly these two anti-abortion protesters stopped us dead in our tracks. They introduced themselves as Marilynn and Marilynn’s granddaughter, Colby.

Marilyn with baby AJ

Marilyn with baby AJ

Marilynn with her brown winter coat looked like an oversized chocolate marshmallow with whip cream in the center. She had to be about 35 years old. Colby’s face was a cotton ball with rose buds as cheeks. She wore a gray corduroy coat that fit snug.  She was 17, two years older than me, at the time.

Colby spoke first. You would think since she was close to my age she would have had more of an effect on changing my mind. But, no, I almost instantly ignored her and brushed what she said aside. I mean how much could she relate to me and understand my circumstance? She didn’t fornicate out of wedlock, so she ought to have minded her own business.

Shaylah, AJ & Colby

Shaylah, AJ & Colby

Seeing, that I was still walking toward the clinic, Marilynn walked along side of me, grabbed my arm gently and asked if I could just please listen for a few moments. I was going to ignore her as well but before I could, she presented some pamphlets and posters that displayed babies that were aborted, or in her words, “killed”.  I felt compelled to see what she had to say about them. As I turned to my boyfriend, he stared at me furiously, barely blinking. His dark deep wrinkles shriveled up as he urged me to ignore them. Once he realized I was not going to budge his urges subsided.

The babies, well what was left of them, were fully developed regardless of how many weeks they were; the corpses ranged from two to twenty-four weeks old. Their transparent bodies were filled with a thick, charcoal-colored chemical that liquefied their insides. Their fragile, fragmented bodies were dismantled, making them look like some type of freakish lab experimentation that went wrong. “The babies that you showed me were actual babies; just smaller and underdeveloped? They were not just some glob of string like cells, called the fetus that would later form into the child- the fetus was the child in its entirety?” “Yes, you are correct, adds Marilynn, the abortionists don’t want you to know that you are murdering your precious baby, so they use words like “fetus” instead of baby and “abort” instead of kill.”

“Are you going to let the abortionist butcher your child to pieces? Do you know your child was not a mistake but planned by God? She asks me as she points to the verse in the bible that says how God knew our name and all about each and every one of us before we were even born.

Before I can answer her questions, she repeats herself and asks me if I was going to let the clinic butcher my child. As my stomach churned and felt a little light headed as I imagined them ripping my 2 month old child’s body apart, I answered no.

Colby and Marilynn laughed and hugged me with all their might. I cried while they embraced me because little did they know that I had a bigger issue to abort now;  the disappointment I will cause for my family and friends when they find out I am pregnant and keeping the baby. When I was in their arms, I felt like I could get through it. But the minute they let me go and dropped my boyfriend and I at his house, I knew I was alone again. Well, I thought I was. But they ensured me that they would keep in touch and help whenever I needed it.

They kept their word. A week later they invited me to their home town, Bridgeport, to share my testimony with their friends and family.

Even 7 months later, on August 10, 2010, when I had given birth to my 7 lbs. 14 oz. son, Alander Zaccaeus Folson, they were both there; Marilynn and Colby.

When I look at my son, I always think of that miserable morning day when my life was changed forever. I could have let the pressure caused by my society weigh me down and force me to abort my son. I could have killed my child unintentionally. I could have pleased my boyfriend enough so that he could stay with me. I could have done a lot of things. But one thing I could not have done was kill something that I knew was a part of me—something that once destroyed could never be restored; my identity.

I gave birth to my destiny; my son. Ever since I had him I have never felt so alive. I used to think that popularity, good grades, expensive clothes (so expensive it hurt my pocket and my feet) and having so many to be proud of me was all that I needed to make me feel like I had purpose. But, I came to the epiphany that the best things in life are free and that having a few to be proud of me like my Lord Jesus Christ, myself and my son are all that I need to know that I have purpose.

Yes, when my boyfriend told my whole school that I had given birth to a son, of course I lost a lot of respect, confidence and hope from friends, teachers, family members and so forth.

Yes, I couldn’t play sports or hang out as much as I used to. Yes, I couldn’t think about only me anymore. Yes, I lost myself….my selfishness.

Raising a child showed me how to raise and discipline my own self so I do not get out of line. I learned that though it seemed that I was self-less as I thought about how others would react or behave if I had a child. But, I was too blinded to see by my selfishness of wanting to have the spotlight, gratitude, and recognition. This was what I feared most of losing once I had my son for it would be all about him and not enough about me.

But, here I was wrong. You see, I found out that the very thing I feared of losing because of my son, I gained.

I gained recognition for being a young, single African American mom who after giving birth, though missing a horrendous amount of days of school, graduated in the top 1% of her class. I gained gratitude by those that doubted me at first and labeled me as a statistic; another name and number in the record book of black shame. I gained the spotlight. Now, all eyes are on me to observe how good of a mother and young lady I am and how good of a son and gentle man my son will turn out to be. Also, I was given this privilege to show the reader how I developed into becoming my true self and how I took hold of my destiny; my son.

I write before you as a firm believer in Christ and a true believe that being a mom is a blessing and privilege because it takes someone with great skill, tolerance, young/child-like (pure) love, self-respect, wisdom, motivated, humility, intelligence (do some of these adjectives ring a bell?), and resilience to be a great teacher. Just as I teach my son, he teaches me how to be a better mother and person, every day. I do not know about you, but to be taught every day how to be a better person is priceless and something worth cherishing.


The pictures here of folks returning to the abortion mill to thank the folks that are faithfully giving mothers a real choice will make you heart sing.

Enjoy! ~ Flip 

The one thing we heard more than anything else from delegates attending the DNC in Charlotte this week, “You only care for the babies that are not here.  You don’t do ‘nothin” for the ones that are here.”  Just a few pictures can shatter this lunacy.  Here’s the story from Marilyn Carroll! 

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We thank Jesus our Lord for the saints in Connecticut.  They have been faithfully fighting for the lives of our preborn brothers and sisters at the gates of hell in Connecticut for well over twenty years.  Over a thousand children have been saved.  Many more hundreds have given their hearts to Christ.  And many of these have become fast friends of a ministry that allowed the theology of heaven to become biography in the streets.  Simple little Christians serving an Awesome God! ~ Flip

Hi to all my brothers and sisters in Christ! I hope you are all doing well!

I am sending this email/letter out to invite you to be a part of a mission’s trip with Operation Save America. My family; Ed, Asia, Josiah and Noah and I have an opportunity to go on this mission trip. We are inviting you to be part in this outreach through prayer and or giving financially. This trip’s purpose is to preach the gospel to as many people as God makes possible, to educate the public about abortion, to speak for the babies who are scheduled to die, and to help their moms choose life for their babies. The leaders of this trip along with local churches will give ongoing help to those who responded to the gospel and those who chose life for their babies after our trip is over.

The kids and I were privileged and blessed to go on this trip last year. We want to thank you so much for those of you who supported our trip last year to Florida. I have so many testimonies I could share with you but for the sake of time I will just share the shortest version possible. Though I would love to give anyone interested the long version at another time. This trip was a week long and we out every day for the entire week. We were able through God’s help to pass out over a 600 pieces of gospel and pro-life literature in one day at the Florida State University, and had many short and long conversations with people about both of these subjects. We pray that God would do amazing things with all that information that went out to these people. One day I was presenting the gospel to this sweet girl who was about 18, on her bicycle. She was very close to wanting receive Jesus as her Lord and Savior but she just wanted to talk to her boyfriend about it first, which I did not realize was coming to meet her on his bike and had stopped to talk with another team member who was presenting the gospel to him at the same time. We went over to see what was happening and found out that this was a young man who was homeschooled in a Christian home who had got far away from his relationship with the Lord. He ended up rededicating his life to the Lord!! His girl friend who I was talking to gave her life to the Lord and we all prayed and cried. What a day that was!!!! They ended up coming to church each night with us for most of the week. The boy’s mom ended up coming too, and she was so thankful that we had talked to her wayward son that day!!!! They even came out to the University with us to pass out information!! Praise God for what he can do with our willingness to give to others what he gave to us!!!

This will be Ed’s first year going. We are so blessed to have Dad leading our family this year in this effort. Many of the families bring their children with them. These are beautiful families serving God together. The fellowship that the children have with the adults and each other is amazing. This is why I so wanted them to be a part of this trip. Also, I know that they will grow in there faith and God can use them to reach others for Christ. I know that this is very last minute but through a series of circumstances that God allowed, it had to be this way.

So if God speaks to your heart to help our family to reach many people with the Gospel, educate them about abortion and to speak for those who can’t speak for themselves, we would appreciate and be extremely thankful for your prayers and or financial support. We know you will receive a blessing for helping us do this work of the Lord; to seek and save the lost and to rescue those being lead away to slaughter.

The trip is a week long (July 21-27) and will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina this year.

Last year it was held in Orlando Florida. There are opportunities to go out every day, all day. Participants get to pick which activities to take part in. There is also some down time to take a break and do some swimming and fellowship with the other believers and there are some seminars and church every night. This church time is a great time of rejoicing about all God has done during the day! We sing praises to God and give testimonies about what God had done during the day. It is also a great way of inviting the people we ministered to during the day.

I have never done anything else that caused me to grow in Christ as much as this trip has done in the previous years.

If you feel lead to give financially, the money will go to help with our travel, food, lodging and the purchase of literature. Our family has saved through the year about ½ of what we will need. If for some reason we raise more than enough to go on this trip, we will use the money we did receive for our outreach ministry here in Connecticut. We will be out sharing the gospel here on a regular basis throughout the year and speaking for unborn children! So the money will be used to further the gospel of Christ either way.

I want to praise God for all he will do in this effort to obey Mark 16:15 and Proverbs 24:11 Again thank you in advance and God bless you!

Your Sister in Christ,

Wendee Brisart

 Thank you again for your interest in helping to support our mission!

I love receiving these reports (OSA-CT street report for June 2012 )from Connecticut.  God is using the saints there in a powerful way.

Enjoy! ~ Flip

Pictures are, indeed, worth a thousand words.  You will enjoy this!   OSA-CT Street Report May 2012