Here is a short report of the States of Refuge event in Jackson, Mississippi and here is another with links to press videos and reports. 


Here is a great report from Chet Gallagher as he has been traveling across America allowing the theology of heaven to become biography at the gates of hell.  He and Johnny Brekeen have been on the road for the past month now, concentrating their efforts in the five states that have only one remaining abortion mill left.

We pray that very soon we will be able to present to our Lord the very first abortion free state in America. ~ Flip

Here is the “Truth Truck, (with some new messaging) that my co-laborer, Johnny Brekeen and I have been driving since leaving Las Vegas 2 weeks ago.

So far we’ve been in 16 states, prayed with dozens of intercessors and sidewalk counselors in front of 27 abortion mills, visited almost over a dozen Crisis Pregnancy Centers, and most of all probably a hundred thousand plus Americans may have viewed the truth Truck exposing the ugly reality of baby butchering through legalized abortion on demand.

Expending 454.8 gallons of diesel fuel at an approximate cost of $1933 we are in the final days of an amazing journey. As of tonight (10-31-2012) we have driven 4,647 miles and we ain’t done yet! Our total “behind the wheel” driving time to date is 97 hours and 45 minutes.

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Friends we are now in Mississippi preparing to help direct the 5 day pro-life Outreach for the States of Refuge taking place here in Jackson, MS Wednesday November 7th-11th. We may actually see Mississippi become the first abortion free state just days before the 40 year Anniversary of legalized pre-born baby murder.

Here’s a special treat. Enjoy this video and keep praying!


We are looking forward to and encouraging you to join us in Jackson, Mississippi, this November 7-11.  We will be storming the gates of hell at the last remaining abortion mill in the state of Mississippi.  We are praying that sooner, rather than later, we will be able to present to our Lord the first abortion free state in America.  Chet, Coach, Cal, Rusty, Dale, and a whole slew of us will be allowing the theology of heaven to become biography in the streets of Jackson. 

Please note: this event begins the day after our Presidential election.  Rest assured that neither Republicans, Democrats, nor Third Parties, are going to plead the case of the fatherless to win it.  That is solely the job of the Church of Jesus Christ.  The gates of hell cannot prevail against her.  So, come on, let’s give ‘em heaven in the streets of Jackson!    ~ Flip

Following is hotel information for those joining us in Jackson Nov. 7-11:

Baymont Inn & Suites Jackson

5709 I-55 North

Jackson, MS 39206

Phone: 601-206-1616

The rooms are reserved under Operation Save America.  The cost is $65 per night with a full breakfast in the morning.  Please call and reserve your rooms ASAP.  Ask for the Operation Save America block.   Prepare the way of the Lord in your prayers as we continue to seek the Lord for the first abortion free states.

Please E-mail if you’re coming, so we’ll have an accurate head count.

It is happening before our very eyes.  We are witnessing the first cracks in the abortion industry’s iron fisted armor.  Through years of faithful witnessing and continual storming of the gates of hell by the saints in Mississippi, the gates are beginning to crumble.  Pray that they do in Jesus’ mighty Name. ~ Flip


On January 22nd, 2012 Operation Save America officially launched our new national campaign called States of Refuge: Operation First Abortion Free States. Since that time we have been fighting the battle for the souls of men, the lives of children, and the future of our nation at the five exposed areas (states) that have one abortion mill remaining defiling our land. The five states consist of Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

According to this article, one of those five states, Mississippi, stands at the threshold of becoming the first abortion free state liberated from the blood guiltiness of baby murder. Interestingly enough, the pro-life bill that jeopardizes the last death camp in Mississippi passed while the States of Refuge campaign was conducting a Word in Warfare event at the abortion mill in Jackson, MS.
Brethren, let us press on in faith, godly action, and prayer to offer unto God the first abortion free state in America. We are getting close! 


When petitioning in Mississippi for Personhood, we had the privilege to meet the new Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant. We talked briefly about Personhood and would he as Governor back Personhood to make Mississippi the first abortion free state. He responded, “Not only would I sign it into law, I would defend it.” As you will see in this article, this Governor is still committed “to make Mississippi abortion-free.”

If the Lord uses this bill to shut down the last remaining death camp, this would fufill part of the goal of the States of Refuge campaign, the first abortion free state in America. (One down and four more states to go) This would free up more resources to concentrate on the remaining four states that have one death camp defiling our land. Let us pray, soon and very soon, we will hear the joyful report that Mississippi has freed herself from the sin and crime of child sacrifice and blood guilt in Jesus’ name! ~ Rusty 

Even the secular media is accepting the fact that abortion is rapidly coming to an end.  “States of Refuge” is simply one more means God is using to push this horrible evil into its grave.  This story, though not at all favorable to those who lift up the Gospel of Christ at abortion mills, is just one more evidence that abortion in America is coming to an end.  Lord hasten the day.  ~ Flip

“And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.  I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”  Matthew 16: 18-19.  I just spent three days (April 2-4, 2012) with the saints in Jackson, Mississippi, reading through the entire Bible at the gates of hell – Mississippi’s last remaining abortion mill.  We were loosing on earth true repentance over the shedding of innocent blood believing that, as we did, God would loose from heaven His mercy and grace.

Well, He did just that!  On Thursday, April 5, we were informed by some Christian passer’s as we were reading God’s Scripture at the gates of hell, that the state of Mississippi just offered up a possible death blow to the last remaining abortion mill in Mississippi.  God is doing exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or imagine.  Here’s the story via CNN.

Enjoy! ~ Flip


Video news report of the animus of hell surfacing as the saints of Jackson, Mississippi, read the entire Bible at the gates of hell – Mississippi’s last remaining abortion mill. ~ Flip

Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn,

 May our Lord take what was meant for evil and turn it to the good. The States of Refuge campaign has the forces of darkness stirred up, knowing their time is short.

 This man attacked the States of Refuge campaign with hunting knives, but we come against the powers of darkness with the Sword of the Spirit. The lamb of God will conquer the wolves in Jesus’ name! Here is the broadcast of the attack. Through it all the Lord is spreading the vision and mission. Glory to God! ~ Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas