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Attached is the story of God’s call upon the lives of Michelle and her husband Brandon Stewart, and a picture of their wonderful family.  Michelle posted this little caveat of their first family sortie into the gates of hell in Houston, this past Saturday, November 30, 2013. 

There were four turn-aways that Saturday.  Praise the Lord!

 “We were able to implement two microphones at both entrances and we were much more effective.  We were also able to have signs at both parking lots.  We need Malachi, I believe!  Praising King Jesus for a great day serving Him.  It was such a joy to come as a family and we are only 6 people but wow we can really get stuff done in His name!  The kiddos were challenging the clinic escorts today.  It is both hilarious and sad to watch them get stumped by little kids.

Enjoy! ~ Flip


Houston – a modern-day Ninevah?


Stewart Family


I have been reading in Jonah, Micah, and Nahum this week.  This story is one that I couldn’t put down when I started in Jonah.  I felt so compelled to dig into it and what we know about Ninevah.  Why did Jonah struggle so much about going there?  What was so bad about that wicked place?


I have learned that Houston has 15 “gates” aka killing places/abortion clinics.  While studying up on Ninevah, I learned that it, too had exactly 15 gates in the city walls guarded with statues of bulls with human heads.  In Jonah 1:2 I feel the Lord speaking to Jonah in the same way he spoke to me about Houston after the mill in my hometown of College Station, TX, closed down.  FOREVER WE PRAISE YOU LORD FOR TEARING DOWN THAT STRONGHOLD!!!  Please help me to heed this warning, O Lord.  I want to please you.  Hold me accountable to You as well as my earthly authorities designated to me by You as I struggle with that ever present fight with disobedience and comfort of my own town and home.   I do NOT want to be swallowed up by the whale only to be spit out 3 days later.


I associate so closely with this story.  As we walk through Jonah we see that he obeyed God the second time He commanded Jonah to go to Ninevah.  We learn it was a 3 day walk to get there.  I should be grateful I have a car and it’s only 2 hours to Houston!  I also love how the Lord was providing for Jonah, even when Jonah wanted to die because he was so mad at God.  He could not understand how he could end up so destructed, but God ended up sparing Ninevah, at least temporarily, because they repented.  However, after he had evangelized as required by the Lord’s command, Jonah was not willing to use the tools the Lord gave him even for simple survival.  The Lord grew up a plant around Jonah to cover him while he was homeless, but the plant withered away, as Jonah did not take care of it.


God even purposes to Jonah an interesting debate.  I personally happen to love this part of the story, because it is a good example of how to deal with any lie of the enemy.  Usually you can find something self-refuting in a lie.  The art of apologetics is at work here when Jonah says, “It’s better for me to die than to live.” (Jonah 4:8).  Talk about self pity…. but that is another topic. Back to the Lord’s response in verse 9 “Is it right for you to be angry about the plant?”  Then in verse 10, Jonah seems to tell God, “Duh… of course it is right!  I’m angry enough to die!”  So the Lord answered in the final paragraph of the book: “You cared about the plant, WHICH YOU DID NOT LABOR OVER AND DID NOT GROW.  It appeared in a night and perished in a night.  Should I not care about the great city of Nineveh, which has more than 120,000 people who cannot distinguish between their right and their left, as well as many animals?”  I imagine Jonah did not like the taste of that particular humble pie he had to eat that day.  This is one concept it seems the Church also has a hard time dealing with.  They focus on praise and worship, and being purpose-driven, but never actually step out onto that plank of obedience in full faithfulness and trust.


Micah gives us a great example of what it means to prophesy, (what we now call evangelizing since we have Holy Spirit).  He spoke what the Lord needed to tell the people, in a land before the veil was torn.  Priests talked to God for the people, and prophets talked from God to the people.  We see him speaking of false “grace” prophets who leave out righteous judgment.  Sounds A LOT like America!  Micah does such a good job of living out Ephesians and standing for Truth, while still loving the people as God commanded him.


I know he is talking about Israel here, but I also relate closely to Micah 7:1-4 “How sad for me! For I am like one who – when the summer fruit has been gathered after the gleaning of the grape harvest – finds no grape cluster to eat, no early fig, which I crave.” (This particular passage feels like what it is to minister in Houston with the very low #s of known turnaways and rescues.  Of course, Houston has all the tools to get to planting the seeds God gives them.  But there are hardly any people willing to get out and work that field.  They want to skip ahead to the harvest, and blame God for not bringing it to them).


It continues on: “Godly people have vanished from the land; there is no one upright among the people. All of them WAIT IN AMBUSH TO SHED BLOOD; they hunt each other with a net.  Both hands are good at accomplishing evil; the official and the judge demand a bribe; when the powerful man communicates his evil desire, they plot it together.  The best of them is like a brier; the most upright is worse than a hedge of thorns.  The day of your watchmen, the day of your punishment, is coming; at this time their panic is here.”  The panic is definately spreading in Houston, as gentle Christians, forced again out onto the ledge of obedience and trust, are answering the call to evangelize this enormous stronghold I call the “competitive market of abortion in Houston.”  There are so many abortion clinics in Houston that they have started the names of the Clinics with A’s.  There is A Affordable Women’s Center, Aaron’s Women’s Clinic, AAA Concerned Women’s Center, and Aalto Womens Center.  That’s 4 clinics competing for the first spot in the yellow pages under: “Abortion provider.”  The other clinics I know about so far are Gulf Coast Planned Parenthood Headquarters, Dickinson PP Health Center, Greenspoint PP Health Center, Northwest PP Health Center, Stafford PP Health Center, Houston Women’s Clinic, Suburban Women’s Clinic (2 locations in Houston proper), Texas Ambulatory Surgical Center, Southwest Health Center, and KNS Medical Center.  Folks, if I wanted to visit 2 clinics per day in Houston, it would take me over a week!  I have spent much time in Houston since we returned from the OSA national event in Rochester.  I have largely been alone in my work, save my direct family.  I was able to get in to three of the clinics without any deathscorts there, because they are not needed everywhere on Saturdays, and are basically not needed at all on Monday-Friday.  Most of the clinics kill EVERY DAY but Sunday.  Where are God’s people?  Maybe this Ninevah needs us to GO THERE!


But first let’s revel in God’s awesome-ness!  Michah 7:18 – 20 “Who is a God like You, removing iniquity and passing over rebellion for the REMNANT of His inheritance?”  (Boy sometimes do I ever feel like nothing but a remnant.)  “He does not hold on to His anger forever, because He delights in faithful love.  He will again have compassion on us; He will vanquish our iniquities.  You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea.  You will show loyalty to Jacob and faithful love to Abraham, as You swore to our fathers from days ago.”  What a BEAUTIFUL way to end a book that is very short, but very powerful.


In Rochester the Lord told me in a dream (that was so vivid, I got up and wrote it down immediately in the middle of the night)  He gave me the term “destineered” and said, “Now GO!”  I knew it was the Lord telling me that.  Destineered is not in the dictionary, but you can kind of think of it as being designed/engineered or prepared for a fate or destiny or purpose.  I promise this will make sense, so bear with me.  If I were to have to go to Ninevah today, I’d have to fly to Baghdad, then drive north along the Tigris River, and when I got to the city of Mosul, I’d cross the river via bridge, and then I’d stop.  I wouldn’t find that much when I got there, but I would know that that term “destineered” does not just apply to a Christian person’s purpose.  It also can apply to a group of people’s ultimate fate.  Ninevah’s ultimate fate was complete destruction, because they acted in rebellion against God.  We know the Assyrians who lived there were a horrible and destructive people who took over cities by force – aggressive brutal force we would probably associate with Islam in our day and time.


I do not know what fate lies with Houston, or with America, but I do know that Jonah’s prophesy was conditionial.  If they repented, God would save the city, and they would be spared.  Initially, they did repent, and were spared; but ultimately, Ninevah was finally destroyed.  God is slow to anger, but AWESOME IN POWER (Nahum 1:3).  How many bb’s do we need to add to the “Sound of abortion” video before we’ve waited too long to repent?  How many times can this country blaspheme our Creator before we have to taste of that bitter cup of wrath?  I can’t know that, but I’m so glad that when we all get to heaven, all of this earthly battle stuff will just be a moment, and it will be over.  Then, we can sit and rejoice with all of heaven, and the battle will have been WON!  The battle is in fact, already won, because our God is not bound by the constraints of time, like the lowly earth is.  He has always been on top!



My Savior FOREVER!

He sought me and He bought me


He loved me e’er I knew Him

And all my love is due Him

He Plunged me to VICTORY!!!!

Beneath the cleansing flood


Love and blessings from Texas!


Let’s keep standing!



Enjoy this day by day recount of what God is doing through His people in Rochester, NY!  

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Rochester, New York—Laboring for a revival to end abortion, members of Operation Save America converged on the historic city of Rochester, New York for the first day of the 2013 OSA National Event. OSA members from as far away as Connecticut, North Carolina, Ohio, Louisiana, Texas, and Nevada joined with area churches to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8-9).

Rochester, a city majorly impacted by the Second Great Awakening, has a spiritual tradition of emancipation dating back to the 1830’s. Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas commenting on the heritage of Rochester declared, “This is the city of Fredrick Douglass and the underground railroad. This is the city of Charles Finney and heaven sent revivals. The sin of slavery and the slavery of sin met in Rochester and they were broken here as the liberty of Christ swept this city and beyond. God did this once before and it is our prayer that He does it again.”

During the time of Charles Finney, countless souls were saved. Finney’s preaching motivated the social application of the gospel. According to one Finney biographer, the Great Awakening birthed more than personal salvations. It also united Christians around two significant social issues, slavery and alcoholism. As Christians faithfully addressed these evils according to the Word of God, the forces of darkness were broken and the captives were set free, both physically and spiritually.

Finney and his followers were early leaders in the abolitionist movement. Finney was uncompromising in his opposition to slavery, “Two million…in our own land stretch their hands, all shackled and bleeding, and send forth to the church of God the agonizing cry for help. And shall the church, in her efforts to reclaim and save the world, deafen her ears to this voice of agony and despair? God forbid. The church cannot turn away from this question. It is a question for the church and for the nation to decide, and God will push it to a decision.”

Wednesday Evening Rally

The evil is no longer slavery, but abortion. And God is pushing us to a decision. With the Second Great Awakening as a rallying cry, OSA began its week long outreach with a Solemn Assembly.

Wednesday evening, saints of God echoed the same words heard so long ago in Rochester, “The church cannot turn away.” Rochester prolife leaders, Jerry Crawford and Mike Warren, delivered a warm welcome at the Bethel Christian Fellowship. This was followed by a passionate teaching by the National Director of OSA, Rev. Flip Benham.

In preparation for the week long city outreach, local and national church leaders took ownership for the sins of the city and the nation. As Rev. Flip Benham explained during his opening sermon, “The church must remove the plank from her own eye, before she can see to remove the speck from her brother’s eye.”

Bethel Christian Fellowship offered OSA the use its historic sanctuary, a beautifully ornate room with stained glass windows and an impressive balcony, for the evening rallies. The Fellowship’s pastor, Ron Domina (Check Spelling) is a courageous and committed “gatekeeper” of the city. The majesty of the sanctuary invoked a special sense of awe and reverence during the Solemn Assembly. After an anointed time of worship led by Pastor Dale Sochia of Louisiana, OSA saints began the painful process of self-examination (2 Corinthians 13:5). After quoting Numbers 10:9, which states, “When you go to war in your land against an enemy who oppresses you, then you shall sound an alarm with the trumpets, and you will be remembered before the Lord your God, and you will be saved from your enemies” a long blast on a Jewish Shofar (ram’s horn) officially commenced the Solemn Assembly. Local pastors and national OSA leaders Mike Warren, Ante Pavkovic, and Cal Zastrow led the saints in personal and corporate repentance. Apathy, the squandering of our godly heritage, the failure of men, fearing man more than God, the abandonment of God’s law, and blood guiltiness were corporately confessed.

At the conclusion of the Solemn Assembly, Rev. Flip gave the altar call. Two came forward. Rev. Flip also left time for private prayer and confession. One by one, the saints of God left their pews and knelt before the podium. It was especially moving to see the young people come forward, full of brokenness as the love of God consumed their souls. The spirit of the Lord was at work in the assembly, as saints quietly and tearfully bowed their heads.

Wednesday evening in the historic city of Rochester, New York, the Church of God sought to meet God’s righteous conditions and not to deafen our ears to preborn child’s “voice of agony and despair.” The Church of God heard the “agonizing cry for help” and answered with repentance. May God see fit to bring revival to the city of Rochester, and our nation stained with innocent blood.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

After a late night of confession and repentance, OSA members with coffee in hand, met at 7:00 a.m. in the parking lot of Quality Inn. After Rev. Flip taught from the book of Ezra, Chet Gallagher gave the “marching orders.” OSA members were divided into teams, with some were sent to area abortion clinics and others to baby killing hospitals.

Preaching the gospel of life throughout the city, OSA members experienced the favor of the Lord and the anger of the world. In an effort to silence the Christian witness, members at one abortion clinic were read an injunction by local law enforcement officials. In 1999, New York passed a “temporary” injunction that limits how close to an abortion facility a Christian may preach. A number of years later, the “temporary” injunction became a permanent one. In keeping with this injunction, officers ordered OSA members to remain 15 feet away from any ingress and egress of any abortion facility, hampering the rescue process. Undeterred but respectful, saints continued the public proclamation within the legally established, yet unconstitutional boundaries.

At one of the hospital outreaches, Allis Villavso led the young people in worship and intercessory prayer. Meanwhile, Jubilee Thomas successfully handed out OSA brochures to hospital staff unable to say “no” to a six year old. At Planned Parenthood in Greece, Pastor Dale Sochia led a powerful time of intercessory worship with his sons, David and Jonathan. Cheryl Gonzales and her daughters poured out their heart to the Lord in song. Other OSA saints held signs or preached the uncompromising message of the Gospel of life.

Later in the day, OSA held a memorial service for Daniel Pavone, a 14 week-old victim of abortion. Pall bearers carried the small white casket containing the body, as the haunting sound of bagpipes filled the air. As the casket was placed on a viewing stand and the lid lifted, the horrible tragedy of abortion was evidenced by the numerous black bruises on his tiny body. Baby Daniel was killed by prostaglandin, a poison which induces violent contractions.

processionIt was fitting that Father Frank Pavone presided over the funeral service. Daniel was given the surname of Pavone, in honor of his work as National Director of Priests for Life. After preaching a powerful message on solidarity with the preborn, Fr. Pavone led mourners in a group prayer, “I know there is nothing that destroys more life than abortion; yet I rejoice that you have conquered death by the resurrection of your Son. I am ready to do my part in ending abortion.” Fr. Pavone then encouraged mourners to reach out and literally touch Daniel. The children seemed especially moved by Daniel’s death, with child after child reaching out to tenderly touch the bruised body. It was a timeless moment of hope and grief, as the young mourned the youngest. With the help of God, abortion will end. Perhaps God will use these children as part of His remnant that will accomplish it.

Friday, July 26, 2013

worship on streetRochester, New York-“Why do you do this?” It’s a question every member of Operation Save America has been asked, in their home state and in Rochester, New York. This question by a well-meaning pastor, church member, family member, or stranger on the sidewalk may seem like criticism but more often it is a genuine query. “Help me understand,” is more to the point. The post-modern culture has taught that Christianity must remain secluded. It is okay to believe, as long as your faith is unspoken. It is okay to act, as long as your faith does not offend. When a member of OSA speaksthe truth about Jesus Christ and acts like a murder is taking place, it is offensive. Hence, to stand on a street corner sharing the truth and love of Christ is to participate in a counter-cultural event. That can be scary for a person who lacks the theological understanding of the social application of the gospel. In addition, those who participate in street ministry are often portrayed as radicals. And who really wants to be identified with troublemakers? Which brings us back to the question, “Why do you do this?” The Bible teaches it is our duty to give an answer (1 Peter 3:5). Here is ours.

On the third day of the 2013 OSA National Event, eternal souls were saved. On Friday, the theology of the church became biography in the streets of historic Rochester, New York. As Rev. Flip often states, “Abortion is preeminently a gospel issue. The cross of Christ is the only solution.” As OSA members from all across the nation joined with area churches to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8-9), more than babies were rescued; souls were rescued.

After gathering for Bible study and prayer in the parking lot of Quality Inn, OSA members ministered at area abortion clinics or helped Tom Raddell set up his 200′ wide “Genocide Awareness Outreach” by the beach at Lake Ontario. As Tom described it once, “The large 8′ by 5′ panels pictorially depict historic acts of genocide and then visually link these atrocities to our current abortion holocaust.” With images that assault the soul, the display reveals the humanity of the preborn and the inhumanity of “choice.”

The saints also went back to the hospitals. On busy street corners throughout the University of Rochester Medical Center, students, hospital staff, and visitors heard and saw the reality of abortion. Strong Memorial Hospital is part of the University of Rochester Medical Center complex. It is primarily a teaching hospital, owned and operated by the University of Rochester. A number of OSA members were outside of Strong Memorial, preaching the unapologetic message of the Gospel of the Kingdom to a hospital who does not want to be confronted with its sin.

Interestingly, Strong Memorial Hospital has a sordid history of violating the Hippocratic Oath. From 1945 to 1947, Strong Memorial injected 17 patients with plutonium or uranium without their knowledge or consent. This secret human experimentation was called the Manhattan Project. The Atomic Energy Commission tracked the poisoned patients until their death, even exhuming their remains for testing.

With such nefarious beginnings, it should not surprise us that Strong Memorial Hospital still kills. Strong Memorial is the hospital of Dr. Timothy Quill, an advocate of physician assisted suicide. Sadly, Strong Memorial Hospital also teaches students to murder innocent preborn babies.

Andrew Anderson of North Carolina reported that during the outreach at Strong Memorial, a young man came to a saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. As Andrew stood on the sidewalk holding a prolife sign, a man walked up. The man wore a badge, so Andrew concluded he was a student or faculty member of the teaching hospital. Andrew offered him literature, explaining, “3,700 babies were killed today.”

As they spoke, Andrew discerned the man was unsaved. Andrew asked the man about his faith. Then he proceeded to use the Way of the Master approach to evangelism, reminding him of the Ten Commandments. Finally, he asked the man, “If you were to stand before the judgment seat of God, what would you say?” He explained the work of Jesus, “Someone has to pay for your sin. If you know the Holy Spirit is convicting you, today is the day. He has given you the opportunity right now. He may not give it again.” With that, Andrew got on his knees and the man followed. With both men kneeling, Andrew led the man, Ephraim, to the Lord. This occurred on a public street corner outside a baby killing hospital.

Why do we do this? Ask Ephraim.

Friday Evening Rally

During the evening rally, the young people of OSA were challenged and encouraged. Allysa Rayburn shared her testimony. Allysa is a lovely young lady, preparing for a lengthy missions trip. She is an outspoken advocate for the Lord and His precious babies. She shared how despite having grown up in the church, it was still difficult for her to fully comprehend the salvation of the Lord. The Lord touched her recently, with a deeper understanding of His love and the futility of work based salvation. This message to the young people was perfectly timed.

Pastor Keith Tucci of Living Hope Church was the keynote speaker at the evening rally. Pastor Keith took special interest in equipping the young people, inviting them to the front pews and holding a special time of prayer and impartation for them at the conclusion of his sermon. A prolife veteran and a former Operation Rescue National Director, Pastor Tucci, gave a resounding sermon that had Christians ready to charge the nearest occupied territory for the Lord, with unsheathed Bibles, the blood of the Lamb, and the word of their testimony, and not loving their lives to the death (Revelation 12:11). Of particular significance to many was the humorous and faith building history of Operation Rescue.

After Pastor Tucci concluded, the young people were asked to come forward for a special outpouring. This was clearly the work of the Lord. A sea of young people pressed towards the front of the church, hungry for the Lord. They wanted a touch from God. The young people were personally prayed over and blessed by the pastors. Some young people recommitted their lives to Christ. Others confessed. Two young people came to the faith for the first time.

Why do we do this? Ask the young people.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

flip preaching at phelpsTypically, Saturday is the major killing day in America for the abortion industry. Not so in Rochester, NY today. The saints took the Gospel of the Kingdom to the streets of Rochester and lo and behold every clinic as far as we know has shut down. It could be a coincidence, where God chose to remain anonymous or it could be the Church just showed up and the Devil fled. Either way, we rejoice that no children were butchered today as God’s Word went forth in power. Brethren, we covet your prayers!

Today, OSA will sprinkle the churches in the Rochester area with a Macedonion call “Come Help Us.” We plan on visiting about fifty churches, worship the Lord, and invite the churches to the rest of our rallies and to prayerfully to the streets. The church, not politics is the answer to the evil that is savaging our nation. We pray they will receive this appeal in Jesus’ name!

Before heading out on Saturday, the saints gathered in the parking lot at Quality Inn to hear Rev. Flip deliver a message from the book of Nehemiah. As the saints shook off the chill of the early morning, they were reminded that the wall builders in the time of Nehemiah weren’t “called” to build walls. Each person was responsible to rebuild the wall-priests, goldsmiths, perfumers, rulers, and daughters. Rev. Flip challenged the church to rebuild the broken walls of our nation.

The name of the man Andrew spoke with was Ephraim. In the Hebrew, Ephraim means fruitful. Saturday was a fruitful day. Gentle Christians left the comfort of their pews to bring the gospel to the streets. All local clinics were shut down. As far as we know, there were no babies killed.

Saints still ministered the gospel of life. At the Planned Parenthood in Greece, children held signs for the cars to see. Men and women prayed. Ron Brock and others drove Truth Trucks throughout the area. Pastor Dale led worship. Musicians and singers gathered under a tent directly outside of Planned Parenthood. Anotherman played his guitar across the street from the clinic. A gentle spirited group of young ladies gathered around him joined in the praise. Worship surrounded the clinic. The songs could be heard across the street in the shopping plaza. It penetrated the spiritual darkness of the place. As the worship went forth, prophetic men of God preached. Territory was taken.

From there, OSA members traveled to Twelve Corners. Twelve Corners is where Elmwood Avenue, Monroe Avenue, and South Winton Road intersect and form a triangular island. It is bordered by retail stores and restaurants. In the middle of this busy intersection, gentle Christians had church. Pastor Dale Sochia led worship, with Allysa Rayburn, Jonathan and David Sochia, and Josiah Thomas. They offered up beautiful songs of praise. God’s Word went forth in power reverberating off of the walls of this rich liberal community.

Around the outer edge of the green, saints held signs or handed out literature. After a time of public witnessing, the team broke into two. Most of the OSA members took signs and literature and walked through a nearby abortionist’s neighborhood. The remaining OSA members continued to minister at Twelve Corners.

Two notable things happened during the outreach. First, a pregnant young woman approached an OSA member holding the poster of Malachi. She accepted the literature and then asked about the picture. She didn’t understand the meaning of Malachi and asked her father. The OSA member mentioned that Malachi means “My messenger.” Though dead, his life still speaks and he has volumes to teach our bloodstained land. The picture of aborted Malachi is hard to look at, yet she wanted to understand. After hearing the story, she was so moved she vowed to name her own baby Malachi, in honor of abortion victims.

The next miracle happened when Pastor Dale, wearing his OSA t-shirt, went into a local eatery. As he stood in line, he learned the staff was instructed not to talk to any OSA members should they come into the restaurant. The Lord was at work, however. Once he reached the counter to place his order, a waitress asked to speak to him. The Holy Spirit was doing a healing work in her heart and she needed ministry. Pastor Dale left the line and ministered to the woman quietly, in the middle of the restaurant. She tearfully confessed she had been raped by her father when she was only thirteen. The baby was aborted. She had been carrying the shame and guilt for years. Pastor Dale ministered the gospel to her and prayed.

On the return to the hotel, Rev. Rusty had a divine appointment with lost manhood. Rusty reported that he was approached by two men in the parking lot of Quality Inn. They told Rusty that they had observed OSA throughout the city, and were impressed by the courage of the saints. They were offended by abortion and thanked OSA for “exposing those murderers.” One of the men confided that his wife of twenty-three years had committed adultery and left him. Brokenhearted, he revealed she had been unfaithful with two different men and had aborted two babies. Rusty ministered the gospel and explained, “Abortion is truly a man’s issue. God has called men to protect, defend, and care for women and children.” When Rusty said those words, some long forgotten flame of manhood ignited. The man dropped the F bomb and angrily denounced abortion. Although unsaved, he was remembering what he was called to be. Although they were not his children, he was angry, very angry, that he could not save them.

Why do we do this? Ask the men who lost their manhood and children to American holocaust.

EXIF JPEGSo, the next time someone asks you, “Why do you do this?” Tell them. Tell them about Ephraim, about the young people, about the pregnant woman and her baby Malachi, about the rape victim, about the two men at the hotel. Tell them and they might be compelled to join in this battle for the souls of men, the lives of children, and the future of our broken, wounded land. And if they call you a troublemaker, reply as Elijah did. “I have not troubled Israel [America]; but thou, and thy father’s house, in that ye have forsaken the commandments of the LORD, and thou hast followed Baalim” (1 Kings 18:19). Perhaps, they won’t need to ask you again.

Just one more evidence of the crumbling abortion industry in America.  You will enjoy this 9 minute interview with John Barros.  Here is a word from our sister Sandy Sayre upon hearing of this wonderful occasion:  “Several killing centers are closing.  Not one of them closed because our government was appalled enough to close them.  No, our government only regulates how the killing can be accomplished – you know, to reduce the harm and keep this abomination safe and nice.  It is God’s people who stand and pray, hold signs up to show the slaughter and, I might add, suffer the shame of taunts from a world that does not know Jesus and sadly from some who say they do.  Thank you Jesus for Your hand in this victory.  Dear Saints keep praying, keep going to the Gates of Hell where Satan thinks he is winning, and above all press on in the strong name of Jesus – He is the prize in Glory.”

Enjoy! ~ Flip

The Word of the Lord continues to come to pass, “Now see what I will do.” In this video John Barros, a watchman upon the wall in Orlando, FL, witnesses the fruit of his labor come to pass. We rejoice with the saints in Orlando for this great victory. They have confronted this evil for years and yesterday their faith was rewarded. Abortionist Pendergraft’s bloody empire is being plundered. May it continue till it is no more in Jesus’ mighty name!

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas


Police Raid Orlando abortionist James Pendergraft’s clinic
Interview with sidewalk evangelist John Barros

By John Barros

“What is nicer than seeing police knock down doors and haul out evidence at Orlando Women’s Center abortion mill? The sheriff actually let me help put up the crime scene tape. Place is swarming with undercover cops. Thank you Jesus. This is so awesome! Furniture, paintings, ultrasound machines — everything being loaded onto a truck.”

The above description is from John Barros, a missionary to the preborn at Orlando Women’s Center who does sidewalk counseling and preaching five days a week.


Authorities raid Orlando abortion clinic 

ORLANDO, Fla. – Channel 9 has learned details surrounding a raid at an abortion clinic in Orlando on Thursday.

The clinic is called the Orlando Women’s Center, and it’s located at Lucerne Terrace in downtown Orlando. Dr. James Pendergraft said Thursday’s raid was tied to a 2001 lawsuit where a patient, mid-abortion, left the facility, and later gave birth to a child with cerebral palsy.

WFTV found out that Pendergraft was found guilty of medical malpractice and his license had been suspended.

That case went to court and there was a $38 million dollar judgment decided in 2011.

But the clinic has only paid $100,000 of that settlement. Pendergraft said the raid is the result of that.

Pendergraft said the agents were taking whatever they could to help settle the suit after collections agents could not get money from them. He said the assets were not his, but rather in a trust.

“The sheriff department is following the orders of the judge that had this done on Monday, but what makes this illegal is that it’s not mine or that of Orlando Women’s Center,” said Pendergraft. Pendergraft said as a result of the raid, his patients are being sent elsewhere.

The clinic has been in the news before. It’s controversial because it’s one of the only clinics in the area that offers late-term abortions and has offered coupons for abortion discounts in the past.

But Pendergraft told WFTV the raid is not connected to anything other than the lawsuit.


Here is a small taste of what happens at our week long National Event!

National Event Rochester Banner

HOTEL INFORMATION (Updated 7/15/2013)


Mike Warren reports that rooms in the OSA block at Rochester’s Quality Inn Airport Hotel are completely filled.  

If you are without a room, Mike suggests contacting:

Motel 6 Rochester Airport #1221
155 Buell Road SR 390 at Exit #18-B Rochester NY 14624. 
Phone: (585) 436-2170. FAX: (585) 436-4814 …There are no rooms blocked or special rates at Motel 6 for OSA, however, rates are similar to those for the original hotel and Tom Boddett promises to keep a light on for you.

Quality Inn Airport
1273 Chili Ave.
Rochester, N.Y. 14624
Phone: 585-464-8800

IMPORTANT: Ask for the OSA block
Daily Rate: $69 + tax
Frig + microwave in each room, pool & breakfast. Will fill early so make reservations early to avoid being in an overflow hotel.


John Kirkwood has written a thoroughly Biblical article of what happened to Tim Tebow and our responsibility to love this young man in the way that Jesus loves him.  It is terrific article.  You will also find at the end of the article Pastor Jeffress’ video response to Tim’s bowing out of First Baptist Church dedication of their new building.  ~ Flip  (Below is Miss Brenda’s editorial comments that needs to be brought to the attention of our folks.  She is right on in her critique.  John Kirkwood does not need to use phrases like this to make a point.  I did not see this in my first reading of the article.  I was, however, amazed at his biblical insight and correct use of Scripture.)


John Kirkwood’s phraseology is debased, and his suggestion that it would have been better if Tim Tebow was caught fornicating rather than turn down a speaking engagement at Pastor Jeffress’ church is beyond the pale.

Kirkwood said it’s a good thing Tebow didn’t have two virgin daughters that he could barter to the mob.  Really!!??  Turning down a speaking engagement, for what ever reason,  is on the same level as offering daughters to the mob to rape???

Kirkwood didn’t offer a single negative quote from Tebow regarding Jeffress, yet heaped condemnation on this young Christian saying he has compromised a faithful brother and a historic church; that Tebow has aided and abetted in the media’s arson of the First Baptist Church of Dallas, even indicating he had bowed to the Gays.  In his attempt to inflame the emotions of Christians against Tebow, it seems to me Kirkwood engaged in a little pyromania himself, at the very least in some hearty mud-slinging.

When I watched the video of Pastor Jeffress, all I could think of was the letter of support he sent out this past campaign season for former Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert who was running for senate against Ted Cruz.  Leppert had marched so jauntily in the Dallas Gay Pride Parade a few years ago.  I’ve still got his picture.  Leppert’s participation disgusted me because it indicated his support of this sin and because he is well known as a Southern Baptist.   What I was very surprised to learn at the time is that Jeffress is his pastor... 




Thanks Miss Brenda,

Please email this to all of our folks on the email list.  I have your comments and they have merit.  Now let’s see what others have to say.
In Christian love,

Hi Flip,

I wanted to give you another chance to disown this article.  Kirkwood’s vulgar slang comment about Tim Tebow, ” He screwed the pooch,” was enough for me to distance myself from the article.  It was shocking coming from a “Christian” pastor and raised an immediate sense of distrust in me.  It showed a willingness to compromise with the world and a potentially degenerative mind.  His other comments only added to this.

I’ll be gone awhile but will check my email upon return.

Love in Christ,


This is Miss Brenda’s editorial comment that needs to be brought to the attention of our folks.  She is right on in her critique.  John Kirkwood does not need to use phrases like this to make a point.  I did not see this in my first reading of the article.  I was, however, amazed at his biblical insight and correct use of Scripture.

In Christian love,


Looking forward to seeing you in Jackson, Mississippi, this January 20-22, 2013, for the most significant event to take place in America on any of these three days.  Don’t believe it?  Come and see.

Join us in Jackson this 40th Memorial of Roe v. Wade January 20-22, 2013 (Sunday – Tuesday) – We Are Going Back!

If you have not yet realized the utter futility of relying on Washington, D.C., to stop the shedding of innocent blood in this land, you have been in a coma.  Neither party, not even a third nor fourth party has any intention whatever to plead the case of the fatherless to win it.  They will certainly plead it enough to get our vote but that is as far as it goes.   Ending abortion in this land is the job of the Church of Jesus Christ.  We are the only institution ordained by God to storm the gates of hell where they cannot prevail.  There is no other, period!

Abortion will come to an end in America when the Church of Jesus Christ makes up her mind it will come to an end – and not one second sooner!

If this is true, and it is, then we need to win this battle in the streets long before we can win it in the “hallowed” halls of Congress, or 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, or the Supreme Court.  We can no longer afford to allow strategy (political) to replace truth.  The one offensive weapon given to us by God to tear down strongholds is the sword of the spirit – the Word of God.  This is the weapon that must be unsheathed.  It is the TRUTH! God watches over His Word to perform it.  We win when we wield it.  Our unbelief causes us to leave it in its sheath.

Unfortunately, most of us are too busy watching FOX News (I am guilty) or listening to the conservative talking heads on radio to have time to delve into God’s Word.  We don’t know it.  We are not aware that we can unsheathe it.  We are not equipped to wield it.  We are ignorant of its power to transform lives and nations.

We are giving you the 2013 Bible Reading Schedule this Christmas that you may read through the Bible with us this year, the 40th Memorial of Roe v. Wade.  We will be giving you several opportunities to live out your faith in the streets of America in 2013 as our “States of Refuge” campaign continues to seek America’s first abortion-free state.  At these times you will hear preaching that comes directly from the Scripture in your Bible Reading Schedule.  There is no greater gift we can give Jesus this year than to draw near to Him through His Word.

We have looked to Republicans to keep us from sliding off a fiscal cliff from which there is no recovery.  Almighty God has been looking for us to rescue those being led away to slaughter.  Until we take care of this issue, the shedding of innocent blood, there will be no aid from heaven to heal our land.  Please join us in Jackson, MS, this January 20-22, 2013.

The picture above of the Jackson Women’s Health Organization graphically reveals America’s problem.  She is intent on killing children while asking God to bless her at the same time.  It has never happened in history, it will not happen now, nor will it ever happen in the future.  Innocent blood has a voice and it cries out to God.  Until we repent of the shedding of innocent blood, God will not hear our prayers.  Sin separates us from God.  This abortion mill separates America from God’s blessing.

“Surely the arm of the Lord is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear.  But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear. For your hands are stained with blood, your fingers with guilt. Your lips have spoken falsely, and your tongue mutters wicked things.”  Isaiah 59:1-3. 

There are five states that have only one abortion mill, Arkansas, Mississippi, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming.  These are potential “States of Refuge” where the unborn child will be safe from abortion.  One of them will become the first abortion-free state in the U.S.  We pray that in 2013 (the 40th year since the US legalized this bloodshed) we can present that state to the Lord and tear down the wicked walls that separate us from Him.

Because our hands are stained with the blood of the innocent the Lord has not heard our prayers for help.  Our streets are filled with bloodshed.  Our economy is slowly bleeding to death and governmental “solutions” seem to only make the crisis worse.  Even nature seems to have turned against us in earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes and wildfires that ravage our land.  God has more disaster than our federal government has relief.

We are being destroyed as a nation by an enemy from within.  We are being destroyed by a lie that was birthed in the very pit of hell.  This lie took its physical form in the Roe v. Wade decision issued by the Supreme Court of the United States of America on January 22, 1973.  This is a battle that only God’s Church can win!

So we are headed back to Jackson, Mississippi, this 40th Memorial of Roe v. WadeWe will be there January 20-22, 2013.  We will have a memorial service on Tuesday, January 22, 2013, that will end at 12:30 PM.  For those of you that are already doing memorial services, for the over 55 million children killed, in your cities at that time please let your local leaders organize that and come join us in Jackson.

See you in Jackson as we again storm the gates of hell – they cannot prevail!




***The regional event will conclude with a memorial service for the unborn on Tuesday the morning of the 22nd.  People can plan to leave anytime after 12:30.  ***


Baymont Inn & Suites

5709 I-55 North

Jackson MS 39206 

Phone #: (601) 206-1616 (ask for OSA/States of Refuge block )

In addition the Leadership meeting will be on Saturday January 19th if you are able to make it a day early.