The answer is yes.  God is looking for a man to stand in the gap.  He is not looking for a Republican, or a Conservative, or a President, or a Congress, or a Supreme Court – He is looking for a man who hears the clear trumpet blast to run to the roar.  Here’s Rusty’s article.

New Orleans, July 19-26, 2014.


This article by Matt Walsh is simply the most scintillating, fast paced, cogent argument for the absolute necessity for using the graphic truth of what abortion really is.

Matt Walsh says it better than I ever could.

In Christian love,


Some of you may remember this infamous abortionist. During one of our national events in Charlotte, NC, OSA went to his neighborhood to call him to repent of murdering God’s babies. His response was captured on tape and went viral.

It seems the “good doctor” has descended further down the road to perdition. He was recently arrested for rape. Without a doubt, the abortion industry is collapsing under the weight of their own sin. May he finally take heed to the Word of God that has been so graciously offered to him on many occasions. May he repent, believe, and receive the salvation of Christ to transform his life. And may he use his skill as a doctor to bring health and healing, instead of death and destruction in Jesus’ name!

The infamous abortionist here in the city of Charlotte, Ron Vermani (the one who told us to, “adopt those ugly black babies”), on a video of our Gospel visit to Ron’s neighborhood at our National Event in Charlotte in July, 2012, has just been charged with rape.  This video went viral.

I have been to Ron’s house, at his invitation, and shared the Gospel of Christ with him.  He is a very lonely, bitter and angry man.  His wife and children left him long ago.  His mouth (the words he speaks) provides us with an X-ray into his heart.

Here are two local stories.


We have almost filled up our first hotel, far exceeding the 50 rooms we had in the OSAS block.  There are still some rooms left, but they are all smoking.  So we have opened up a second hotel, Holiday Inn Express.  It is about three miles from our Days Inn hotel.

Michelle Sochia has all the information here.

Looking forward to seeing you all in New Orleans this July 19-26, 2014.

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 First, I would like to thank all of those who booked their hotel rooms already!  It really helps us plan for this summer’s event in New Orleans.

 Our first block, with the Days Inn in Kenner was for 50 non-smoking rooms at $55/nt with refrigerators and microwaves (includes OSA continental breakfast).  They graciously allowed 61 rooms at that rate, then closed our block.

 Our second block with the Days Inn in Kenner was for 10 more rooms with refrigerators/microwaves at $69/nt (included OSA continental breakfast).  However, the hotel is out of nonsmoking rooms, so these will be smoking rooms – but they promised to do a really good cleaning on those if requested.  When you call, you have to ask for OSA block 2.  We have 7 of these rooms left. 

 After this is full, the hotel has approximately 50 rooms available at standard rates (you can use AAA or Senior rates), but they will not be in our block.  These rooms are smoking rooms and refrig/microwaves will be available in most of these rooms.

 Lunches will be served at the Days Inn also.

However, some who haven’t booked yet may not want to stay in a smoking room, therefore we have arranged for an overflow hotel that is less than 5 minutes from the main hotel.  It will be $72/nt and all rooms are nonsmoking and all rooms have a microwave and mini-frig.  This hotel was built recently and their rooms usually are between $135- $145/nt, so we are getting rooms there at a really good rate!  They have breakfast there in the mornings – mostly continental with 2 hot items each day.  They also have a free airport shuttle 24 hours/day.

                                Overflow hotel:

                                Holiday Inn Express and Suites, New Orleans Airport South

                               Address: 110 James Dr E, St Rose, LA 70087

                                Phone:(504) 466-1355


A few important points to note:

1)  There ARE still rooms left at the Days Inn, they are smoking though (You have to ask for OSA Block 2).

2)  There are a few families on the Days Inn list who are in smoking rooms already – be sure to check your confirmation from the hotel and if you need it “fumigated” (or whatever it is called), be sure to tell them.

3)  If you booked outside of the OSA block (through Expedia or another site), please let us know so we can keep a list of who is coming.

4)  The OSA Block at the overflow hotel, The Holiday Inn Express, will be available today, May 8th, after 5PM.


Please call Michelle or Dale with any questions.



Below is Bruce Garren’s report concerning the battle for the heart of God’s Church in Wichita.  Will she stand in the gap on behalf of our Lord’s precious preborn children, or won’t she?  That is the question.

Celebrating Child Sacrifice Again in Wichita

by Bruce Garren April 30, 2014

South Wind Women’s Clinic in Wichita offered an open house to people who wanted to visit their newly renovated abortion mill after its first year of operation.  Yes, George Tiller’s old abortion mill has been reopened after being closed for four years.  On April 26, 2014, it celebrated the murders of over 1,200 precious little boys and girls, created in the image of God, over the past year.  This “festive” event appeared to draw between 50 and70 pro-aborts who were offered “brunch, drinks, and tours of the facility.”  Although it was freely advertised and “shouted out” in the Wichita Eagle with a front page article boasting 1200 abortions, the church in Wichita was notably absent.  Not a sound, not a whimper.

John Pride, Brad Bennett, and I were there from Wichita and my son Jarad Garren and my grandson Mason drove to Wichita from Manhattan, KS to stand for the unborn. This was the first event of this kind for my grandson and it was his 13th birthday.  Although John, Jarad, Mason, and I had registered online to enter the facility and had received confirmation to do so, we were all stopped at the gate by event security and the Wichita Police.  Amazing – taxpayers are forced to fund the Wichita Police to provide security.

Although the lack of attendance by the Wichita churches was disheartening, seeing George Tiller’s death camp back in full swing has been the most difficult to deal with.  I fear the spirit of this evil man still lives in Wichita as the church continues to allow child killing to exist without objection.

Surely the church does not fear our righteous God and is unable to see that the evil that exists in this land comes from our loving God lifting his mighty hand of protection from a nation that has forsaken Him.

“Therefore, you prostitute, hear the word of the Lord!  This is what the Sovereign Lord says: Because you poured out your wealth and exposed your nakedness in your promiscuity with your lovers, and because of all your detestable idols, and because you gave them your children’s blood, therefore I am going to gather all your lovers, with whom you found pleasure, those you loved as well as those you hated.  I will gather them against you from all around and will strip you in front of them, and they will see your nakedness.”  Ezekiel 16:35-37

 Here is another article about the boys and their stand from Fox News.

Your prayers and God’s hand at work through the lives of the saints in New Orleans are moving mountains.  The high places are being leveled and the low places are being lifted up. 

On July 19-26, 2014, we will all be singing that grand old song:  “Oh, when the saints – come marching in; oh, when the saints come marching in.  Lord I want to be in that number – when the saints come marching in!”

Yes, I know the word is “Go,” but for New Orleans this July 19-16, the word is “Come!”

Today, we received this praise report from New Orleans. Our best chance right now to stop this Planned Parenthood from murdering babies in New Orleans are the concrete companies. There are three in New Orleans and all have refused service. Planned Parenthood cannot go out of state and there is a certain distance from the site that cannot be violated. Otherwise, it would compromise the integrity of the concrete and would not be allowed to be poured.

Please continue to pray and contact the two companies still involved in trying to set up this death camp in New Orleans.    

We received an awesome praise report this week! A company (subcontractor) that was working on the foundation of the new PP in New Orleans has completely pulled out of the project!  One of the workers for this company was a Christian, and while on the job, found out that he was working on the foundation for an abortion clinic.  My friend received a prayer request for this man, as he was distraught over what his company was building.  God supernaturally moved on the heart of the subcontractor, a Hindu, and he pulled his whole company off of the project (PP).  The email I received is below:

(Please note: these are not the contractors that Rusty, Dale, and Brother Bill visited 2 weeks ago, so please continue to call them and pray they also will refuse to participate in building this killing center.)

This is the message I received:

“…Remember when a church member asked for prayer for her brother because he was battling spiritual warfare at work when he realized he was working on a construction project that is to be an abortion clinic?  The church member told me this morning at church that a couple hours after she got home from church on Thursday, her brother called her on the phone in tears!  His boss, who is a Hindu, literally called him that evening, around the time we were holding our service, and told him that he was pulling out of the project!!!   

I know I keep saying it, but I’m going to say it again:    


Shouting Glory!!

Dale and Michelle Sochia

Keep up the Pressure

The following companies are still involved in building this monstrosity. Politely, but for firmly beseech them to follow the example of the other companies that have backed out of building this death camp.

Louisiana Contractors and Architects

For more information:  LA Coalition for Life –

The Architect’s name and information is:

John C. Williams

824 Baronne St

New Orleans,  LA. 70113

Phone number: 504-566-0888


The Contractors information:

BMI  (Barre McNeely Investments)

4925 Jefferson Highway

Jefferson LA. 70121

Phone Number: 504-324-9140  Fax: 504-272-2915


Tonight, May 8, 2014, boys will be on Greta VanSusteren (Fox News)

Here’s another article from about what happened yesterday May 7, 2014, as HGTV fired both David and Jason Benham, for their Christian views of marriage, family, abortion, Islam, and homosexuality.  Great article by Ben Johnson.

Some interesting Comments can be found in response to the article.   The title of Ben’s article: HGTV Cancels Reality TV Show after left wingers ‘expose’ the stars pro-life, pro-family views”