The Charlotte Observer headlined its story this Monday morning, February 13, 2012, “Country’s First Openly Gay Bishop Preaches Inclusivity Beyond Hospitality.” 

V. Gene Robinson is widely known for being the first openly gay, non-celibate priest to be ordained a bishop in a major Christian denomination.  He divorced his wife and two children in the mid 1980’s to live with his homosexual lover Andrew Marcus, and somehow the Episcopal Church in New Hampshire enthroned him as Bishop in March of 2003.

This enthroning shocked the entire world – not just the church world.  It almost resulted in a split between the Anglican Church in England and the Episcopal Church here in America.  Many conservative Episcopalians left the church as a result of the insanity of enthroning a practicing homosexual, who divorced his wife and children, to the office of Bishop.  Nevertheless this Bishop, enslaved in perverted homosexual sodomy, was lauded yesterday in the openly pro-homosexual pages of the Charlotte Observer. 

Several Christians attended the services at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church in downtown Charlotte, to confront V. Gene Robinson in his sin, that he might come to know Jesus and true liberation from the bondage of homosexual sodomy.  The Word of God, though often on the lips of Rev. Murdock Smith, Pastor of St Martin’s, has taken a severe beating under his headship over the past several years.

Here is one simple example from the mouth of Bishop Robinson who made it abundantly clear that he is the determiner of what the Word of God says.  He exclaimed, “I believe the Bible to be the Word of God but not the Words of God.”  Thereby granting himself license to shred the text of Scripture to make it say whatever he wants it to say.  I sat amazed and  deeply disturbed that his infantile and narcissistic presentation, meant to rationalize and justify his own blatant sin, was actually nailing Jesus Christ to the cross again.  It was a direct frontal assault on His Truth, demanding that Jesus “shut-up or die,” and listen to Gene’s interpretation of the truth.

It was at this point that I spoke so that all could hear, but in the decorum of the service; “Gene, homosexual sodomy is called a sin everywhere in the Bible.  Sin brings separation from God.  Why do you call that which God calls evil, good?  God hates sin because it destroys His people, brings death, and leads to an eternity in hell.  If we truly love our neighbor who is lost in the bondage of sexual sin, the most loving thing we could do is tell him the truth.” 

I realized that we were dealing with a very dangerous wolf.  He had no desire to understand but only to express his own opinion.  He was clothed in a beautiful Bishop’s smock and gave the appearance that he cared but he came only to scatter, confuse, and destroy Jesus’ lambs.  He is confused and conflicted himself and is taking great pains to spread his malady and unbelief to others.  He is a liar and a thief.  He has made God’s house a den of robbers – him being the chief. 

We left the service after the question and answer period, where my wonderful friend Ante Pavkovic stood and read Romans 1: 21-27 and asked the Bishop to please explain that section of Scripture.  The Bishop had no explanation and simply pointed out that “…that was then and this is now.” 

I next saw Gene in the parking lot standing right next to my car, sneaking a smoke.  I asked him how long he had been sober, and he proudly announced that it had been six years since he had his last drink.  I asked him about his wife and two daughters, and he told me that he now had two grandchildren.  This man desperately needs Jesus.  Unfortunately for him, He believes he already has him.

“They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.  For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.” 

2 Thessalonians 2:10-12.   


Below is Ante Pavkovic’s report of our Gospel Proclamation at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church:

As a Christian who sat through both the service and the question and answer time, I must say that I am appalled at the ignorance or deliberate deception V. Gene Robinson displayed during that time.  His complete misrepresentation of what the Bible actually teaches was disturbing. 

He loves to use logical fallacies to prove his foolish points.  Just because some people PERVERTED what the Bible said in order to justify slavery does not mean we reject what the Bible ACTUALLY SAYS about slavery.  Just because some, not many, PERVERTED THE BIBLE in order to oppress women does not mean we reject what the Bible says about men, women, family, husbands, wives, children and marriage.  But this is just one of his many tactics—deception.  The irony is that Gene is JUST LIKE those who misused the Scripture to justify the above wrong-doings.  He has joined them in PERVERTING the Bible to justify his own sexual perversion and deviancy.  He is just like the slave-owner and the oppressor of women that he says he despises. 

His argument would be no different than if a group suddenly arose and said that the Bible does not condemn adultery, and that we need to be inclusive of this way of life, and that in the past people have used the Bible to condemn those who engaged in adultery.  The arguments used to justify something the Word of the Lord plainly condemns—homosexuality , can be used to justify any sinful action.  The position of Robinson is simply this, though he will never openly admit it—“I reject the Bible, I reject its teachings, I reject its God, but I come in the name of Jesus to PRETEND I don’t, so I can make you believe we are following the Bible while we blatantly disobey and encourage the things it says are an ABOMINATION in the sight of the Lord”   That is what V. Gene is really about.

He is not a minister of God, but a servant of Satan-the great deceiver.  The Bible tells us over and over that many false teachers would come in Christ’s name and would deceive many.  Two of the signs of a false teacher is an adulterous life, or a homosexual one.  In the books of Jude and 2 Peter 2, we are told that prior to the return of the Lord, that the Sodomites would be in the midst of God’s people, those enslaved by their unclean lusts, to deceive and seduce.  St. Martin’s Episcopal Church is not a Christian fellowship, but a habitation of every unclean thing and demon-power.  All those people are lost sinners who refuse to repent and follow the Lord in holiness, righteousness, and purity, which the Lord graces His followers with so as to live godly lives in this present adulterous and wicked generation. 

If you want to see what “wolves in sheep’s clothing” look like, look no further  than Bishop Gene and St. Martin’s.  If you want to see unbiblical ceremonies that make a vain outward show—if you want to see people dressed up in lavish costumes and robes to pretend they are spiritual, then look no further than St. Martin’s.  All the ceremony and pomp is a testimony to their spiritual bankruptcy and rebellion toward God. 

Real Christians repent of their sin, their fingers point first to themselves, they seek to justify none of it.  They come to the Lord filthy, and Jesus Christ washes our sin away with His precious blood.  He fills us with His HOLY Spirit, and causes us to walk in His ways.  We want to obey Him because we love Him.  No one who justifies sin in their lives or in the lives of others is one of His.  Those who promote sin reveal who they really are, no matter what they say.  Paul the Apostle warned us about prophets who claim they are of God, but are not.  Hear him:

“They profess that they know God; but in works they deny him, being abominable, and disobedient, and unto every good work reprobate.”  Titus 1:16.

The devil never retreats from the ground he attempts to take unless the Church of Jesus Christ forces him to retreat.  This is just the way it is on this earth, whether or not we like it or agree with it.  The devil is always doing his best to shut us up.  This article in the Times –Picayune describes his latest attempt to remove street preachers from proclaiming Christ on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  The preachers are still preaching out there as of today.  The police aren’t quite sure about this new city ordinance and how many suits are going to be leveled against the city.  If the Church of Jesus Christ rises up in New Orleans and storms the gates of hell on Bourbon street – believe me – the gates of hell will not prevail.  Never have, never will! ~ Flip

Published: Friday, January 27, 2012, 11:00 PM     Updated: Saturday, January 28, 2012, 7:55 AM

When the New Orleans City Council passed an ordinance in October prohibiting “aggressive solicitation” by people who allegedly harass or intimidate French Quarter residents and tourists while asking for money, it included a seemingly unrelated provision that attracted no attention at the time.


Alex Brandon, The Times-Picayune archiveAnti-gay campaigners were photographed on Bourbon Street during Southern Decadence in 2003.

That sentence, almost at the end of the eight-page ordinance, said: “It shall be prohibited for any person or group of persons to loiter or congregate on Bourbon Street for the purpose of disseminating any social, political or religious message between the hours of sunset and sunrise.”

Although the law, sponsored by Councilwoman Kristin Gisleson Palmer, spelled out the justification for the crackdown on aggressive panhandlers, it offered no explanation for the blanket ban on letting people assemble on Bourbon Street at night to voice their views on politics or religion.

When someone complained about the law this week, however, it was not to challenge it as an infringement on First Amendment freedoms. Instead, former mayoral candidate Leo Watermeier complained to Palmer and Councilwoman Jackie Clarkson in public emails that religious demonstrators, sometimes with large signs and bullhorns, have been showing up on Bourbon Street on Friday and Saturday nights, yet police have taken no action against them.

Watermeier wages an annual battle with the small group of anti-gay campaigners who show up during the Southern Decadence festival, using bullhorns and picket signs to convey their message that homosexuality is evil and that its public celebration during Decadence is particularly abominable.

Brendan McCarthy can be reached at or 504.826.3301. Bruce Eggler can be reached at or 504.826.3320.


The saints in Denver are having a huge impact for Jesus on everything that goes on in that city.  As a result, the devil is pushing back with all his might.  Too bad for him that his tiny little gates cannot prevail against the Church of Jesus Christ.  The city of Denver is now bringing out its great big “howitzers” to destroy Ken and Jo in legal shenanigans, both federal and state.  Little does Denver know that what the devil intends for evil, God will work for the good to bring about the salvation of many (Genesis 50:20). Enjoy!   ~ Flip

Hello All,

Here is an update on our Appeal from the Injunction to stay away from St. John’s Episcopal Church the largest Cathedral in Denver, which ordained a woman Priest on the Board of Planned Parenthood.  The Church supports abortion and the late term Abortionist Warren Hern and has a choir that is filed with homosexuals.  We have preached to men carrying purses to church and tell them to carry a Bible instead and read the Bible about Roman’s chapter

1.  During the Operation Save America event here in 2005 the Denver Police enforce this Injunction on all protester to stay away from the church.  We will have an Answer Brief by our Attorney Rebecca Messall in responds in 30 days, before going again to the Appeals Court then up to Colorado Supreme Court and then to the Supreme Court of the U.S. Please pray for her and Attorney Thomas Brejcha of the Thomas More Society that is helping with the costs, See our Opening Brief first.  We couldn’t go to the U.S. Supreme before, because it was Remanded back to the District Court to reduce the Injunction size, which it didn’t do much, so we have to fight it another time around. 

 ***See the last Attached Exhibit, “The Dark Side of Music at St. John’s Cathedral“, we were denied the right to picket near the church when the Homosexuals had the All Denver Gay Men’s Choir event at the church, because it was considered still a church event on the night of Friday, April the 13th, 2007.  They openly mocked God.     

We will have an update on our FACE Case with the U.S. Government on the sidewalk driveway area entrance of Planned Parenthood abortion mill, in the near future.

We are praying for the Pro-lifers in Miss. to get the Personhood Amendment passed on Nov. 8th, to shack this nation and Planned Parenthood.

God Bless!!!  Ken and Jo
Here are the documents from the case:

 As can be seen by this report in the Charlotte Observer, our city is totally collapsing the First Amendment rights of its citizens with manufactured city ordinances and statutes.  These ordinances and statutes are conjured up, well beneath the radar of Christians in Charlotte, in the clandestine confines of Charlotte City Hall.

We never know what is legal from one day to the next because the law; well, “…it just keeps a changin.”  Preachers who bring the Gospel of Christ into the streets of Charlotte find their civil rights tossed to the ground as police keep informing us of new changes in city and county policy.  It is a way to keep us corralled and shut us up.  It is a way to silence the Gospel proclamation. 

One of the most egregious ordinances conjured up by the Charlotte City Council is the city’s “sound ordinance.”  I was arrested for being in violation of this last Saturday afternoon.  Note: we always apply for sound permits as required by the city.  The “sound ordinance” reads that we are not to exceed 75 decibels recorded on a decibel meter when it is held ten feet in front our speakers.

This is so utterly ridiculous.  The ambient sound (street noise common in the general area) at Trade and Tryon streets registers between 65 – 90 decibels on the decibel meter.  The ambient sound in the city of Charlotte is in violation of this absurd noise ordinance.  But it sure does provide the city a circuitous way to control what can and cannot be spoken.  If one can control the volume of free speech, he can control the content of what can and cannot be heard.  How clever. 

“We can do away with free speech without anyone knowing that is what we are doing.”       

I have had to appear in court on several occasions for violating this city ordinance and never once have been found guilty.  Please understand what this means.  Even though I am acquitted, the city accomplished what it really desired.  It got me off the streets of Charlotte for the day.  Hmmmmmmm.

Why is it that the homosexual community in Charlotte can get sound permits for sound as loud as it wants while Christians are shackled with permits that allow them to speak no louder than 75 decibels?  Just so you know; many times a passing city bus registers over 100 decibels on a decibel meter when one stands ten feet away from it.

“The wicked freely strut about when what is vile is honored among men.”  Psalm 12:8.

Click here to read the report by Cleve R. Wootson Jr. in the Charlotte Observer.

 Keep shining for our King,


Several Christian Ministries in the city of Charlotte booted up this past Saturday morning, locked and loaded with “Jesus Loves You” bottles of water, bright red “God Has A Better Way” t-shirts, and armed with the sharp double edged Sword of the Spirit, to allowed the theology of the church house to become biography in the streets.  Why?  Because those who hate God’s Word and love death (Proverbs 8:36)were granted a “Festival Permit” by the city of Charlotte to legitimize and outrageously display a sin that God calls an “abomination.”  Homosexual sodomy is a sin that destroys precious people who practice it, and cities and nations that approve of it.  Our city fathers never should have allowed this.  

That’s right!  This total debauchery was billed as a day for the Charlotte “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered” (LGBT) community to proudly parade its sin like Sodom in the streets of our city.  And proud they were – many proclaiming that they too, were Christians.  News flash: one cannot be a Christian and a practicing homosexual at the same time.  It is impossible, “…they are crucifying the Son of God all over again and subjecting Him to public disgrace.” Hebrews 6:4-6. 

The context of these verses in Hebrews is talking about those who were once walking with God and now, because of their backsliding and choice to live in sin, are removed from the grace and mercy of God.  So many enslaved in sexual sin are deeply conflicted and cannot make things right no matter the smooth words of those attempting to justify or rationalize this horrific sin.  The “Hound of Heaven” continues His dogged pursuit of those who call evil good and good evil, because He loves them.  He does not desire that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9).

It was Biblical love that brought us to the streets of Charlotte this Saturday to expose the horror and hopelessness of the sin homosexual sodomy in the absolute belief that Jesus can save the most wretched of sinners.  How did we know this to be true?  We each looked in the mirror that morning and saw the most wretched of sinners staring right back at us.  If Jesus could and would save a wretch like me, He can and will save anyone who humbles himself and calls on His wonderful Name.

Almost 700 Christians joined us in this battle for our city and for the souls of those enslaved by this horrible and very proud sin.  The Gospel of Christ was proclaimed at the head of the noisy streets.  At the head of the public square it was heralded.  In hundreds of conversations and divine appointments, Jesus was shared.  And, when it was all done, God did indeed find a few that were willing to stand in the gap on behalf of the land.  Thank you Jesus!

Oh, by the way, I was arrested at 4:30 PM for violating the noise ordinance in my city.  When a city decriminalizes one behavior (homosexual sodomy), it won’t be long before they criminalize another behavior (Christianity).  What a glorious time to be alive and lay it all out for Christ! ~ Flip

Click here for a pictorial of the event

Curtis Fennison and Ante Pavkovic join Pastor Jon Murray in lifting up the Gospel of Christ in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Here is a short report of their Gospel activity.  Sometimes all we can do is simply show up for the battle.  Every time we do it in the Name of Jesus, He shows up and either soften hearts or hardens them.  Don’t become weary in well-doing.  Enjoy!   ~ Flip

Here is Angela Michael’s report on the infantile “goings on” of the homosexual community in St. Louis.  It is essential to note the pro-abortion presence in all of these pride events around the country.  What does homosexuality have to do with abortion?  Everything!

It is exactly the same world view.  That’s right!  “My rights, my body, my choice.  I do what I want, whenever I want.  I am the captain of my ship the master of my fate.  And my one commandment is, ‘Don’t judge me!’”

Sodomy is just a different colored glove covering the same fist.  It is the fist of the devil, who has come to rob, kill, and destroy.  These poor deceived folks, parading their sin like Sodom and extending their proud little middle fingers into the face of Almighty God, have no idea the devastation that comes to those who practice such behavior and nations that approve of it.

God help us! ~ Flip

by Angela Michael

St. Louis Pridefest 2011
“It’s Here, It’s Everywhere” – Diversity or Perversity?

Threatening skies soon cleared to hot, muggy sunshine in Tower Grove Park as the revelers’ numbers swelled during this two-day St. Louis Pridefest. An estimated 85,000 (give or take a thousand) attended this year’s event. The crowds did seem larger, more festive, and fuller with young children and teens. Saturday’s commitment ceremony packed participants in as gay rights were being unleashed in New York City with the legalization of gay marriage this past week. Many gay rights supporters were celebrating this decision by attending the St. Louis Pridefest for the first time.

Notably, there were more people for Sunday’s parade. We were squished along the parade route like sardines. Once the parade started, each entry as it passed by stopped to scream at spectators to show their support loudly. “It’s okay to come out!” It sounded more like they were recruiting as they paraded their sex-style. Yes, evidently that is what the Pridefest is about: Sex. Everything we viewed was sexually charged, even the entries’ taunts. The Barnes Jewish Healthcare marchers, “We’re here, we’re queer. Have you had your pap-smear?” The gay and lesbian police officers drew loud applause. Would I really trust a gay police officer trying to tackle a bad guy if they were attracted to them? Is it duty first? Or booty first? Things to ponder…

Participants along the parade route could be heard yelling, “It’s going to be legal everywhere soon,” which fits right into this year’s Pridefest theme: “It’s Here, It’s Everywhere.” More and more Black Americans were either viewing the parade or in the parade with young children. The youth group’s numbers were riveting. Young children, five, six, and seven years of age were marching with gay statements on their signs and shirts including,“Gay by God.” Do they understand? It was heartbreaking to see white lesbians or white aging gay men cradling adopted black babies. The Black American race is done; you might as well stick a fork in them. Between violence in the streets, violence in the womb (abortion), disease, and now the rapid rise in homosexuality, the black race is self destructing. They don’t stand a chance.

Some of the sponsors were Macy’s, Lumiere Place & River City casinos, ID Lubricant, Absolut Vodka, Malibu Rum, MasterCard, MetLife, Plaza Motors, and Wells Fargo to name a few. There was an increase of churches in the parade. It was nauseating to view the display of pastors dressed in their finery giving God’s approval of this debauchery, but this is why we have Pridefests breaking out across the nation. If there is anyone to point a finger at it is the American Church and the silence and inaction within them. Church groups included the Catholic Action Network for Social Justice (they also support abortion), the Trinity Episcopal Church, the Jewish Communities (Shalom!), the Second Presbyterian Church CWE, the Metropolitan Community Church, and Light of Love Fellowship, to name a few.

It wouldn’t be a Pridefest without the baby killers. NARAL, led by infamous Jeff Farris and Planned Parenthood (another adversary of ours), strutted their stuff waving the same rhetoric signs. Surprisingly, it was mostly Black Americans walking for this organization that was founded by a white racist and eugenicist, Margaret Sanger. She called Black Americans, “human weeds,” half human. Nothing made her foundation happier than the destruction of black babies, and here they are supporting the same organization that wants to see black babies dead. When it comes to abortion they tell us to mind our own business, and of course they expect you, the taxpayer, to keep paying for that business!

This parade was long and spaced too far apart. The sun was bearing down on us; it was hot. Yet what took our breath away were the topless lesbians. I think they were with a burlesques group, only they were walking after the float…topless for all to see. I surmise they did this for shock value because it did wake me up. It caused the mother to come out of me; I almost shouted for them to put some clothes on for goodness’ sake. They did this in front of thousands of little kids. However, I refrained and thought, “Look where you’re at.” Well, praise God, at least they were not “busty”.

The crowds were louder and more rowdy. The growing group once referred to as Militant Teen Gays and Lesbians now goes by their growing number. Last year they were 300; this year the Growing American Youth was 404 and they mouthed and yelled the number to spectators. It’s startling. One polished-looking male standing a few bodies beside me offered an alcohol soaked gummy worm, “They’re really good,” he smiled. I shook my head, “No.”“Sure?” he asked. “I’m sure,” and I kept my eyes straight ahead. The “Old Lesbians Organizing Change” entry drove by, sadly. They ridiculed Catholic nuns with their rendition of white-faced “Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.” Another float with gay men dressed in army fatigues and sailor uniforms mimicking the armed forces yelled at the spectators, “We’re winning, we’re infiltrating!”

All children love ice cream and gravitate to the familiar ring of the truck’s bells during summer. It was shameful to see greased up near naked men hanging off an ice cream truck asking the crowds if they, “want to lick their cone?” Pedophilia anyone? On back of the truck hung a sign: “We Stop for Children.” “I bet you do,” I thought.

The parade finally ended, and we headed into the entrance of the park. The grounds were still muddy and saturated from the late night storms that came through. The big stage was at the end of the park where the entertainment and drag queen reviews would be held. Once inside the park where the booths and vendors are located, we were bombarded with offers of free porn. “All you want,” one male offered me along the walking track. “Fasting,” I mumbled back and continued on the chasms of gay pride memorabilia, Pridefest gear, and the usual sign-up sheets for gay rights equality. As we passed each booth through the throngs of bodies, the vulgarities were flying freely. Just God-less. Homosexuals have become their own god. The private school information caught my attention. Gays now have the choice to send their children to an academy school taught by homosexuals from grades K-8th. Between the immorality and filth that the media is pumping into the family t.v sets and the indoctrination of our children by the school system and Planned Parenthood, is it any wonder why we are dealing with so much rebellion from the youth? Satan is stealing our kids and our families; the very moral fabric of our nation is in jeopardy. This debacle is just another form of rebellion, and it’s flying in God’s face.

What was missing from this event was the city’s mayor, the honorable Francis Slay. In years’ past we have been fortunate to walk out into the parade and personally rebuke his presentation in this abomination. Now we have barricades. Maybe God kept him busy helping flood victims from St. Louis’s recent storms. And that’s a good thing.
What stayed with me was the fitting touch to this celebration. Towards the end of the parade, there was a new entry. I don’t know if others made the connection, probably not, but it was a black hearse full of rainbow colored balloons. “How appropriate,” I mused. Sin leads you to an eternal death. “All those who hate God love death.” Proverbs 8:36. Furthermore, I thought about Ryan. He probably would be here celebrating, but it’s too late for him now.“The wages of sin is death.” I pray for others to wake up before it’s too late.