Here is a great article, for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, by Rusty Thomas about what is going on in heaven while we continue to thumb our nose at our Creator and His precious preborn children. ~ Flip

Dear Champion of the Lord and the Preborn,

“Why do the nations rage and the people plot a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the Lord and against His Anointed, saying, ‘Let us break their bonds in pieces and cast away their cords from us.’ He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The Lord shall hold them in derision.” (Psalms 2:1-4).

Final Day of the Walk Across America Prophetic Tour in Washington DC

Final Day of the Walk Across America Prophetic Tour in Washington DC

Yesterday, August 28, 2012, commemorated the 8th anniversary of our completion of the Walk Across America Prophetic Tour. Ten missionaries walked a “living parable” from San Clemente, CA to Washington DC. It took over six months to complete this Kingdom task. The “living parable” consisted of a young man, Johnny Benham, who carried broken tablets of the Ten Commandments. He was followed by my daughter, Shekinah Thomas, who carried a baby casket, which represented the preborn children murdered by abortion, the evidence of America’s sin. Shekinah was followed by Rev. Flip Benham, National Director of Operation Rescue/Operation Save America, who walked a white horse adorned with a banner called JUDGMENT. After him, I took up the rear guard by walking a white donkey adorned with a banner called MERCY.

Each day we cried out against the sins of our nation, abortion and parading our sin like Sodom. Each day we called our nation to repent and come back to the Lord and the Biblical principles that served us so well in our nation’s history. We passed out tens of thousands of tracts and did manifold media interviews all along the way.

After delivering God’s mail in Washington DC at the White House, the next day, August 29, 2004, the majority of the missionaries returned home to joyfully reunite with their families. Rev. Flip Benham, however, went to New Orleans to be with Pastor Bill Shanks. Pastor Bill invited Rev. Flip to join him to minister the Gospel of the Kingdom at a sodomite lustfest called Southern Decadence. While there, Pastor Bill Shanks warned New Orleans that if this wicked city did not stop murdering God’s babies and flaunting the abomination of homosexuality, God would send a hurricane and flood New Orleans. On August 29, 2005, one year to the day, Katrina, which means cleansing, devastated New Orleans and the surrounding areas.

Fast forward to this date and what do we discover? Another hurricane is making a similar path towards New Orleans, except this time, the storm’s timing is in conjunction with the Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL. Is there a connection? The rest of this article will explore the possibilities.

First, the name of this imminent hurricane is called Isaac. Biblically, the name Isaac means laughter. As you may recall, when God reaffirmed the promised child to Abraham and Sarah after they were past the time of child-bearing, Sarah laughed. The Lord confronted her with her amused unbelief and in His humorous way called Abraham to name his promised son, Isaac (laughter).

In our opening verse in Psalms two, God’s word addresses nations that rebel against His loving and just rule. As the nations ignore and rage against His commandments, the Lord’s response from heaven is to laugh at them. It is just a coincidence that the very meaning of the hurricane disrupting the Republican National Convention means laughter? If not, perhaps a message I preached a few years ago may apply, “When God laughs in heaven, it is not funny on earth.”

This convention has been marked by storms from without and derision from within. Romney is attempting to change the procedural rules of the convention to disenfranchise the conservative delegates. It has created a faction that has blown the unity that centered on defeating Obama come November.

As Isaac rains on their parade another storm hit on the way to the convention. It came in the form of a gaff from Congressman Todd Akin. His attempt to address abortion in the case of rape went awry. It served, however, to reveal that once again the Republican Establishment will choose to ignore the American holocaust and the culture of death it has spawned in favor of the economy. They seem to believe that one can continue to slaughter God’s babies made in His image and still thrive as a people. Their mantra of JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, cannot wipe out the cries of the “little ones” and their innocent blood that demands, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until you judge and avenge our blood on those who dwell on the earth” (Revelations 6:10)?

Try as they might, politics as usual, whether it comes from Republicans or Democrats, the official party of death, right or left on the political spectrum, cannot save our nation that is drowning in a sea of blood and perversion. There is a spiritual and moral connection to the litany of woe striking our nation. Both political parties ignore it to our national peril. Moreover, any politician that ignores abortion is not fit to serve as a magistrate and betrays the sacred trust of civil government, which is to protect life and stop the shedding of innocent blood. Perhaps Isaac, God’s laughter, is His way of reminding America of this truth in Jesus’ name!

You were a great witness for Jesus to all four of the churches God gave us the privilege to confront with the true Gospel of Christ.  The lambs in those churches desperately need the “living water” you possess and give away so graciously and freely.  Here is a follow-up on one of those churches. 



August 4, 2012 by Flip Benham

I attended the early morning service (8:45 AM) at Central United Methodist Church in Concord, yesterday August 4, 2012, and listened to Andy Tolliver (Pastor) deliver a message on Jonah.  He began his sermon this way:  “Most Hebrew scholars view the book of Jonah as a folk tale.”  He explained that “…all the facts may not necessarily be true, but that the folk tale does reveal a truth about God.” 

OK, so who determines what is true and what is not?  Are you the final arbiter of Truth Andy?

So I settled in my mind that the most implausible thing to imagine in the book of Jonah was the fact that he was thrown overboard and swallowed by a great fish.  That he remained in the belly of that fish for three days and nights, until God got his point across, and then the fish expelled him on a beach near Nineveh. 

As a matter of fact, Andy even had a huge fish balloon filled with helium being raised up in the sanctuary with the real scary music from the movie “Jaws.”  It was corny, but he was trying to make a point: “God loves everybody, including the hated Ninevites!”

The “Word of God” was like a fire shut up in my bones, but I remained silent until I could speak to Andy at the end of the service.  After most of the folks had left the church, I went to the Fourier where Andy was shaking hands and asked him if Jesus believed that Jonah was actually swallowed by a great fish, and remained in that fish for three days and nights.  I referred him to Matthew 12:39-42 and Luke 11:29-32.

“He (Jesus) answered, “A wicked and adulterous generation asks for a miraculous sign!  But none will be given it except the sign of the prophet Jonah.  For as Jonah was three days and three nights of a huge fish, so the Son of man will be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.”  Matthew 12:39-40.

I asked him if Jesus considered Jonah to be a folk tale or an actual historical fact.  After all, Jesus did use this (folk tale?) as a “living parable” of His own resurrection.  I asked him if Jesus was lying about the fact that Jonah did actually spend three days in the belly of a great fish.  Surely He (Jesus) would know the truth.  Andy seemed a bit flummoxed but continued smiling at me.  I pointed out that either he was lying or Jesus was?

I then gave him this Scripture out of the Book of Jonah, “Those who cling to worthless idols forfeit the grace that could be theirs.”  Jonah 2:8.  I reminded him that God had spoken to him on several different occasions through the lives of simple little Christians in many and various ways calling him to repentance.  Andy has chosen to cling to worthless idols (Higher Criticism being one of them) and therefore will forfeit the grace that God desires to give him.

The sad thing is Andy is the shepherd of so many lambs that are being led astray by his false and arrogant teaching.

You will love this little 38 second video.  It says so much in just a few words.  The Chick-Fil-A cows are standing upon the truth of God’s Word and shouting it from the rooftops.  Amazing that God would use a fast food (great food) chicken restaurant to proclaim that Marriage is between one man and one woman.  I thought that was the job of His church. 

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place, but you and your father’s family will perish.  And who knows but that you have come to a royal position for such a time as this.”  Esther 4:14.


Enjoy some Chick-Fil-A this Wednesday! ~ Flip

Operation Save America Prepares for Invasion of DNC

The DNC is coming to Charlotte, bringing its “culture of death!” 

 Blood is coursing down the streets of America – Aurora, Colorado, Columbine High School, Virginia Tech and we are still looking at each other in awkward bewilderment and wondering – why?  These killings are harbingers of the “Culture of Death” that will be invading the streets of Charlotte this Sept 3-6

We have expelled God from school, banished Him from the schoolyard, and have replaced Him with drugs, gangs, condoms, rape and violence of unprecedented order.  When the fear of God is removed from the hearts of our children violence always fills the void.

This is the agenda of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Operation Save America will hold a press conference at the corner of Trade & Tryon.  When the devil throws a party, like this Democratic party it is imperative that the church of show up.

Operation Save America is bringing King Jesus to the Queen City, Charlotte, to raise up a standard in preparation for the DNC’s invasion. Jesus is The Standard!

What:             Press Conference

Where:           Corner of Trade & Tryon,   Charlotte, North Carolina

Date:               Thursday July 26, 2012

Time:              11:30 AM

Contact:         Rev. Flip Benham (980) 722-4920 or Dr. Pat McEwen (321) 431 3962       

In this short 4 minute video  (via  View this short video to get a picture of what God’s church has in store for the Democratic National Convention (DNC) when it comes to Charlotte this September 3-5, 2012.  The DNC felt that it would be shoring up its victory in North Carolina by selecting Charlotte as its convention city.  Big mistake!  God is shaking North Carolina to its core – turning it right-side-up in Jesus’ magnificent Name.  God’s church is stepping up and stepping out.  The theology of heaven is bursting into biography in the streets of this city and gates of hell are not prevailing. 
The Charlotte News & Observer, a huge supporter of the DNC’s culture of death, noted that President Obama didn’t even make an appearance at the Democratic State Convention this past week.  Neither did any of his heavy hitting political wags.  They hate the fact they are stuck in Charlotte.  Buyer’s remorse anyone? 
The Democratic Party in North Carolina is in absolute disarray.  Bev Perdue, our Democratic governor, has chosen not to run again, virtually insuring a new Republican governor.  The North Carolina Democratic Party (NCDP) is itself involved in a huge sex scandal.  David Parker, NCDP Chairman, is doing all he can to squelch the sexual allegations between Adrian Ortega, a male, and former NCDP executive director Jay Parmerly, also a male.  Ortega claims Parmerly sexually harassed and continually groped him.  Ortega was fired.  Parmerly resigned.  Ortega, the victim, has filed a defamation suit against Parmerly.  Homosexual bullying anyone?
Speaking of which, when “Amendment One” came up for a vote in June (a state constitutional amendment declaring that marriage is between a man and a woman alone) it won overwhelmingly in a landslide victory with 64% of North Carolinians voting for it.  The vote sent shockwaves to the DNC; “Can’t we go somewhere else?”
Several prominent Democrats (governors, senators, and representatives) have publicly stated that they will not be attending the DNC in Charlotte this September, and their number is growing every day.  They are running for their political lives.  “The wicked flee though no one pursues…”  Isn’t God good?
Thousands of anarchists, agitators, fascists, ad nauseam, will be filling the streets of Charlotte looking to eat their own in this Party of death.  Their infantile demands, confused minds, and smashing of car windows, storefront windows, and any other window they can find, has been brought on by the DNC itself.  The DNC created this monster and is being consumed by it.  “Whoever digs a pit will fall into it himself, and whoever begins a stone rolling will find it roll over on him.” Proverbs 26:27.
This brings us to the labor unions that are none too happy about being in a city with no union hotels. Stuck in a state with no compulsory union membership, which means no payment of dues, “What is a union boss to do?”  


Wait … I know, remember when the DNC was held in Chicago in 1968?  Oh, I’m sorry, that’s a bad memory for Democrats.  


Keep praying saints, Aslan is on the move!  ~ Flip


Nuff said!  ~ Flip

Minneapolis based mega-retailer, Target Corp. has announced that throughout the month of June (which President Obama has officially declared “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month”) it will be selling “gay pride” t-shirts with 100 percent of the proceeds to benefit the Family Equality Council, a national pro-homosexual organization bent on eliminating faith-based adoption agencies and redefining marriage throughout the nation.

The Family Equality Council’s clear objective is to pass legislation on the local and national level that would effectively shut down Christian based adoption agencies. We have seen this happen in Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington, D.C.

The legislation orders all adoption agencies to no longer put a priority in placing a child in a home with a mom and dad, despite the overwhelming evidence that such households are by far the best environment for a child.

By making itself a clearinghouse for donations to a pro-homosexual group, Target has sent the message that they are 100 percent behind efforts to deny you the right to vote on marriage at the ballot box, and to shutter adoption agencies that prioritize placing children with mothers and fathers.

This not-so-fashionable fundraiser shows that Target has its sights set on social engineering. Please sign our petition letting Target know that you want them to take a position of neutrality on the redefinition of marriage and the right of Christian adoption agencies to operate as they have done throughout history. Tell Target that you want to see them focused on growing their business instead of providing free advertising and funding for groups that thwart your values, and then alert your local store managers by giving them a free flyer to let them know what their corporate office is doing.

Urge Target Corporation to halt fundraising for anti-Christian adoption group


Tony Perkins

You may remember that in June, 1998, we held our National Event in Orlando, Florida, to bring the Church of Jesus Christ to the gates of hell, specifically, to the very first Disneyworld “Gay Week.”  We joined with the American Family Association (AFA), who purchased all of our signs, and we enlisted and airplane to fly a banner around the theme park.  David Caton, founder of the Florida Family Association, is still given Disney – Heaven!

God bless him, and may his tribe increase!    

To: Friends
From: Bill Johnson
Re: Applauding banners warning families of Gay Day at Disney
Date:  June 6, 2012

A person many of you may never have heard of took another right stand in recent days. His name is David Caton. David is the founder and head of Florida Family Association.   

For a number of years, David has warned Christian families of “Gay Days at Disney” where the day is specially designated for homosexuals at Disney.  

For years David would use his newsletter and interviews with various media outlets to warn people that if they went to Disney on that particular day in early June – Gay Days at Disney –  that they would be exposed to homosexual conduct and influence.

Last year and now this year David hired airplanes to fly banners. 

“Florida Family Associationpaid Aerial Messages $12,300 to fly banners warning potential Magic Kingdom guests about Gay Day at Disney scheduled for Saturday, June 2, 2012.   Two planes pulled banners which stated “Warning: Gay Day at Disney 6/2” for 18.5 total hours on Friday, June 1, 2012.  One plane pulled a banner which stated “Warning: Gay Day at Disney 2day” for ten hours on Saturday, June 2, 2012.  A second plane flew two hours on Saturday to make up for stormy weather on Friday.”

In a day when so many curl up inside themselves and act like all is well when all is not well, it is important to made aware of those who stand and stand faithfully as David Caton. 

Here are some of the results of these positive actions unleashed by David Caton and Florida Family Association:

The results of the airplane banner project are reported as follows:
“Overall attendance appeared to be DOWN another 5% more than last year’s 50% drop in attendance.  The Magic Kingdom parking lots had approximately 1,210 fewer cars (11 double rows) compared to last year at the same time of day.  There were less than fifty people on average in line to buy tickets throughout the morning and early afternoon.  See photos below.  

Gay Day patron attendance was DOWN close to 60% from last year.  Their visual presence declined significantly with FAR FEWER red shirts promoting Gay Day.  The most likely reason for this steep decline is because Gay Day patrons felt unwelcome after seeing the airplane banners last year.  Gay Day patrons knew more banners would be at the Magic Kingdom again this year.  This would explain why pro-Gay Day groups hired two planes to pull banners with counter messages.  See photo posted below.

Foreign traveler attendance especially from South America was up significantly and almost made up for the entire loss of Gay Day patrons.  Bloomberg reported that Disney is benefitting from a boost in South American tourists with Brazilian tourism alone up by 33%
Pilots reported that the parking lots of all of the other parks were FULL whereas the Magic Kingdom had several parking lots that were completely empty.
Heavy rain during mid-Friday prevented the planes from flying during a couple of preferred hours, cancelled the in air 1:00 PM press conference and likely caused some people to patronize the Magic Kingdom on Saturday instead of Friday.  Knowing the rain was on the way planes launched almost two hours early and flew until dark to cover as much daylight as possible.
Gay Day at Disney still offended many regular families who left early.  Numerous cars left the parking lot after families were in the park for just a couple of hours.  On average, eighteen (18) cars per row of one hundred ten (110) left the Magic Kingdom early after being in the park for less than three (3) hours.
Several families stood in line at the front gate to complain about the event.  The body language of many other families demonstrated their disappointment as they left the park.  One family, with mom, dad and three children, walked toward a tram to leave the park around 12:30.  They avoided getting on the first available tram car which was all but empty except for one gay couple.  The family briskly walked up to the tram car with a dozen families and climbed on the vehicle.”
Encourage David by dropping him a personalized email. Just a short word of thanks goes a long way for those fighting the fight so faithfully – going against the politically correct mentality and the lethargy that is so prevalent today.


Ken and Jo Scott have been given a platform few of us will ever have.  Their case is a Civil Lawsuit brought against them by St. John’s Episcopal Church to force gentle Christians to stop proclaiming the Gospel of Christ on a public sidewalk outside of the Church.  150+ law students and their professors will attend.  The hearing will take place at the Denver University Law School.

Pray for Ken and Jo and pray that the Name of Jesus will be lifted high. ~ Flip

 Hello All,

A panel of three Appeal’s Court Judges at the D.U. Law School will hear Oral Arguments in favor of free speech on the public sidewalk in front of St. John’s Episcopal church on Wednesday April 4th at 3:30 PM. Attorney Rebecca Messal will argue for Clif and I.  She just won the FACE Case for us.  150 + afternoon Law students and their professors will also attend .  D. U. provides their law students an opportunity like this twice a year. Our case is their class project.  St. John’s is suing us under the Nuisance and Conspiracy to Commit Nuisance laws. They challenge the right to protest on a public sidewalk.  St. John’s ordained a woman priest that is on the Board of Planned Parenthood and they support abortion and homosexuality.  We were consistently able to get  visitors to leave and members to quit the church. There are several Judges that are members there. They were not happy with us, so the Episcopal Church initiated a Civil Lawsuit and got an Injunction against us that has kept us away for several years.

If you attend the Oral Arguments, there will be reserved seating for the guests of Ken Scott and Clifton Powell, please arrive before 3:30 p.m. for seating. Our lawyers ask that all attending dress in their Sunday best.  No tee shirts.  I’m doing what they are asking.  The Thomas More Society out of Chicago is footing the bill and their number one Attorney Thomas Brejcha will be attending, to Assist Rebecca Messall and Monica Flanigan of Hackstaff Law Group in Denver.

If you can’t attended, please pray for them to be anointed to speak to the Colorado Appeal Court Judges to see the truth.

Thanks again and God Bless!!! 

Ken and Jo, and Clifton Powell

This article just in from our good friend Jay Rogers in Orlando, Florida.  If this does not make you angry at the true battle that we all fight, nothing will.

“Be angry but do not sin.  Do not let the sun go down on your anger.”  Ephesians 4:26.


Home-Schooled Student Faces Death Threats from Homosexual Activists

By Jay Rogers

I’ve known Karl Crank since 1987 when he came to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to help our campus group with evangelistic outreaches while I was a student. Karl and several other members of Boston Maranatha Church were responsible for getting me involved with direct action on the pro-life front through Operation Rescue Boston in 1988. It was no surprise to me when I learned that Karl and his wife Kathleen had become advocates to protect traditional marriage in their current home state of Maryland.

See: A Crank on Gay Marriage – Murphy Brown Revisted.

What did come as a shock is the vitriol, threats and hatred that have been spewed at them and even their children from the homosexual political activist community.

The threats toward their oldest daughter, which now number in the thousands, expose the true face of the so-called “same-sex” marriage movement. It is not a campaign for tolerance and equal rights, but a push to eradicate Christianity from public discourse. It has taken the form of a campaign to punish a 14-year-old home-schooled Christian girl for speaking her opinion at an open forum held in a state house sub-committee meeting in Annapolis, Maryland on January 31st, 2012. This is what lies in store for Christians who want to express their beliefs when same-sex “marriage” becomes accepted as a civil right in our nation.

The Forerunner has tried to expose the myth of neutrality and the true nature of spiritual warfare surrounding such “social issues” in numerous articles and video presentations such as God’s Law and Society and The Abortion Matrix. The attack on traditional marriage is much more than a liberal social experiment, but it represents an attack on the right to exercise the Christian faith in the public square.

14-Year-Old Sarah Crank faces death threats after stating her opinion on same-sex “marriage”

ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND ( — At a subcommittee hearing in the state house in Annapolis, Maryland, representatives debating a same sex “marriage” measure heard expert testimony from various witnesses The microphone was then opened to anyone in attendance to give a one-minute testimony stating their opinion.

Sarah Crank, a 14-year-old high school student, came with her mother and friends prepared to give a three-minute speech. After quickly culling down her notes to exactly one-minute and stated her opinion that the homosexual lifestyle is a choice and that she personally knew several adults involved in the homosexual lifestyle who had changed their behavior. Therefore, she reasoned, the definition of marriage ought not be changed by a legal statute because it would infringe on the rights of those who don’t want to be affected by that choice.

Transcript of the Testimony

Hi, I’m Sarah Crank. Today’s my 14th birthday, and it would be the best birthday present ever if you would vote “no” on gay marriage. I really feel bad for the kids who have two parents of the same gender. Even though some kids think it’s fine, they have no idea what kind of wonderful experiences they miss out on. I don’t want more kids to get confused about what’s right and okay. I really don’t want to grow up in a world where marriage isn’t such a special thing anymore.

It’s rather scary to think that when I grow up the legislature or the court can change the definition of any word they want. If they could change the definition of marriage then they could change the definition of any word. People have the choice to be gay, but I don’t want to be affected by their choice. People say that they were born that way, but I’ve met really nice adults who did change. So please vote “no” on gay marriage. Thank you.

Responses to the Testimony

The recorded testimony, which is public record, was commended by one of the sponsors of the gay “marriage” bill, who said, “Thank you. That was a very good testimony. One last question: Where are you in school?”

“I’m home-schooled,” she replied.

“Okay, good for you. You get an ‘A.’”

Another representative asked her where she lived and told her, “You did a great job on your birthday.”

Homosexual activists in attendance then chose three testimonies to post on YouTube. Sarah Crank’s was one of them. Since she named her hometown at the request of the committee, people were able to locate her home address and information about her parents.

In early February, the audio of Sarah Crank’s testimony then went viral on several sites including, and the

“And now everyone knows her name, so hopefully she will feel what its like to be harassed and bullied …” reads a comment posted on

From YouTube: “My god I hate people like this. Most (not all) Americans are [expletive] retards. If I ever see this girl, I will kill her. That’s a promise.”

Other entries: “Her parents should be exterminated.”

“The [sic] is why abortion must stay legal – to prevent little bigots like this from being Born…”

“Kill this child and his [sic] parent, for my 11 birthday would be a wonderful gift, thanks.”

“Her belief is hurting other people. I will attack her as much as I please.”

“Parents like hers should be sterilized…”

“I’m gonna kill ‘er!”

Her father, Karl Crank, began compiling these threats and abusive comments. “I collected a 45-page file of the profane cursing, near-threats, threats, and death threats. I gave up collecting these about a week after Sarah’s testimony. Just too many of them to track. And, I wasn’t ever going to track all those people down to confront them, and the police weren’t swayed by this file, and the FBI never returned my call.”

There is now an undergoing campaign of harassment toward the Crank family by the homosexual activist community.

One website is dedicated to having Sarah Crank stripped of her title as the 2011 Junior Miss Greenbelt, which according to their website is a competition “designed to teach girls poise and self confidence, how to be at ease with themselves and others, and how to have fun in a team effort toward a common goal.” The website encourages gay activists to contact the corporate sponsors of Miss Greenbelt and demand that the “money., crown and sash” be stripped from Sarah and returned to the pageant.

Another group seeks to have the home-schooling Crank parents investigated by child services.

On and on it goes to many thousands of instances of hostile harassment.

If this makes you hopping mad, then please pray for the Crank family. But more importantly, this instance illustrates the need for Christians to get involved in the fight to save our culture. Our children will inherit a society that is either pagan or Christian. There can be no tolerance for both in the “neutral public square” because the pagan worldview wants Christian voices silenced and those who refuse to be quiet to be put to death.

This hammers home a point that we’ve tried to make through The Forerunner since the first issue appeared in 1981. When faced with the Lordship of Jesus Christ, there really is no such thing as neutrality. Every statement we make is a moral statement that either favors or opposes God’s moral law. Every action we do and every word we say will one day be exposed and judged for all to see by Christ the king, the judge of all the universe.

Christians who dare to speak the principles of God’s moral law will find themselves in a conflict – a cosmic war that has gone on from the beginning of time. It should not surprise us when the world and the devil is against us succeeding in advancing Christ’s kingdom on earth as it is in heaven. We can be comforted in knowing that we will win in the end. In order to be victorious we need to be on the winning side. To do that, we stand for the Lordship of Jesus in all areas of human life. But make no mistake about it, the true faith is a deadly serious call to take up our cross and suffer the insults, murderous threats and even death for the cause of Christ.

“Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution” (2 Timothy 3:12).

Jo Scott has put together a carefully researched article concerning Saul Alinsky, President Obama, and their relationship with the Catholic Church.  You may be surprised.  ~ Flip


by Jo Scott 

How are Obama visiting Notre Dame, community organizers, and the contraception mandate related?  Hang tight.  I’m about to piece it together for you with the help of Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV.  Publications like The Wanderer have documented the facts and raised the same questions that Voris raises in his pilot video for real   It is worth the time that it takes to view the presentation.  

For those that don’t have the time to watch Voris’ informative lecture, I will summarize the major points. In the 1930s, Saul Alinsky was an activist working with a juvenile delinquency group in Chicago.  Alinsky was a Jewish atheist, and today is known as the father of community organizing. He wrote Reveille for Radicals in 1947.  In it he states that community organizing is another word for revolution.  In 1971 he wrote another book, Rules for Radicals, which he dedicates to Lucifer, “The first rebel who, through his actions, inherits his own kingdom.” 

In the 1930s, Alinsky met the Meegan brothers, Joseph and Peter.  Joseph introduced him to the Chicago Bishops and to his brother, Fr. Peter Meegan, who in turn introduced Saul to Aux. Bishop Bernard Sheil.  Meegan and Sheil introduced Alinsky to the inner workings of the Catholic Church.  During this time, Saul organized his first community project called the “Back of the Yards Neighborhood Council.”  At this point, Alinsky pulled off his greatest coup and garnered the Bishops’ public seal of approval.  He convinced Aux. Bishop Sheil to join John L. Lewis, the head of the CIO (eventually known as the AFLCIO), on stage. At that moment the Catholic Church and the labor unions entered into an unholy partnership.

Msgr. Jack Egan teamed up with Alinsky, and in time, Egan was affectionately known by the Chicago press as “Alinsky’s priest intern.”  Egan promoted Alinsky so well that he was more popular among Catholics than the bishops.  Through the 40s, 50s, and 60s, Egan and Alinsky developed a well oiled network of priests and bishops throughout the United States.  In 1968, newly appointed Cardinal Cody realized that what Msgr. Egan was doing was not in line with Catholic doctrine and closed his office. 

Fr. Ted Hesburgh invited Msgr. Egan to Notre Dame for a sabbatical.  He remained at Notre Dame for the next 14 years where he continued to develop his priests’ network.  Egan periodically brought priests to the Catholic Mecca for conferences under the liberal eye of Hesburgh.  Egan was now in mainstream Catholic life. 

During Egan’s time at Notre Dame in the late 60s, race riots broke out around the country.  A document called Black Manifesto was published which called for reparations for African Americans.  The Catholic Church chose Msgr. Jack Egan and his network of priests to come up with a plan to alleviate poverty.  All of Egan’s priests, save one, were personally trained by Saul Alinsky in the tactics laid out in his book, Reveille for Radicals.  This opportunity allowed Egan’s network of priests to implement Saul Alinsky’s radical community organizing tactics of gaining power and strength from the people and using it to empower and enlarge government.  

In a few months, the network created the “National Crusade against Poverty” (NCAP) and committed to raise 50 million dollars over several years.  The campaign should have raised the money and dissolved.  It did not, and in fact, it is still in existence today under the name of the “Catholic Campaign for Human Development.”  The CCHD has raised over $289,000,000 in 40 years, and by donating to the radical left, they have gained immense power in the abortion and homosexual communities. 

In 1995, Cardinal Bernardin gave a speech called “The Story of the Campaign for Human Development-Theological and Historical Roots.”  In that speech he said that he was directly involved in the setting up of the CCHD. 

Bernardin is the author of the “Seamless Garment Theology” that teaches sin and social problems are the same.  Abortion and poverty are of equal importance, voiding the need to end abortion quickly. 

Jesus said that the poor will always be with us, but in God’s criminal justice system, murder is worthy of the death penalty.  It’s obvious to the casual reader that poverty is not a sin and murder is a heinous sin.  Cardinal Bernardin’s theology effectively desensitized the Catholic masses to the immediate need to end the horror of abortion.  The Cardinal’s theology taught that sin is social injustice, and Alinsky, under the guise of “social justice,” wanted to change the world for the better.  It was a marriage made perfect at the CCHD.

The money CCHD collects goes to community organizing groups like the IAF, Industrial Areas Foundation, personally founded by Saul Alinsky.  It is a school for professional radicals.  It receives 16% of all moneys allocated to the CCHD under the heading of fighting poverty.

Midwest Academy is a power grabbing group headed by Heather Booth who graduated from IAF.  Her husband, Paul Booth, was head of the Students for a Democratic Society, and now is the advisor to the president of the AFSCME union.  Here again, you see the church involved with democrats and the unions.  Interestingly, no money goes to pro life groups.

Barack Obama introduced the American public to the term “community organizer.”  People didn’t think much of it.  They scratched their heads, thinking it was a good thing that he volunteered his time.  No one understood that the term “community organizer” was a buzz word for the radical left.  No one understood that the infrastructure for what Obama is doing to destroy the moral, financial, and spiritual fiber of this nation was already in place.  No one understood, unless you were trained by those who built the infrastructure, as Barack Obama was, and as Msgr. Egan and his network of priests were.

Now it doesn’t seem so odd that President Obama would go to Notre Dame for a commencement speech.  He was there to pay tribute to his mentors in community organizing.  To pay tribute to those who helped put him in office.  In his speech he mentioned his high regard for Cardinal Bernardin, who spoke at one of the first organizing meetings he ever attended. 

Michael Voris of Real Catholic TV stated that the sixteen fellows that run Notre Dame wanted President Obama there before Fr. Hesburgh died to show him that his dream had come to fruition.  Voris called it a “victory lap” for the entire Saul Alinsky School of community organizing.

Recently, President Obama said that he will force religious institutions to pay for contraception for all of their employees.  It is a bold move that seemingly flies in the face of the Catholic Church.  Or does it? 

In light of the facts exposed in this article, it seemed strange to me that the bishops immediately went to the media threatening lawsuits over the contraception mandate. Why did they decide to fight this battle so vehemently?  Why don’t they fight the abortion battle as fiercely?  The Bishops could use this as a teaching moment but they haven’t.  Not one mention of the dangers of steroidal contraception or the fact that they cause abortion has entered the discussion.  I don’t believe that it’s an oversight.  I believe that the network of Saul Alinsky trained and indoctrinated bishops and priests and the CCHD are working with the Obama administration, and they have successfully diverted attention from the abortion issue to the contraception issue.  The democrats know that they cannot win this election if the media focuses on abortion, but they believe they can win with the focus on contraception.

With the help of the Catholic Church hierarchy, those that oppose everything good and holy have played the Christians like a fiddle.  All the while, innocent baby girls and boys are mercilessly killed in their mothers’ wombs.  Their blood stains the Church and cries out to almighty God for justice.  The question now is, what are we going to do about it?