photo Iam abortion.JPGThere are not enough words in the English language to wrap themselves around the concept that, “the wages of sin is death…” (Romans 6:23).  This Planned Parenthood promotional does it.  A poor, worn out, old white woman who has chosen for herself most of her life and is now left with a vacuous nothing.  She is all that she has got.  There is nothing else for her.  This is it.  She has killed her children, lived her life as she saw fit, stayed fit, reached for all the gusto she could get, and now – in the twilight of her years – is left with… herself.  So sad! ~ Flip

 “Sin is only charming in the present or in the immediate future.  It has no charm in the past.  How fascinating is sin a moment before it is committed!   How absolutely necessary it seems to our happiness.  But when it slips into the past its pearly teeth become ugly fangs, its shapely hands become unshapely claws, its winsome tresses become writhing serpents, the sin of the future often seems as fair as an angel from heaven, but the sin of yesterday is as ugly as a fiend from hell. “   Clovis Chappell

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Robin Marty, the author of this article, asked Rusty and me several weeks ago if we would spend some time with her during the 40th Memorial of Roe v. Wade to do an interview.  We said yes.  But things began to go south for her when she realized that almost all Mississippians oppose “abortion on demand” and want abortion to end in this state.  So instead of interviewing anyone from Pro-life Mississippi, Operation Save America, or States of Refuge she simply interviewed people friendly to her cause.

Here is a very telling response from one such citizen from Mississippi, The big fear out here isn’t violence, it’s social stigma,” explained one activist, who for that reason asked that her name not be used. “There isn’t anyone out here who can support the clinic publicly without facing some sort of personal repercussions.”

There you have it!  The social stigma and shame of being a supporter of killing little children in their mother’s womb is just too much to bare.  I will bet you that people who once supported a slave owner’s right to choose whether or not to own a slave began to feel the same stigma and shame when the atrocities of slavery were revealed.

We are winning this battle in the streets.  Hallelujah! Flip

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There were over a hundred of us that attended “Church on the Street” at the last remaining abortion mill in the state of Mississippi this past week.  We were commemorating the 40th memorial of Roe v. Wade.  This security guard had told one of the Pro-life Mississippi folks earlier in the morning that he was going to pepper-spray them all.  He did.  He was so infuriated by gentle Christians singing the praises of Jesus at the very gates of hell he put a sprinkler right on the sidewalk to drench them.  Then he drenched them with pepper-spray.


Here is Jill Stanek’s report.


When we came for the 40th Memorial of Roe v. Wade, the pro-aborts (15-20 at the most) did their best to put on a happy face at the Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortion mill in Jackson, Mississippi.  It is Mississippi’s last abortion mill.  When it goes, Mississippi will become the first abortion free state in America. 

They had balloons surrounding the place with blue signs saying, “This Clinic Stays Open!”  It was an infantile comedy as we had church in the streets at this closed abortion mill.  For three days we were there, and for three days they were closed, though they had the ubiquitous blue signs scotch taped everywhere.  The owner, Diane Derzis, was drunk and her dear friend Duvergne Gains, decked out to the nines with sun glasses and self importance, turned on sprinklers to rain on our church in the streets.

They are so filled with hate and disdain for the gentle Christians who come to this place of death day in and day out to give mother a real choice.  One gentle Christian, Roy MacMillan, who has been coming to this mill for more than twenty years and has seen hundreds of children saved, wears a rain suit even when it is a beautiful sunny day to be able to remain on the sidewalk when they turn the sprinklers on to make him leave. ~ Flip

Two Pastors & Son Pepper-Maced On Public Sidewalk During Worship! 

By Pat McEewen

The morning after the incredible States of Refuge event in Jackson, Satan finally lost it!

This morning, Wednesday, January 23, 2013, on a public sidewalk in Jackson Mississippi, Pastor Doug Lane, Pastor Cal Zastrow, and Jimmy Zastrow were pepper-maced during 40 Days of Church on sidewalk near Jackson Women Health Abortion Clinic (JWHO).  The attacker was a security guard at the clinic.  The three victims are now in the emergency room being treated and police have taken a report.  We are waiting to see the Jackson Police “protect and serve” ALL persons.

Jackson Womens Health is the last abortion mill in Mississippi.  It is now operating illegally since failing to meet health standards set by the state even after a judge gave the clinic months to comply!  Although the final paperwork to close the clinic has not been served, killing unborn babies is neither safe nor legal!

They (clinic workers) and supporters are manifesting the anger of the devil himself.  He knows his time is short. He hates those who love God, particularly gentle Christians living out their theology in the streets of the city. The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short.”  Revelation 12:9,12b

Last week’s front cover of Time Magazine was right!  Pro-abortion forces won the Roe v. Wade decision, but they have been losing ever since!  Satan is filled with fury and his time is short!

Two days into the 40th year of that infamous decision, January 23, 2013, the knowledge that the battle was being lost drove the security guard into a mindless rage against three gentle Christians who were singing some of the old Christian hymns on a public sidewalk outside the mill.  The three stood courageously and endured the cross.

“They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death”. Revelation 12:11.

Mississippi, the eyes of our nation are upon you.  You can make history.  You can become the first abortion free state in America.  Deny yourself, pick up your cross, and follow Jesus!  Protect the rights of ALL persons!

“By faith Abel offered to God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, through which he obtained witness that he was righteous, God testifying of his gifts; and through it he being dead still speaks” (Hebrews 11:4).

We are having an incredible time with the saints in Mississippi as we inch closer to the first abortion free state in America. Tomorrow, we will take the Gospel of the Kingdom to two Jackson High Schools, march from the death camp to the State Capitol, and conclude with the 40th year anniversary of the infamous Roe vs. Wade Decision with a prayerfully moving Memorial Service.

Please keep this state in your prayers beseeching God to arise to shut down the last remaining death camp in Mississippi still defiling our land by the pollution of shedding innocent blood. The following is the press release sent out to honor Daniel, which means “God is my Judge” and to challenge the Governor of Mississippi to rise up, enforce the law, and shut down their last remaining death camp.

Rev. Rusty Lee Thomas


Daniel, Baby Boy Killed by Abortion, Calls to Mississippi ‘Close Down That Clinic’

Contact: Dr. Pat McEwen, Operation Save America, 321-431-3962

JACKSON, Miss., Jan. 21, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ — On January 22nd, 40 years since the killing of unborn babies was made legal by the infamous Roe vs. Wade Decision, Daniel, a baby boy killed by abortion, will call for justice for his 55 million murdered brothers and sisters. Though he is dead yet shall he speak!

Event Details:

What: Memorial for 55,000,000 Children

When: Tuesday, January 22, 2013; 11:00AM – 12:30 PM

Where: Steps of the Mississippi State Capitol, Jackson, Mississippi.

All eyes are on Mississippi this week, as the last abortion mill in the state is in its death throes and America will commemorate the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade — the most egregious U.S. Supreme Court decision since Dred Scott.

Pro-life Mississippi and Personhood Mississippi have worked tirelessly for decades to proclaim the God-given, inalienable right to life of every human being and to reestablish legal protection at every stage of development. Their efforts helped elect a Godly governor, whose heart is to protect every innocent child, in the womb.

Governor Bryant ran on a Personhood platform and fortuitously just last week, Alabama’s Supreme Court issued a historic ruling stating, “The decision of this Court today is in keeping with the widespread legal recognition, that unborn children are persons with rights that should be protected by law.”

Recently, Governor Phil Bryant eloquently expressed his strong desire for Mississippi to be abortion free. As America’s founders intended, every officer of the judicial, legislative and executive departments, at every level and in every branch, is required to use all lawful means to protect every innocent life within their jurisdictions.

Jackson Women’s Health Organization abortionists have hit a brick wall in attempting to obtain hospital privileges in Jackson, MS. Therefore, Governor Bryant now has the opportunity and duty to interpose himself between Diane Derzis or any other individual who thinks they have the right to kill innocent children in the state of Mississippi.

Reverend Flip Benham, of the States of Refuge campaign explains, “The people of Mississippi placed a man of God in the Governor’s office, for such a time as this. Governor Bryant, seize this historic juncture to put an end to legal child killing in your state, so that other leaders will rise up and follow your courageous example. No innocent baby boy or girl should ever be intentionally killed in the womb on your watch, from this day forward.”


Brianna Baxton and Kristina Garza, survivors of America’s abortion holocaust, were found guilty of trespassing on a public sidewalk in front of Murrah High School in Jackson, Mississippi. The case is being appealed and prayerfully will be won in the strong Name of Jesus. When the authorities start trying to “trespass” us on a public sidewalk for proclaiming the Gospel of Christ to high school students, we know the battle is waxing hot and the First Amendment is in great trouble. Amazing how intolerant of Christ and His precious preborn children our public schools have become!

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When petitioning in Mississippi for Personhood, we had the privilege to meet the new Governor of Mississippi, Phil Bryant. We talked briefly about Personhood and would he as Governor back Personhood to make Mississippi the first abortion free state. He responded, “Not only would I sign it into law, I would defend it.” As you will see in this article, this Governor is still committed “to make Mississippi abortion-free.”

If the Lord uses this bill to shut down the last remaining death camp, this would fufill part of the goal of the States of Refuge campaign, the first abortion free state in America. (One down and four more states to go) This would free up more resources to concentrate on the remaining four states that have one death camp defiling our land. Let us pray, soon and very soon, we will hear the joyful report that Mississippi has freed herself from the sin and crime of child sacrifice and blood guilt in Jesus’ name! ~ Rusty 

Friends, Greetings in the Name of Yeshua/Jesus our only God and King!
I have included a PowerPoint slide with information to send to your church today. If your church does not use PowerPoint for announcements the invite can still be read from the pulpit.
Remember, Word in warfare is more than a “Bible Reading Marathon”, or a simple little group read-a-long. It is 77 hours of non-stop spiritual warfare, praying the Word of God from beginning to end, aloud, in public and inviting everyone and anyone to do so. Intercessors and others can read one chapter and listen while others do the same in one group whether for a few minutes or taking a 2 hour shift day or night; doing it powerfully in the Spirit in front of Mississippi’s one remaining killing center in Jackson.
I will be arriving in Jackson, MS Sunday morning, April 1st and would ask you to join me Sunday afternoon at 4 PM at the Wesley Biblical Seminary to to kick off the Operation Save America year long 5 state campaign called the States of Refuge…targeting the 5 states in America with only one abortion mill.
If you are coming to Jackson and have housing needs please notify me immediately as hospitality is still available on a first come first served basis. No single hotel has been contracted for this event though several reasonable hotels are available.
Here is the invitation to present to your church via a Powerpoint slide:
(702) 343-4725